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Cowering In The Grave They Dug ThemSelves, The American Sheeple Expired.

Cowering In The Grave They Dug ThemSelves, The American Sheep Expired-Bleating frantically, in their own piss and Poop softened pen mired- Smelly stupid herd animals, with illusions of balls of brass-Who sold their American birthright for a cold six-pack, and a warm piece of ass- They turned each other in, to the rich oppressors “law”-Then […]

Nigeria destroys around 1M expired COVID vaccines

Authorities in Nigeria destroyed more than one million expired doses of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, Wednesday, even as the West African country’s vaccination rate has almost doubled in the last one week amid a spike in confirmed infections. The expired doses – numbering 1,066,214 – were destroyed at a landfill in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, a week […]

Nigeria To Destroy One Million Expired Covid-19 Jabs

Nigeria is set to destroy a million doses of AstraZeneca’s covid vaccine a top health official has said while vowing that his country will no longer be accepting jabs with short shelf lives. Dr. Faisal Shuaib, the Executive Director of the National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA), said that the vaccines that were beyond […]

Israel Attempts To Trade Palestinians Potentially Expired Pfizer Vaccines

Israel was beginning to receive praise throughout Western mainstream media for a deal it had struck to hand over 1 million plus Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines to the Palestinian Authority for inoculating Palestinians in the West Bank. Yet there appears to be much more to this story. This Friday the Palestinian Authority (PA), which partially controls […]

Inmate Kitchen Workers Forced To Serve Expired Meat In Prison

Above photo: Arizona Department of Corrections building in Phoenix. Arizona – Incarcerated people who work in the kitchens at the Eyman, Lewis and Yuma state prisons claim they were forced to serve expired meat to their fellow inmates, resulting in foodborne illnesses. Several inmates report being diagnosed with H. pylori infections, which they attribute to […]

Deadline expired: Madrid on collision course with Barcelona

nsnbc : Spain’s federal government in Madrid has insisted that it will suspend Catalonia’s autonomy after the Catalan government refused to drop the bid […]

Pentagon’s ‘zombie pandemic training’ teaches military nurses how to quarantine civilians, administer vaccines on massive scale

(NaturalNews) You never know when the zombie apocalypse might strike, so it’s a good thing that the Pentagon is training military nurses how to respond in such a situation. At the Uniformed Services University of the Healthcare Sciences, military nursing students are required to take a population health course to earn a family […]

Junior Doctor Resigns Live On TV To Focus On Legal Campaign

A junior doctor announced his intention to quit the NHS over unfair working conditions and pay on live TV ahead of an all-out strike. Dr Ben White stands with a multitude of disenfranchised doctors who started their working careers with the intention of helping the needy until they found out the National Health Service had turned into […]

Innocent Grandmother Opened Her Door and Was Instantly Shot by Police: Granddaughters Suing

Lisa Klein | Courthouse News Service CHICAGO (CN) – A hail of bullets took down an unarmed grandmother who opened her door to police officers on the day after Christmas, her family claims in court. Latarsha and Latisha Jones filed the lawsuit Monday in Cook County Circuit Court, just […]

D.C. Cops Throw Drivers in Jail for Expired Tags

  Judson BergerFox News October 5, 2011 In a city that hosts its fair share of murders and terror plots, Washington, D.C., police are cracking down on another threat to the nation’s capital — expired vehicle registrations. To the frustration of forgetful drivers, Metropolitan Police Department officers are throwing people in jail for letting their […]

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