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Vimanas: Greater Understanding on a Hotly Debated Topic

It is an intellectual pleasure to find friends and topics that intertwine over time and lead to greater understanding. It is like lifting a heavy velvet cloth and discovering ancient and precious details thanks to someone who holds a piece of information that was of interest. Reading the article on the Vimana  by the author and […]

Americans demand climate change be a primary topic at 2020 presidential debates

Over 160,000 thousand Americans have signed petitions demanding climate change be a primary focus of the presidential debates.  Voters are aware the climate crisis is here and needs immediate action. Back in the 2016 presidential elections, there was not a single question asked about climate change or global warming at any presidential debate. Citizens do […]

2020’s first presidential debate does not have climate as discussion topic

Tuesday’s presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden has released the official topics to be discussed and, unfortunately, the climate is not on that list.  The debate will be hosted by the Commission on Presidential Debates and is hosted by moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News. The topics expected to […]

Off Topic: Start and Stop E-Coin Miners Based on Solar System Power Output

Off Topic: Start and Stop E-Coin Miners Based on Solar System Power Output November 6th, 2017 Watching our solar system export so much power to the grid started to drive me a little bit nuts. Since we don’t yet have a Tesla Powerwall to […]

EU counter-terrorism chief: ‘We should recruit ISIS terrorists fleeing Syria to work for us’

     Blanket prosecution of foreign fighters coming back from Iraq and Syria to Europe would be counterproductive, a senior EU security official has said. In his view some of them should be rehabilitated and even used to counter Islamic State propaganda. EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove criticized his home country Belgium for having no […]

Florida Man Says Chemtrails Create Global Warming

10/8  Jacksonville, FL:  Angel tells us how chemtrails are causing global warming.   Source Article from 00

Berlin’s burning cars a hot topic in forthcoming elections

  Helen PiddThe Guardian August 26, 2011 When the owner of the Mercedes locked their car on Wormser Strasse, Berlin on Thursday night, they probably knew it was risky. More than 370 cars have been set alight in the city this year, with the flashiest models being the chief victims. But with police in Berlin […]

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