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Molotov cocktail hurled at Tel Aviv nightclub

A Molotov cocktail was thrown early Saturday at a nightclub in Tel Aviv. There were no injuries or damage caused by the incendiary bomb. Police suspect the Molotov cocktail was thrown by partygoers angry they were denied entry to the club, according to Hebrew media reports. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email […]

Woman Tosses Molotov Cocktail Into Florida USCIS Office

(WASHINGTON) — A woman tossed a lit Molotov cocktail into the lobby of a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Oakland Park, Florida. No major injuries were reported, according to a report of the incident sent to administration officials and viewed by The Associated Press, though one person reported feeling ill from […]

Violence escalates at Honduras student protests amid molotov cocktails & police fire (VIDEOS)

Protests demanding the resignation of the country’s president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, have intensified in recent weeks as momentum gathers against privatization and austerity measures targeting the health and education sectors.  “About 40 military police entered the university campus without authorization,” Armando Sarmiento, director of institutional development at the Tegucigalpa-based university, told AFP. The military police […]