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Alabama Supreme Court rules frozen embryos are ‘children’

Alabama’s Supreme Court has ruled that frozen embryos are children under state law and subject to legislation dealing with the wrongful death of a minor, stating that it “applies to all unborn children, regardless of their location.” The court issued this majority decision in a lawsuit brought forth by a group of in vitro fertilization… […]

Former Mossad official: Children in Gaza over the age of 4 deserve to be starved

In an interview on Israeli television, former Mossad official Rami Igra said all Palestinians in Gaza over the age of 4 are “involved” and deserve to face Israel’s collective punishment policy of withholding food and humanitarian aid. Source

Gaza’s youngest bear the brunt: 1 in 10 children under 5 are malnourished

Image credit: Canada Talks Israel Palestine In Gaza, a nutrition crisis is unfolding at an alarming rate, with almost one in ten children under five years old now acutely malnourished. The U.N.’s initial data, based on arm measurements indicating physical wasting, points to a dire situation exacerbated by Israel’s ongoing military actions against Hamas rulers […]

Linkedin Announces They Support Raping And Holocausting Children & The Truth Is Against Their “community standards”

Linkedin has locked my account for telling the truth and warning people of evil being done against humanity. The headline of the article which made Linkedin empty the contents of their colons into their fruit of the looms was this: ‘The Perils of Kissing Rabid Skunks & Trusting Jews’ Now as I figure Linkedin knows […]

Cancun Cruz Who Left Little Children To Freeze To Death In Texas While He Fled To Sunny Cancun To Sip Frosted Alcoholic Drinks, “stands” Against Abortion

Coward Cancun Cruz who cares so much about children he left them to freeze to death in Texas when the Grid went down while he sneaked off to Sunny Cancun to sip frosted alcoholic drinks on a warm sunny Cancun beach while a little boy just down the road from me froze to death in […]

Brazil’s Ministry Of Health Mandates Covid Jabs For Children As Young As 6 Months

Brazil has added the Covid-19 vaccine to the country’s National Immunization Program (PNI) for children aged 6 months to 5 years old. The country’s ministry of health is also considering establishing school vaccination centers with strict reporting requirements. The new policy will take effect in 2024 accoding to a report by Agência Brasil It comes […]

King Charles and Close Friends Raped ‘Hundreds of Children’ – Explosive New Testimony

King Charles has been implicated in a massive decades-old pedophile ring at an “elite” British boarding school, according to revelations by a former student and whistleblower who has blown the lid off the horrific scale […] The post King Charles and Close Friends Raped ‘Hundreds of Children’ – Explosive New Testimony appeared first on The […]

PALESTINIAN HOLOCAUST! 11,500 Children Have Been Killed in Gaza. Horror of This Scale Has No Explanation

___ Source

Social media influencers pushing ASSISTED SUICIDE on children: “It’s OK to pass away today”

(NaturalNews) A disturbing video aimed at children is circulating on social media, encouraging them to opt for assisted suicide because “it’s OK to pass away… Source

Liberal Schools Are Forcing Children To ‘Declare Independence’ From Parents

A liberal school in Maine is forcing children to confess their “unconscious biases” and “declare Independence” from “something problematic” in their lives such as “parents.” The controversial policy, assigned by high-school “social studies” teacher Sara […] The post Liberal Schools Are Forcing Children To ‘Declare Independence’ From Parents appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

‘The UK Has a Problem’: Ed Dowd Reveals Alarming Excess Death Data in Children

“The UK has a problem,” former BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd declared on The Jimmy Dore Show Wednesday. He unveiled that excess deaths among UK children under the age of 14 are up a staggering 22 percent in 2023. Notably, Dowd mentioned that this trend didn’t start until “the magic juice started to be issued […]

Sex offender who locked up daughter for 24 years, fathered her 7 children may be released

(Fox News) — Josef Fritzl, an Austrian man who held his daughter captive in his basement as a sex slave for 24 years, fathering seven of her children, could be moved from prison to an elderly care home, according to global reports. Fritzl, now 88, reportedly has dementia and is physically weak after several falls, meaning he […]



FBI Now Recruiting, Entrapping Autistic Children Terror Patsies for National Security

The good folks over at the Department of Justice (Ministry of Love), are spending our hard-earned bucks forked over to the IRS at gunpoint to recruit and entrap autistic adolescents in manufactured terror plots in the name of national security. Source

The children who died … heartbreaking stories of just three

From Story at-a-glance “Shot Dead The Movie,” tells the heartbreaking stories of children who died after receiving COVID-19 shots. Their parents are left behind to pick up the pieces, wondering how and why a shot they were assured was safe took the lives of their children, ranging in age from newborn to 18. While […]

New VAXELIS injection jabs children with six different vaccines all at once

(NaturalNews) A new six-in-one vaccine for children has hit the market. And Dr. Shannon Kroner, author of “I’m Unvaccinated and That’s OK!” and executive director… Source

In memory of the very many infants & children under 2 years old who “died suddenly” in the United States & Canada in 2023

From Dr Mark Crispin Miller Dr Mark Crispin Miller has been collating the very many sudden deaths world wide that reported singly, escape your notice. En masse they are an horrific record of the slow democide occurring right before our eyes. Victims of a medical system that no longer honours its oath to ‘do no […]

In memory of the very many 2-10 year old children who “died suddenly” in the USA & Canada in 2023

Dr Mark Crispin Miller has been collating the very many sudden deaths world wide that reported singly, escape your notice. En masse they are an horrific record of the slow democide occurring right before our eyes. Victims of a medical system that no longer honours its oath to ‘do no harm’. Hear Dr Miller in […]

“Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children”-like disease after COVID-19 vaccination:

26 dec 2023 A 12 year-old boy. Multiple organ systems were affected, which led to … liver failure & altered blood coagulation due to the dysregulation of the immune system.” “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children”-Like Disease after COVID-19 Vaccination (MIS-V) with Potential Significance of Functional Active Autoantibodies Targeting G-Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCR-fAAb) for Pathophysiology and […]

Yemen, Gaza, And Lebanon All Show That Murdering Children Begets Blow Back

The recent resolution that was passed at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), gave the green light for Israel to escalate its genocidal attack on the people of Gaza. In light of this, it’s time to accept what the US Biden administration has done through its participation in the war on Gaza; it has declared […]

New Headwind For ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ For Children: Soaring Malpractice Insurance Costs

Where the controversy over so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors is concerned, government regulation commands most of the attention. However, as any well-read libertarian will tell you, market forces can also impose their own powerful form of regulation. Happily, we’re beginning to see market forces create a major impediment to the practice of irreparably altering the bodies […]

Nightmare Before Christmas: Brandon Visits Children’s Hospital, Requests Lap Time


UK Run By Pedophiles, To Restrict Children’s Social Media Access To Protect Children From Pedophiles

UK’s new “king”, No Chin Charlie with his bestist buttie Jimmy Savile known for raping dead bodies and children, who provided children to British politicians and elites to rape and sometimes murder Necked child photographed trying to escape out a window at Buckingham Palace on tied together sheets of Child Rape bed. In the UK […]

Food Producers Caught Quietly Adding Insects in Children’s Food

Anybody who care about the health of their family and does not wish to introduce bugs, insects and crickets to their diet will need to start reading labels on food items very closely. Mainstream food producers have been caught quietly, deceitfully sneaking bugs and various species of insects into ingredients lists for popular, everyday snacks […]

New Study Confirms CDC and Other ‘Experts’ Hurt Children for Nothing

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL There have clearly been many, MANY aspects of our Covid response that were and remain inexcusable. Vaccine passports and mandates, the nonsensical curfews and capacity limits, general mask mandates, and of course, closing beaches, should never been forgotten. But few, if any of our pointless, ineffective Covid-era restrictions were as […]

PSYOP-24 Incoming: Now MASSACHUSETTS is Hit by Wave of ‘White Lung’ Pneumonia in Children as OHIO County Issues Similar Warning – after China & Europe Saw Surges in Cases & Hospitalizations


Biden: Accept Grooming In Schools Or Your Children Will Go Hungry

The Biden administration has implemented a new rule that forces schools to align with far-left ideology on gender and sexuality, risking the loss of federal aid for free and reduced-price school lunches if they don’t comply. Legal experts suggest that this is just the initial step in a series of upcoming rules linking federal education […]

Israel has a long history of taking Palestinian children captive

Over the past several days, dozens of Palestinian women and children have been released from Israeli prisons as part of the hostage exchange deal between Israel and Hamas.  As of Thursday, 180 Palestinian women and children were freed from Israeli prisons in exchange for 99 Israeli women and children, as well as foreign nationals, mostly […]

Police Warn a Brand New iPhone Feature Could Put Your Children at Grave Risk

Originally Published on Vigilant News According to recent surveys, 19% of children own a smartphone by age 8, and 75% own one before age 13. While smartphones are a great way for parents to connect with their children remotely, a brand-new iPhone feature now makes it possible for complete strangers to connect with their children […]

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 54: Two children killed by Israeli forces in Jenin amid discussions of truce extension

Casualties  15,000+ killed*, including 6,150 children, and 33,000 wounded in the Gaza Strip. 240 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem Israel revises its estimated October 7 death toll down from 1,400 to 1,200 *This figure has been confirmed by the government media office in Gaza. However, due to breakdowns in communication […]

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