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Valeria: Thriving Roman Holiday Resort Emerging From Abandoned Ruins

Standing at these Roman ruins in the Spanish province of Cuenca, it’s hard to imagine that Valeria was a bustling Roman city 2,000 years ago. “You have to imagine a visitor entering the city through the gorges, the hanging houses, the nymphaeum, the hills full of buildings,… it must have been impressive,” highlights an article […]

Exodus? The Jewish community in this European city is thriving

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Khujand’s last Jew has died after centuries of community thriving

For many centuries, the city of Khujand in Tajikistan, a mountainous Muslim-majority country, had been a center of Jewish presence in Central Asia. But the once-rich communal life of Bukharan Jews in Khujand ended last week with the passing of the city’s last remaining Jewish person: Jura Abaev died Jan. 15 at the age of […]

How the ADL is working to end Facebook’s ‘thriving ecosystem of Holocaust denial’

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Is Eugenics Alive, Well And Actually Thriving Today?

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich What is eugenics, you may be wondering.  There are confused interpretations of that term, especially when it is not recognized for what it originally had been intended to mean, i.e., [T]he science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics. […]

Censorship Is Alive And Thriving In the USA—Especially Via The Internet

By Catherine J. Frompovich It’s finally happened?  Congress woke up to the problem(s) it helped create with regard to censorship on the Internet by pandering to Internet giants, social media platforms and their lobbyists when on Friday, April 26, 2018, Congressman Darrell Issa [1] questioned two social media stars, who have garnered attention […]

Amazon is a thriving business – thanks to your taxpayer dollars

The tech giant has received more than $1 billion in tax breaks. The government is also funding food stamps for many of its workers.      As Amazon builds up its distribution network, it’s hit on a trick long practiced by the likes of Walmart: using the federal government to help pay its workers. A new […]

3 Characteristics Of Small Thriving Communities That Work For Everyone

December 3, 2017 By Paul A. Philips The transitional period we’re currently in calls for us to re-educate ourselves in ways that many have not even considered. For our protection, preparedness, survival and stability, to help each other out during these uncertain times, there needs to be a number of solutions in place. […]

Video: Once thriving Palestinian valley destroyed by wastewater from Israeli settlements

What does it take to displace Palestinians from their land? In the Wadi Qana valley, years of Israeli government restrictions on Palestinian farming and the incursion of illegal settlements into the area, have left the once lush valley polluted and damaged. Despite this, some locals are still clinging on to what little they have left. […]

6 Promising New Technologies for Creating a Thriving Future

Paul A. Phillips, GuestWaking Times The saying, ‘we are the imagination of ourselves’ is worth remembering when inventing new technologies for creating a thriving future. Further, for visionary, innovative, outside-of-the-box thinking, inventors in their imagination must realize that possibility is not something to be judged in terms of a capacity to comprehend it, as this could seriously limit […]

Bikini Atoll’s at Marshall Islands Marine Life Is Thriving 70 Years After Nuclear Bomb Tests

As the Cold War arms race was heating up just after World War Two, Bikini Atoll was showered in 23 nuclear warheads tested over a period of nine years. Scientists from Stanford University have returned to study the effect of long-term radiation exposure almost 60 years after the last A-bomb was detonated. Against all odds, […]

Selected Articles: Terrorism: A Thriving Industry for US-NATO Coalition


Tourism body pushes for quality as eco-lodges thriving across Iran

Tehran Times – Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Organization is stepping up efforts to improve the quality of countrywide eco-lodges that have been on the rise over the past couple of years. “At this time we should focus on training courses for eco-lodge associates before pursuing any standardization developments,” Mehr quoted Mohammad-Ali Fayyazi, an […]


Those who live in harmony with themselves, live in harmony with the universe. Harmony is agreement, peace, friendship – the polyphony of infinite frequencies. Waves of light and energy vibrating constantly and endlessly, resonating deeply through – and as – All That Is. Everything is energy. Scientists and mystics unite in this truth. The cutting […]

Powerful gas blast in northern France leaves one dead, 4 injured

     A strong explosion caused part of a residential building to collapse in the town of Nonacourt in northern France, killing one resident and injuring at least four. One person died when they were buried under the rubble of the building, the town’s sub-prefect reported according to AFP. “Rescuers have managed to identify the person […]

‘Nuclear safety is no-politics zone’: Chernobyl plant head urges Russia-Ukraine cooperation

Chernobyl NPP CEO Igor Gramotkin shared his thoughts on the plant’s future in an interview with the Ukrainian newspaper Zerkalo Nedeli published on Friday. “Russia and Ukraine are going through difficult times, but we must now figure out how to build the relationship in the future, and why not start restoring it by jointly looking […]

Pepe Escobar: Why the elections in Iran were a huge success

     It’s no less than extraordinary that in last weekend’s elections in Iran, Team Rouhani’s opponents – especially the anti-nuclear deal hardliners – were giving a resounding “shellacking” (Obama’s term) in Tehran. They virtually vanished as representatives of the capital, not only at the Majlis (Parliament), but also at the slightly Orwellian-denominated 88-member Assembly of […]

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