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Music for Mabon – Autumn Equinox Songs

As summer ends and fall begins, enjoy this collection of Mabon music. Source

God Regrets Writing ‘Sing To The Lord A New Song’ After Hearing The New Songs Christians Are Singing

WORLD — Worship leaders worldwide were left stunned today after word began to spread that the Lord now regrets including the command “Sing unto the Lord a new song” in His Word after hearing the new songs Christians are currently singing. Source

The 50 Best Songs of 2022

In 2022, it was normal to listen to weird music. The biggest albums from Drake, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift all featured their megastars messing around in genres and styles that didn’t use to scream mainstream pop. Indie artists like Oneohtrix Point Never were producing for Super Bowl performers—and the music sounded exactly the same as […]

Revealing Lyrics From Old Kanye Songs

I had never heard these lyrics until now, since I did not listen to Kanye’s music. Source

10 Sunday School Songs Updated To Be More Inclusive

Even with the COVID-19 restrictions lifted, Americans have been slow to return to church. Churches need to appeal to a broader, more diverse population if they hope to compete! To that end, here are some woke Sunday School songs that children and their woke parents will love: Source

The Undercover Dream Lovers are Penning Psychedelic Love Songs for a Melancholy Summer

For the wishful hearts dancing in dive bars and backyards this summer, The Undercover Dream Lovers are laying sweet, sticky melodies over glittery synth-pop songs. LA-based musician Matt Koenig has created an ethereal jukebox sound with his project The Undercover Dream Lovers, using a palette of groovy bass lines and reverb-soaked guitars. Koenig has a […]

Ten Great Songs of Hope from Hindi Cinema

by Madhu and Bharat Dogra Songs of hope are always good but these become even better and more relevant in difficult times. This may thus be a good time to remember some of the greatest songs of hope from Hindi cinema. These became hugely popular at the time of their release and are still remembered […]

Five Great Solidarity Songs from Classic Hindi Films We Can Never Forget

Great solidarity songs never die. There will always be more struggles where these will be hummed and sung to strengthen resolve and unity. This is certainly true of the five great songs from classic Hindi films we discuss here. Decades after these were created, these songs still continue to inspire. [embedded content] Songs of solidarity […]

Simsimiyya: Songs of resistance from Suez to Gaza

In 1956 the dying colonial powers, Britain and France, in cahoots with apartheid Israel launched a tripartite aggression against Egypt after its heroic decision to nationalize the Suez Canal. England occupied the city of Suez and Israel invaded the Gaza Strip and Sinai. The people of both cities put up fierce resistance to occupation. In […]

Telangana’s Revolutionary Songs

Songs That Reflect The Political Consciousness Of The People  During Revolutionary Times Of Telangana Peasants’ Armed Struggle (1946-51) By MA Krishna and S. Jatin Kumar Photo (by Sunil Jena): Peasant Revolutionaries of Telangana 1946-51: Training in arms and drill.  Telangana people’s armed struggle (1946-51) spawned a huge literature in Telugu, particularly hundreds of songs and […]

Throughout the history of music, protest songs have played their part in change, coming together against corruption & tyranny

Songs from 2021 Songs of Freedom playlist By Alisha Christal Throughout the history of music, protest songs have played their part in change. It has been said “ music can change the world”. Music has the power to stir emotions, to enlighten causes. Over the decades songs of freedom and protest have led the way, […]

My Favorite Songs From Van Morrison’s Latest Record Project, Vol. 1

Someone sent this double-disc album to my PO box, so I have been listening to all the 28 songs as I drive around. I have chosen 8 of my favorites for you to check out, but there are definitely others you would like. Buy the album to support a singer who has taken a lot […]

Belenger’s Musik: Where To Find My Songs

While working on a new “album” I recently decided to dust my YouTube and Soundcloud accounts, add a few tracks to the playlist, and write this short article just for the sake of self-promotion. Whatever the case might be I am only hoping someday “someone” launches some real alternative to these horrible platforms. Talking about […]

Austrian rapper arrested for neo-Nazi songs tied to Halle synagogue shooting

VIENNA, Austria — Austrian authorities said Tuesday they have arrested a rapper accused of broadcasting neo-Nazi songs, one of which was used by the man behind a deadly anti-Semitic attack in Germany. “The suspect has been arrested on orders of the Vienna prosecutors” and taken to prison after a search of his home, said an […]

OFFENSIVE Songs That Wouldn’t Be Allowed Now

OFFENSIVE Songs That Wouldn’t Be Allowed Now Loony left wants to BAN hits with politically incorrect lyrics Paul Joseph Watson April 16, 2018 They want to ban decades old hit songs because the lyrics aren’t politically correct. Yes, really. This is where we’re at. Please SHARE this video! SUBSCRIBE on YouTube: Follow on […]

Wolcensmen – Songs from the Fyrgen

This album stirs up ancient feelings from the heathen folk soul, transporting the listener to another time and place, causing a yearning for a better world. WOLCENSMEN is the Epic Heathen Folk project brought into being by Dan Capp, also known for his role in WINTERFYLLETH and as an album and logo artist. ‘Songs from […]

When All Springs Flow – German Folk Songs

For a long time I have wanted to write an article about German folk songs. Among literally many thousands I present here only 16 songs. I wanted to make sure, first of all, that every song had a good, modern interpretation, secondly that they have a reliable translation and thirdly that they are introduced with […]

The AIPAC rabbi walk-out that wasn’t

There was a very special episode Monday of the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC), starring presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich. All had came to Washington, D.C. to speak to thousands of members of the lobbying group. I didn’t apply in time for press credentials, but I covered the […]

People Of Colour From Around The World Respond To “White”

By Mirzashvili | Red Ice BuzzFeed is at it again! For those unaware, this American media outlet has been pumping out degenerate videos at a truly impressive rate. Theyve been gracious enough to provide us with such enlightening gems as Who Would Straight Men Go Gay for? and Straight Conversion Therapy, in […]

Male Java sparrows may ‘drum’ to their songs

Great tits living next to each other may sing their songs at significantly different rates, more or less frequently, as compared to non-neighboring birds, according to a study published February 18, 2015 in the open-access … Source Article from

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