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Trump signs executive orders to lower prices on pharmaceuticals

(Natural News) In a bid to help make FDA-approved medications more affordable for Americans, President Trump has signed a series of executive orders aimed at stopping Big Pharma from continuing to price-gouge our country. Prior to their signings, White House spokesman Judd Deere told the media that the Trump administration “continues to […]

Trump signs executive orders to lower prices on pharmaceuticals

Sounds Healing

(Natural News) In a bid to help make FDA-approved medications more affordable for Americans, President Trump has signed a series of executive orders aimed at stopping Big Pharma from continuing to price-gouge our country. Prior to their signings, White House spokesman Judd Deere told the media that the Trump administration “continues to […]

Pharmaceuticals vs. Natural Remedies – Who Are The Real “Quacks” and “Snake Oil” Salesmen?

June 6th, 2018 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World Who Are The Real “Quacks” and “Snake Oil” Salesmen? Increasingly popular derogatory invectives like “quack” and “snake oil” actually have deeper historical roots than those who use them are aware of, and which indict the very conventional medical system they have uncritically adopted as the […]

Taxpayers Fund Prescription Drug Research Not Pharmaceuticals

A sweeping new study challenges our understanding of medical breakthroughs. Something odd happened when the Trump administration submitted the original version of its latest pro-corporate budget: Big Pharma didn’t like it. The problem wasn’t a tax hike or new regulations: the problem was that the budget included deep cuts to the budget of the National […]

Research Based Infographics Show What Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals are Really Doing to Us

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer Waking Times The drugging of the American public is one of those strange, well-known, but under-discussed issues that’s never quite fully represented in the conversation about where our culture is and where it’s heading. As of 2016, one in six American adults were taking psychiatric medications, a staggering number that […]

Iranian pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and food industries expo kicks off in Damascus

SANA – The Iranian Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies, and Food Industries Expo kicked off on Tuesday at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus with the participation of 40 companies. The expo, which will run until January 11, is sponsored by the Iranian Embassy in Damascus and the Iranian-Syrian Economic Relations Development Committee. Assistant Health Minister Habib Aboud […]

The war on children’s health: From vaccines and pharmaceuticals to sex changes and attacks on parental rights, our future is at risk

(Natural News) For all of the talk these days about “progress,” society sure seems to be taking at least three steps back for every one step “forward.” People are fatter and unhealthier than ever; culture at large has been dumbed down to something almost completely unrecognizable from even just 10 years ago; and perhaps most […]

If Blueberries Were Pharmaceuticals, They Would Be Hailed As The Greatest Medical Breakthrough

Blueberries are miraculous natural medicine. If they were prescription medications, they would be called a “miracle” health breakthrough and an unprecedented milestone in medical science.  Yet, you can get them without a prescription, without a visit to the doctor and without “permission” from your health insurance provider. And unlike toxic prescription medications, blueberries are incredibly […]

If blueberries were pharmaceuticals, they would be hailed as the greatest "miracle" health breakthrough in the history of medicine

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

Cerberus Capital – The Diabolical Purveyors of Cheap Food and Expensive Pharmaceuticals

Cameron S. Bigger, ContributorWaking Times What if I told you the people creating, pricing and selling us our groceries are the same people in-charge of researching, developing, dispensing, and promoting our most popular prescription medications? Is it just bad luck or coincidence that in 2017 an American has a heart attack every single 34 […]

10 Most Evil People In The World Today Who Lie About Science, Pharmaceuticals and GMO’s

Are all politicians heartfelt people who only help their countries prosper and who only protect their people from harm? Of course not – so why then would you believe that every doctor only practices honest medicine and only prescribes what is thoroughly tested as “safe and beneficial” for his or her patients? Does every builder, […]

Southend Mum’s Warning To Other Parents About PAEDOPHILES Lurking in POKEMON GO

A concerned mother of three children from Southend On Sea has issued a strong warning to other parents about pedophiles using the new Pokemon Go smartphone app to catch children. Daisy Bush noticed that her eldest daughter Rose had spent a ‘worrying’ amount of time on her phone in the last few days, and admitted […]

Iran’s foreign minister touches down in NZ

Tehran, March 13, IRNA- In a sign of warmer relations between Iran and New Zealand, Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has arrived for a two-day visit. Mr Zarif is visiting Wellington as part of a regional tour of six countries, according to Radio New Zealand (RNZ). He will hold talks with Foreign Affairs Minister […]

NATO Agrees To Boost Turkey’s Air Defense

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu listens to NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg The council of the NATO military alliance approved a package of additional planes, ships, and surveillance equipment for Turkey on Friday. Diplomats said the package is partly designed to avoid more shoot-downs of Russian planes after Ankara shot down a Russian fighter jet on […]


Feminists-Traitors to Society Gary attended a men’s group called “Evolve”  to learn to “deal with his anger.”  by Henry Makow, Ph.D.  Formerly-Illuminati Use Women to Destroy Men (Revised from July 12, 2010) When I was young, there was a saying: “Behind every successful man is a woman.” Women used to empower men. How? By accepting […]

Media Reports “580 attacks” on Invader Centers

A new secret police report leaked to the far-left German media has revealed that there have been 580 attacks on invader centers in Germany in the first three-quarters of this year, up from “only” 198 for all of the previous year. The report appeared as yet another attack, this time unsuccessful, was reported from […]

Unaffordable Housing?… Gouging the Working Class Americans

A recent report by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies showed an absolutely dismal housing situation for Americans.  Housing is unaffordable for most working class Americans.  Sure you can take on a gigantic mortgage with a low interest rate and pretend all is fine but you are simply chaining yourself to the bank for […]

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