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Writer of Boston Bar Sitcom ‘Park Street Under’ Accused ‘Cheers’ Of Ripping Off His Idea

Last Updated on January 26, 2024 A local Boston sitcom from 1979 called Park Street Under portrayed a bar in Boston and a cast of characters similar to the show Cheers. The first show aired on Boston’s WCVB-TV television station (known colloquially as “Channel 5”) from 1979 to 1980. The latter show “Cheers” premiered on […]

Los Angeles Crowd Cheers for Donald Trump as He Makes Surprise Stop at Ice Cream Shop

A large crowd of supporters cheered on former President Donald Trump in Los Angeles on Friday evening as he made a surprise stop at a Carvel Ice Cream Shop after delivering a speech at the California GOP Fall Convention in Anaheim. Source

Ambassador Nides cheers Netanyahu, salutes Israel’s ‘thriving democracy’ and ‘judicial reform’

Israel is facing mass protests over the authoritarian government’s plans to override supreme court rulings so as to exonerate Netanyahu from corruption charges. But U.S. Ambassador Tom Nides praises Netanyahu as a sober leader, and he appeared to side with the government over any protesters this week, stating repeatedly that the government has a mandate […]

‘Land Of The Free!’ Cheers Local Man Who Pays 39% Of His Annual Income In Federal Taxes

GURNEE, IL — Local man Bob Bean, who pays 39% of his income to the Federal Government, celebrated his status as a free man living in America this weekend. Source

Social conservative crowd cheers Herschel Walker after revelations of undiscussed kids

NASHVILLE — Herschel Walker received resounding applause from evangelical Christian activists on Saturday, following revelations he had fathered three children he had not previously discussed publicly. The half-full room of conference-goers at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual gathering in Nashville went wild for Walker — perhaps the most high-profile Republican Senate candidate this cycle […]

U.S. Olympians Chant Jill Biden’s Name As First Lady Cheers On Swimmers In Tokyo

Members of the U.S. swimming team cheered and chanted from the stands for U.S. first lady Jill Biden, who sat across the pool and waved as swimming kicked off. Without fans in the 15,000-seat Tokyo Aquatics Centre on Saturday, masked teams had ample room to spread out in socially distanced seats above the deck. The […]

Black Crowd Cheers As White Woman Is Beaten to a Bloody Pulp at Juneteenth Riot

A huge black crowd of Juneteenth revellers cheered as a white woman was brutally beaten to a bloody pulp in the streets of a Long Branch, New Jersey district during the nation’s first Juneteenth federal holiday. Police later responded to the scene while retail employees remained trapped in their shops as the rioters commemorated the […]

Party That Screamed About Fascism For Last Four Years Cheers As Military Attacks Journalist

Party That Screamed About Fascism For Last Four Years Cheers As Military Attacks Journalist U.S.—According to sources, the party that screamed about the rise of fascism for the last four years has been cheering on the military for attacking a popular journalist. “Yeah, get him! Take Tucker down!” shouted one pink-haired woman wearing a “Trump = […]

Another Step Back for Biden: Attack on Syria Draws Establishment Cheers

February 26th, 2021 By Alan Macleod Source WASHINGTON — Barely a month into his presidency, Joe Biden launched an airstrike on Syria yesterday. The attack was reportedly aimed at militias close to the Iraq border, killing 22 people — considerably more than the White House first claimed. In the attack, 1.75 tons of bombs were dropped on a small […]

Crowd Erupts in Cheers as Giuliani Tells AZ Lawmakers: “Your Political Career Is Worth Losing if You Can Save the Right to Vote in USA”

President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis appeared before Arizona state lawmakers on Monday. The duo argued that the Democrats used mail-in ballots as a backup to steal the election when they realized they were about to lose on election night. Rudy was on top form during his opening argument. […]

As Internet cheers Jordan Peterson’s slaying of British feminist TV presenter, her employer hires private security, threatens to go to police ‘because abuse’

     Channel 4 News has called in security specialists to analyse threats made to presenter Cathy Newman following her interview with a controversial Canadian psychologist who has attracted a following among the “alt-right”. Comment: …and the ‘alt-center’, and the ‘alt-left’… pretty much most people online actually. Ben de Pear, the editor of Channel 4 News, […]

Gay pair caned in Indonesia as crowd cheers & takes pictures

The public caning took place in a square in front of a mosque in the provincial capital, Banda Aceh. The pair, aged 20 and 23, each received over 82 strikes with thin rattan canes. Their original sentence of 85 lashes was reduced due to time spent in detention. At least eight other men and women […]

During Purim celebration, Israeli settlers use Ibrahimi Mosque loudspeaker to sing racist songs and call for expulsion of ‘Arabs’ from Hebron

Israelis converge on West Bank holy sites in ‘provocative’ visits HEBRON (Ma‘an) 23 Mar — Hundreds of Israelis, including large numbers of settlers, converged on religious sites across the occupied West Bank on Wednesday morning ahead of the Jewish holiday of Purim, in visits Palestinians condemned as “provocative.” In the southern West Bank city of […]

“I Helped Create ISIS”: Testimony of An Iraq War Veteran

After 14 years of War on Terror the West is great at fomenting barbarism and creating failed states. For the last several years, people around the world have asked, “Where did ISIS come from?” Explanations vary, but largely focus on geopolitical (U.S. hegemony), religious (Sunni-Shia), ideological (Wahhabism) or ecological (climate refugees) origins. Many commentators and […]

CENSORSHIP SHOCK: bans investigative book ‘Nobody Died at Sandy Hook’ because it disagrees with government version of what happened

(NaturalNews) In a stunning demonstration of online book burning, has just banned a book because of its contents. The book Nobody Died at […]

Tim Frey (Roberts & Brokerage, Inc) and Meghan Kellison-Lords @ Hancock’s Oct 23, 5 p.m. til ?

Donna Hancock Source Article from

What’s cheap, cheers you up – and could be killing you?

  Andreas Whittam SmithThe Independent September 23, 2011 The tobacco manufacturers have long been vilified. More recently, brewers and shops that sell cheap booze have found themselves in the dock. Now steps forward a third party for condemnation, the manufacturers of food. Between them the three groups are held responsible for a set of illnesses […]

NOT AGAIN! Audience At GOP Debate Cheers For Death

Zeke MillerBusiness Insider Sept 13, 2011 Audience members at a Republican debate once again cheered for death. After going crazy for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s record overseeing 234 executions in Texas last week, the audience at the CNN Tea Party debate Monday night shouted “yes,” when moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Rep. Ron Paul if a sick person without insurance […]

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