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Ziad Fadel AL-ZAARA VILLAGE:  Yesterday in the evening, a grouping of pestilential cockroaches belonging to the following terrorist organizations supported by the stinking rat-British scum:  Jabhat Al-Nusra/Alqaeda, Ahraar Al-Shaam, Faylaq Homs, Kataa’`ib Ahl Al-Sunna, Ajnaad Homs, descended upon a largely ‘Alawi village of peaceful citizens in an act of revenge for the massive achievements of […]

10 reasons israel Is Just Like Saudi Arabia

Israel Is Just Like Saudi Arabia On the surface, it would seem that Saudi Arabia and Israel would be the worst of enemies and indeed, they have never had diplomatic relations. After all, the Saudis have championed the cause of the Palestinians, who are oppressed by the Israelis. Israelis say they are besieged by Muslim […]

Why Sunlight Deficiency Is As Deadly As Smoking

26th April 2016 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World A groundbreaking new study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine has revealed something absolutely amazing about the role of the Sun in human health: a deficiency of sunlight could be as harmful to human health as smoking cigarettes. The new study titled, “Avoidance […]

Tehran to host French Film Week

TEHRAN, Apr. 19 (MNA) – Next week, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art will screen six films by acclaimed directors such as Leos Carax and Claire Denis for those movie-goers interested in French cinema.Six films by French filmmakers Leos Carax, Claire Denis, Philip Falcone, Xavier Beauvois, and Benoît Jacquot will be screened at Tehran Museum of […]

Egypt Joins Mediterranean Nuclear Russian Roulette Club

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : In January Egypt began the construction of its nuclear power plant in Dabaa built by Russia’s Rosatom. Experts warned since the discovery of a new fault line that a devastating tsunami could strike the eastern Mediterranean “at any moment”. Instead of being remembered for the New Suez Canal for centuries, Egypt’s President Al-Sisi […]

The Clintons: We Came, We Stole, Haitians Died

The Haitian people’s furious resistance to yet another fraudulent presidential election has scuttled U.S. plans to replace “Sweet Mickey” Martelly with another flunky named the “Banana Man.” The aborted fraud is a reminder that Secretary of State Clinton was an imperial bully who rigged the previous presidential election in Haiti and stole the country blind, […]

Scott Roberts: Putin Impasse, Planet of the Apes, and “Good” Jews

Scott Roberts talks about the incessant Putin worship, which has been in full swing long before the bombing in Syria commenced, all under the guise that he has a secret plan to fight against jewish power, despite all the facts to the contrary. And more interesting discussion. Scott’s response to the Daily Stormer article: […]

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