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Purple-Haired Sheboon Says the Groids Dindu Nuffin!

When backed into a corner, the shebeasts admit what they really want is pussy privilege. Sub my bitchute. Help out a nigga in need, yo! Hits: 3

NBC Smears Triple Amputee Purple Heart Vet Because He Ran a Conservative Facebook Page

Dark Politricks is a site dedicated to investigating the dark side of politics including corruption, propaganda, the police state, war on terror, the intelligence services and their misdeeds, false flag attacks and much more. The site also promotes free speech, internet freedom and justice for all people. For an overview of my beliefs and political […]

Purple hair dye nearly KILLS family dog… what’s it doing to YOUR health?

(Natural News) A white Maltese mix dog nearly died after someone decided to color her hair purple with dye meant for humans. When the pup arrived at Pinellas County Animal Services, her eyes were swollen shut and her body was covered in severe burns. The five-pound dog, Violet, was also listless and limp. Her […]

Absurd: Scientists claim new GM purple rice will save you from cancer and diabetes

(Natural News) A new type of rice could soon be joining the usual brown and white varieties on the shelves of your grocery store: purple rice. Chinese scientists have developed a type of rice through genetic modification that they say can lower your risk of some types of cancer and diabetes. On the surface, this […]

GOP Rejects ‘The New World Order’

The GOP rejects globalism as Heidi Cruz is chased from the floor of the GOP Convention. The world is rejecting the New World Order like never before. The best and most recent example is Brexit in which the UK left the globalist organization known as the European Union. The French, the German and the Swedes […]

Happy Hanukkah: White House uses National Menorah lighting to push refugee agenda

From: White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough used the lighting of the National Hanukkah Menorah to push President Obama’s efforts to allow refugees fleeing conflict in the Middle East into the U.S. “So this is a joyous occasion, and yet as we heard earlier we are mindful that even […]

Talking to family about preparedness: How to get your family to start prepping for disasters.

The biggest preparedness challenge some of us will face is convincing our loved ones to get on board with our preparedness planning. Whether it’s convincing your immediate family about the importance of prepping, or talking to extended family and friends about why they need to prepare, the conversation is something we need to have if […]

Russian Zionists Behind the Fake Metrojet Plane Crash

Russian Zionists Behind the Fake Metrojet Plane Crash With revelations thanks to our posters Deeply in debt, Russia’s arch-Zionist moguls decided to take action. The only option was to fake a crash, and then, perhaps, garner an insurance collection or at least to create the necessary distraction for other purposes unknown. It is likely, though, […]

Purple balloons and butterflies released to honour Kiesha Weippeart

Source: The Daily Telegraph PURPLE balloons and butterflies have been used to honour the memory of murdered six-year-old Kiesha Weippeart at a public memorial service today. More than 150 people gathered for the two-hour service at Holy Family Parish Church in Emerton in Sydney’s west. The service comes one week after a private funeral for […]

Cameron Suggests “Purple Rain” for Rioters

  Kurt Nimmo August 11, 2011 The British government is frantically throwing out proposals in the wake of three days of rioting in the country following the murder of a man by police. Political demonstrators are sprayed with dye in Uganda. In addition to shutting down Twitter and BlackBerry messaging during civil disturbances, the […]

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