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Purple-Haired Sheboon Says the Groids Dindu Nuffin!

When backed into a corner, the shebeasts admit what they really want is pussy privilege. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo! Hits: 3

Sweden: Hajis Convicted of Facebook Gang-Rape File Appeal, Saying Dindu Nuffin

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 11, 2017 They didn’t understand they weren’t supposed to gang-rape a white bitch and stream it on bitch and stream it on Facebook because no one ever told them that in school. I mean, we all remember the chapter in 5th grade health class where it was like […]

The David Duke Show: The War on Whites and Duke for Congress!

David Duke July 11, 2016 Today Dr. Duke spoke to the rash of murderous violence aimed at police across the country due to baseless accusations of racism in recent confrontations with uncooperative black suspects. He underscored how this is symptomatic of the pervasive anti-white narrative spun by the elite that incites hatred and violence among […]

Happening Value Pack: BLM Edition

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 8, 2016 It’s getting hard to document all these happenings. Basically, we’re reaching the point where major Negro revolts are slipping through the cracks. This is because they’re happening so fast that we can’t keep up. This will be a happening mega-post to try to tie everything together. Bomb Threat In Florida […]

Degenerate Perverts of Sports Illustrated Put Fat Chick on Bikini Cover

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 27, 2016 Some people argue that our culture is oversexualized. In fact, I am one of these people. However, I would also argue that if you’re going to have a sexualized culture, it is better if you have a culture which promotes normal sexuality, rather than degenerate forms. Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit […]


Putin said in a documentary aired on Russian state television on Sunday that the leaders of certain Western countries had no right to force their ways on African and Middle Eastern nations. “You can’t just impose your version of democracy, of good and evil, onto people of other cultures, with other religions and traditions in […]

No, Closing the Borders is Not “Letting ISIS Win” – Paris Attacker Mocked Open Borders

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer November 28, 2015 They’re going to hate you either way, White Man. Following the Paris attacks, everyone was all like “yeah, well, maybe we shouldn’t let all these people who are killing us on the streets come into our country?” The Jews then began circulating the meme that ISIS was against open […]

France Begin Shutting Down Alternative News Websites

The French government have rushed through strict “anti-terror” laws in the wake of the Paris attacks, which are now seeing alternative news websites being shut down in France.  The French version of We Are Change has been blocked already, amid an unprecedented crackdown on alternative media in Europe. reports: ‘Le Blog De Resistance‘ is […]

German Woman Attacked by Black in Texas

There is an ongoing war being waged against the Daily Stormer by our Jew enemy. Recently, the site was blocked by upstream providers. Our publisher’s mother was harassed. They are pulling out all of the most wicked and low-down tactics imaginable. There shall be no surrender. If you see something about Cloudflare, or a page […]

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