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Violence escalates at Honduras student protests amid molotov cocktails & police fire (VIDEOS)

Protests demanding the resignation of the country’s president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, have intensified in recent weeks as momentum gathers against privatization and austerity measures targeting the health and education sectors.  “About 40 military police entered the university campus without authorization,” Armando Sarmiento, director of institutional development at the Tegucigalpa-based university, told AFP. The military police […]

#1917LIVE: John Reed & Vyacheslav Molotov – the project’s most active figures

Vyacheslav Molotov is a figure of immense importance to Soviet history. A key moment for the Old Bolshevik was the signing of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939 with Nazi Germany. The young Stalin protégé rose through the ranks in the 1920s to become chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, followed by the minister of […]

12 injured after Molotov cocktail attack in Paris restaurant

     Two people sustained serious burns and 10 others were slightly injured after a suspected Molotov cocktail attack on a restaurant in a Paris suburb. Ambulance crews rushed to the scene in Aubervilliers, a commune in the Seine-Saint-Denis district, after a bottle bomb was thrown inside a restaurant located at 72 rue Schaeffer. Rescue crews […]

‘They told me to die & threw a Molotov at me’ – protester on Venezuela riots

Venezuelans top nationality seeking asylum in US Gruesome footage of a man named Orlando Figuera, 21, was broadcast on state television this weekend. It shows dozens of people at an anti-government demonstration in Caracas surrounding the man, dousing him with gasoline, and setting him on fire in Plaza Altamira in the east of city. “He […]

Molotov cocktails & tear gas: Protesters & police clash in Athens before austerity vote

People took to the streets of Greece’s capital for the second consecutive day to protest new pension and tax-break cuts, which are expected to be voted on at around midnight Thursday. WATCH MORE: Protesters clash with police at anti-austerity protest in Greece The protest was staged by the country’s major trade unions. An estimated 10,000 to […]

Salah Abdeslam ‘voluntarily’ refused to blow himself up in Paris, his brother claims

“If I wanted, there would have been more victims,” Salah told his brother Mohamed Abdeslam from prison in the city of Bruges in northwestern Belgium, BFMTV reported.  “Luckily, I did not follow through,” Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving terrorist of the attacks in the French capital, added. READ MORE: ‘Many more Paris attack accomplices still […]

Russia says no to Syrian federalization as former NATO commander talks partition

Reuters reported on Thursday that Russia was engaged in talks with other global powers on the possibility of turning Syria into a federal state. “While insisting on retaining the territorial integrity of Syria, so continuing to keep it as a single country, of course there are all sorts of different models of a federal structure […]

Saudi Arabia to host ‘largest’ military exercise in the region, 20 states invited

The Saudi state agency made the announcement on Sunday, adding that participating troops will begin arriving in “the next few hours.” The oil-rich nation described the exercises as “the largest and most important” military drills in the region’s history. The so-called “Northern Thunder” exercise will take place in the north of the country and will […]

Oscar swag bag includes ten-day VIP trip to Israel worth $55,000

The Academy Awards are coming on February 28 and although most stories in the lead up to the show have focused on the incredible whiteness of this (and last) year’s acting nominees, there is another issue that has made its way into the press — the swag bag. What’s a swag bag you ask? It […]

NATO’s increased military presence in E. Europe doesn’t mean return to Cold War – Stoltenberg

“We have already increased our presence in the East (of Europe), with the assurance measures; with more planes in the air; with more boots on the ground; with more ships in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea… we’ve been also establishing this small headquarters and we have more exercises taking place in the East,” […]

Glens Falls NY Police Illegally Search Car Without Consent

Beatrice Larry’s boyfriend was driving her car when he was stopped by the Glens Falls (NY) police for allegedly rolling a stop sign. According to Beatrice’s Facebook post about the incident she believes her boyfriend was stopped simply because he’s black and driving night. The traffic stop highlighted in the video above was just three houses […]

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