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Biden Forces Smuggle Out 83 Tankers Loaded with Stolen Syrian Oil


Biden Forces Smuggle Out 70 Vehicles Some Carrying Stolen Syrian Oil

 ARABI SOURI JULY 16, 2021 Biden forces smuggled 70 vehicles out of Syria and into Iraq in the past 24 hours, some of the vehicles are tankers loaded with stolen Syrian oil, the convoy of 2 columns passed through the illegal Al Walid crossing. 44 vehicles of oil tankers, refrigerated trucks, and troops carriers along with […]

Man caught trying to smuggle 74 chameleons into Austria

They said in a statement Friday that a 56-year-old man, who was not further identified, had hidden the animals in socks and empty ice-cream boxes when he was caught at customs control in Vienna. He had traveled to Austria from Tanzania via Ethiopia. The chameleons were taken to the Austrian capital’s Schoenbrunn Zoo, which said […]

American Driver Tries To Smuggle More Than 100 Mexicans Across The Border

DailyMail: A U.S. Customs and Border Protection canine broke up a human smuggling attempt on a highway in Texas, helping the agents detain 100 undocumented immigrants who were unlawfully in the country. […] Following the initial search of a United States citizen operating the truck, the Border Patrol service dog alerted the agents and led […]

Woman detained at airport trying to smuggle diamonds worth $142,000 out of Russia

The detainee, a 53-year-old resident of the Moscow Region, is now facing charges of illegal trafficking in natural gems and smuggling      Police and air security officers on duty at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport have detained a Russian national ttrying to smuggle diamonds worth eight million rubles (over $142,000) to Israel, Russian Interior Ministry Spokesperson Irina […]

Cops Shoot Man 7 Times, Execute Because He “May Have” Hurt Police K9 That Was Attacking Him

Sabrina Canfield | Courthouse News Service NEW ORLEANS (CN) – A dead man’s father claims in a federal lawsuit that his son was shot seven times by cops because they believed he “may have hurt” a police dog. As recounted in a complaint filed Tuesday in New Orleans, Darien […]

Why Many Americans Don’t Trust Police Anymore, in 7 Videos

**Originally posted at VOX by German Lopez** The past year was enormous for the Black Lives Matter movement’s protest of police brutality, with activists pushing prosecutors across the country to take excessive use of force by police more seriously and, in some cases, file charges against cops. And as Gallup found, public confidence in police has generally […]

Turkey’s Blockade of Russian Naval Vessels’ Access to the Mediterranean, Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Completely Cut Off

GR Editor’s Note The closing of the Bosphorus Straits by Turkey would constitute an Act of War directed against the Russian Federation A recent report by Sputnik states that in this regard: In times of war, the passage of warships shall be left entirely to the discretion of the Turkish government, according to the document. From a legal perspective, Turkey […]

Police Wife Mad After Fellow Cop Shoots Her Husband, Judge Cites “Feared For His Life” Excuse

Maria Dinzeo | Courthouse News Service SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Lawyers sparred on Monday over whether a Bay Area Rapid Transit officer’s widow can pursue civil rights claims against the agency for her husband’s death at the hands of a fellow officer during an apartment search that went tragically […]

Will Lamar Odom Survive Long Enough to go to Prison for Harming No-One But Himself?

With as many people as there are out there “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” these days, I’m sure everyone is well aware of the most recent prostitute related-incident unfolding where Lamar Odom, who is also the estranged husband of Khloé Kardashian, was found unresponsive and close to death on Tuesday at a Nevada brothel. Odom […]

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