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Israel Assassinates IRGC Commander in Syria, Russian Consent!

APRIL 1, 2024 ARABI SOURI US-sponsored Israel assassinated the commander of the IRGC – Al Quds Forces in a bombing that targeted an Iranian diplomatic building in the Syrian capital Damascus, the Israeli bombing led to the destruction of the building which also houses Syrian civilian business offices. The Israeli bombing in the late afternoon […]

US Drone Strike In Baghdad Assassinates Top Iraqi Official

Two prominent leaders in Iraq were assassinated by a US drone strike on their car in Eastern Baghdad, this Wednesday, leading to an initial wave of street protests and potentially initiated a renewed escalation of the Gaza-Israel war. Western media have attempted to sanitize the strikes, which represent a clear violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and […]

Israeli drone strike assassinates Hamas deputy leader in Beirut

(NaturalNews) Israel has been blamed for the death of Hamas Deputy Chief Saleh al-Arouri to a drone strike in Beirut, Lebanon.The incident occurred in Beirut’s… Source

Iran Angry After Israel Assassinates Iranian Commander in Syria Airstrike

Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi strongly condemned the recent killing of Seyyed Razi Mousavi, an Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) military advisor, in an Israeli airstrike in Syria. Raeisi asserted that the Israeli regime will “definitely pay the price” for this criminal act, considering it a desperate move by the usurping Zionist regime. Mousavi, who served […]

Russia’s former President ‘promised Wagner $15million if it assassinates Italy’s Defense Minister’

    Russia’s former President Dmitry Medvedev offered a $15 million bounty to kill Italy’s defence minister Guido Crosetto, a newspaper is claiming. Italian Il Foglio newspaper said the country’s intelligence service intercepted an order from Medvedev – a former Kremlin president – to private military company Wagner. Medvedev – deputy head of Russia’s powerful […]

Israel Assassinates Ex-Syrian MP Along Golan Heights, Which Could Provoke Retaliation

This Saturday, Syrian government authorities accused Israel of assassinating Midhat Saleh, a former member of Syria’s parliament, near the Golan Heights. This, in addition to a number of other provocations in the past week are an Israeli attempt to see what they can get away with, without sparking war. Midhat Saleh (54-years old) was reportedly […]

France Assassinates ISIS and Al-Qaeda Leader in Military Raid

France’s military has assassinated a top ISIS and al-Qaeda leader, French President Emmanuel Macron announced Wednesday. Macron announced on Twitter that ISIS-GS leader Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi was “neutralized by French forces” during a raid in North Africa. “This is another major success in our fight against terrorist groups in the Sahel.” “The Nation is thinking this evening of […]

Breaking/Exclusive: Iran Assassinates Mossad Chief in Downtown Tel Aviv (updated/videos/proof)

By VT Editors -December 6, 2020 VT: Two days ago, VT published an exclusive story based on news we received from Tel Aviv.  Short months go, VT was the only media to report the nuclear bombing of Tel Aviv until, of all things, VT’s story was confirmed by President Donald Trump. Our sources say teams of Iranian […]

Israeli Mossad assassinates youth Palestinian scholar in Malaysia

Israeli occupation Mossad assassinated on Saturday at dawn the young Palestinian scholar Fadi al-Batch, while he was heading to perform the Dawn Prayer in a nearby mosque in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian Police Commander Dato Siri said that two armed men opened shot ten bullets from a very close distance at Al-Batch, noting one directly penetrated […]

Medical tyranny comes to Colorado: Law would demand names and addresses of unvaccinated children be registered with the state

(NaturalNews) On the heels of California’s gross violation of human rights, medical ethics and parental choice with SB 277 (the vaccine mandate), Colorado is looking to bring the medical police state to the Rocky Mountains. House Bill 1164 was just passed by committee on its way to a state congressional vote. It would […]

Egypt’s Homeland Security Service reshuffled

TCP : Egyptian Minister of Interior Magdy Abdel-Ghaffar appointed Saturday a new head of the Homeland Security Service (HSS,) in a significant ministry reshuffle. Egyptian Interior Minister Magdy Abdel El-Ghaffar – YOUM7 The minister demoted the HSS chairperson Salah Hegazy to occupy the position of the minister aide for economic security affairs. He was replaced […]

More Government, Less Manners

Still, most of the human race is emotionally chained to government, and it can be helpful to point out that they’re in an abusive relationship. So, today I’d like to cover something that I don’t recall seeing elsewhere. I’ll begin with the what and then move to the why. Observations […]

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