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Navy Reveals Major Shipbuilding Delays As Global War Risk Elevated 

The US Navy released a rare assessment of its “shipbuilding challenges,” indicating that the first Columbia-class submarine, classified as the future cornerstone of America’s strategic deterrence, is facing delays, as are other next-generation vessels.  “The purpose of the review is to provide an assessment of national and local causes of shipbuilding challenges, as well as […]

Certain COVID-19 Vaccines Linked To Elevated Risk Of Guillain-Barré Syndrome


More Warmongers Elevated In The Biden Administration

More Warmongers Elevated In The Biden Administration Authored by Caitlin Johnstone, The Biden administration looks set to become even more warlike than it already was if you can imagine, with virulent Russia hawk Victoria Nuland and virulent China hawk Charles Q Brown now being elevated to lofty positions by the White House. Nuland, the wife […]

Study links vaccines to heart attacks: “Markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein” found in victims’ blood

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) New research published in the peer-reviewed journal Circulation shows that adolescents and young adults who get “vaccinated” for covid suffer a massive spike protein invasion that often leads to a heart attack.Researchers from Harvard Medical School looked at a cohort of children who were hospitalized at either … [Read More…] Source

Millions of Americans in multiple states face elevated risk of winter power outages

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Millions of people in multiple states are at an elevated risk of having power outages this winter.Texas, New England, the Great Lakes and the American Southeast are facing “unprecedented” and “widespread” reliability risks this winter, according to the 2023 Winter Assessment report of the North American Electric … [Read More…] Source

France Warns of Elevated Islamic Terrorism Threat

There is an elevated threat of terror attacks on French soil by Islamic extremists, France’s national anti-terrorism prosecutor warned Friday.

Significantly elevated cardiac risk caused by the vaccines justifies an immediate halt

Significantly elevated cardiac risk caused by the vaccines justifies an immediate halt Date: November 27, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source: Steve KirschThe researchers who confirmed the results from the Circulation paper won’t publish their results because they are worried about losing their research funding in the future. So don’t tell anyone, OK? The findings of a […]

Boston Jewish council report: Group that elevated supremacist stays

Seven months after being asked to kick out a group over allegations of racism, the board of directors of Boston’s leading Jewish coalition has come to a conclusion: Yes, the group’s president “elevated white supremacist voices” — but it shouldn’t be ejected. That’s the recommendation of an internal report issued last month by the leadership […]

‘Roadmap to Apartheid’ film reveals Israel’s fear of BDS

     (Roadmap to Apartheid. Ind. documentary, Ana Noguiera and Eron Davidson. 2012.) It is curious that the more Israel denies apartheid, and the more other states, such as Canada, “condemn” the BDS movement, the more awareness of the true situation of the Palestinians increases in the general population. Fear of BDS The Israelis know full […]

MIT & Google’s Sidewalk Labs Plan to Revolutionize City Traffic

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) teamed up with the Swiss Institute of Technology (SIT) and the Italian National Research Council (INRC) to develop a concept for getting rid of traffic lights via a futuristic transportation system. […]

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