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Congress Set To Investigate FBI/CIA Setup of Alex Jones

GOP lawmakers have vowed to launch an official investigation into the CIA and FBI’s sabotage of Infowars host Alex Jones’ businesses. On Wednesday, Rep. Troy Nehls told Benny Johnson that Jones should fight back against […] The post Congress Set To Investigate FBI/CIA Setup of Alex Jones appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Moldova Expels Russian Diplomat After Setup of Illegal Polling Stations in the Country

    Moldova has taken a decisive diplomatic step in response to Moscow’s controversial actions during the recent Russian presidential election, declaring a Russian diplomat persona non grata. The move comes after Russia set up six polling stations in the breakaway region of Transnistria, a move deemed in violation of agreements between the two nations. […]

The Flour Massacre Setup/False Flag Attempt Exposed

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (3/2/24). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Onnabugeisha’s Notes on the Biden Setup for 10 May 2023 (expanded)

A secondary target for the globalists today could be the staged poisoning or shooting of Biden by a “white supremacist” staffer at one of his fundraisers. In case of a poisoning, they may use polonium-210 to connect the assassin to Putin. And the assassination would be done to move an Obama into the vice presidency […]

The Globalist Setup for the Queen’s Funeral

NOTE: I’ve gathered all my updates concerning the threat we face on September 19-20 and placed them in this post in chronological order. Today’s (9/18) first update has been added on top, and it has now been expanded. (Expanded Note – 18 September 2022) – My most brilliant and beloved partner Onnabugeisha has uncovered what […]

Trump calls upcoming ‘Justice for J6’ rally a ‘setup’

The shift in messaging has aimed to cast those on trial as “political prisoners.” There are more than 600 people charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol breach. Trump used his platform to fuel that narrative on Thursday, once again projecting his false claim — the very one that drove the insurrectionists to the Capitol on […]

‘Felt like a setup’: WhatsApp chat shows Gaetz ally scrambling to contain fallout

Greenberg also said he was paying the legal fees for the woman, who is now 20 years old. The WhatsApp messages shed light on key aspects of the scandal consuming the Florida Republican congressman and close ally of President Donald Trump — and on the state of mind of the man Gaetz once called his […]

Trump Slams Mueller “Hoax” As Setup & Trap”

Trump Slams Mueller “Hoax” As Setup & Trap” “There was no Collusion, and there is no Obstruction of Justice” Steve WatsonPrison May 2, 2018 President Trump again took to Twitter Wednesday to address the ongoing developments with Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation, declaring it to be a “hoax”. Trump also called the Obstruction of […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2018 (Update 8 + The globalist war setup for northern and southern Syria)

(Note: To read today’s additions, scroll down a little to the “New Material” marker.) The globalists are currently orchestrating an outbreak of direct, multipower military-to-military combat in eastern Syria, northern Syria, and southern Syria. IN EASTERN SYRIA, the setup for conflict is outlined in a Business Insider article titled “It looks like Syrian, Russian, and […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2018 [+ More on the Putin assassination setup (complete)]

(Note: Scroll down just a little to the “New Material” marker to see today’s addition.) During this morning’s infoscan, I ran across this… …from the Daily Star After poking around a bit, I realized that the globalists are developing a narrative by which recently-announced US sanctions against Russian oligarchs, which “disproportionately harm anti-Putin Atlantic Integrationists,” […]

Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?

By Paul Craig Roberts With added notes by Lasha Darkmoon Identity Politics has responded with outrage against People Magazine’s choice of white male country singer Blake Shelton as “sexiest man in the world.” According to adherents of Identity Politics, the choice indicates that People Magazine is itself racist and part of the white supremacy movement […]

Jerusalem is setup to become the capital of the World

Jerusalem is setup to become the capital of the World report by alica frischmann Jerusalem is setup to become the capital of the World not only capital of Israel. This is the longer term plan of the Jews, and this should be reached simultaneously when the White race (Europeans) got genocided, erased from the face […]

Was Trump Jr Meeting Deep-State Setup For FISA Wiretaps? Russian Atty Hates President & Linked To ‘Pissgate’ Firm

Content originally published at Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who met with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner is openly anti-Trump. Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the president’s lawyer said that Veselnitskaya misrepresented who she was. Veselnitskaya has made anti-Trump postings to her Facebook page, and posted a picture taken by […]

Senate Shoots Down Four New Gun Control Laws

by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple After every mass shooting, the usual suspects come out to declare “enough is enough.” Our politicians and celebrities start braying in unison, and clamor to ban assault rifles, high capacity magazines, or whatever else they can think of. Inevitably the gun grabbers will take advantage of the tragedy, […]

FLASHBACK: What Turkey really fears? People Power: The unique Kurdish-Syrian experiment in democracy

     The Kurds in Rojava are testing a democratic model shaped by the political philosophy of an American eco-anarchist Perhaps the last place you would expect to find a thriving experiment in direct democracy is Syria. But something radical is happening, little noticed, in the eastern reaches of that fractured country, in the isolated region […]

Light therapy is more effective than Prozac in treating depression

     Feeling SAD? New data shows that light therapy is more effective than Prozac on patients with significant depression. Bright light therapy has a proven track record of success in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), commonly referred to as the winter blues. A new study from the University of British Columbia shows that […]

I Went CopBlocking and All I Got Were These Stupid Charges | CopBlock Radio

This week several prominent CopBlockers were arrested for peaceful activism. CopBlock founder Ademo Freeman and compadre Brian Sumner were charged with FELONIES for using chalk outside of a law enforcer headquarters. Their charges were later lowered to misdemeanors for alleged “criminal mischief.” Isn’t it convenient that if law enforcers don’t like your message (for example […]

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