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Bureaucracy stifling democracy

All is riding on the nomination process at this point. The elections team at Telford told the candidates at their election presentation that they could file all hundred signatories as being from West Mercia, which we did on my form. Yet today I was told by an official viewing my list of signatories in a […]

These Amendments Would Open the Door to a Dangerous Global Health Bureaucracy

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The Covid pandemic gave the World Health Organisation and its partners unprecedented visibility and a tremendous amount of “soft” power to shape public health law and policies across the world. Over the past year or so, the WHO has been pushing hard to consolidate and expand its power to declare […]

Bureaucracy’s Unstoppable Parasitic Growth

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL My Dearest American Friends and Colleagues: Just in case you didn’t notice, since the 1980s we have developed a very big problem which is growing exponentially. The US national debt has become unsustainable. To a significant extent this debt is enabled by irresponsible printing and injection of fiat currency into […]

Malone: PsyWar & Washington DC’s Bureaucracy

Authored by Dr. Robert Malone via Substack, Lack of market force corrections combined with PsyWar propaganda yields unstoppable parasitic growth… My Dearest American Friends and Colleagues: Just in case you didn’t notice, since the 1980s we have developed a very big problem which is growing exponentially. The US national debt has become unsustainable. To a […]

Department of Justice, Education Bureaucracy Have ‘Declared War on Parents’ as Whistleblower Reveals Use of Counterterrorism Tools

A whistleblower Tuesday revealed to the House Judiciary Committee that the FBI deployed “counterterrorism tools” to target concerned parents participating in local school board meetings. “These new whistleblower documents provided to the House Judiciary Committee prove that the FBI was, in fact, using counterterrorism tools to investigate concerned parents who have attended school board meetings,” […]

Academia Is Establishing A Permanent Surveillance Bureaucracy That Will Soon Govern The Rest Of The Country

Image by Mark Breck via GettyImages Having now received a tsunami of messages from people across the US (and a few internationally) about the surveillance regimes being permanently installed at their educational institutions — in contravention of earlier assurances that the current academic year would mark a long-awaited “return to normalcy,” thanks to the onset […]

DeSantis: We’re Suing CDC Because ‘One Unelected Bureaucracy’ Doesn’t Have Authority to Close an Entire U.S. Industry

May 6, 2021 A lone unelected bureaucracy should not, and does not, have the power to indefinitely shut down an entire industry – and “That’s why we’re suing” the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) said Wednesday. From requiring summer camp kids to wear masks outdoors to promoting the agenda of teachers’ unions […]

It’s High Time to Assess the “Ethical Standards” Professed by EMA and EU Bureaucracy

The World Health Organization (WHO) has once again reiterated that the situation with the spread of the novel coronavirus infection across the globe remains alarming. The number of confirmed cases has already exceeded 130 million, while over 3 million people perished. What is particularly troubling is than 41% of the infections reported to WHO over […]

Want to visit relatives in Israel? Prepare for ‘dysfunctional’ bureaucracy

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Parents win fight against time, bureaucracy to be with pregnant daughter

The draconian entry restrictions imposed by the Interior Ministry until Tuesday on non-Israeli relatives of Israeli citizens, even for crucial life-cycle events of their relatives, has caused great distress to thousands of olim living in the Jewish state.Perhaps those worst affected were expectant mothers whose parents have been barred entry since January even for the […]

Lords of MMRDA bureaucracy and Reliance in Bandra Kurla corporate complex

One possible reason common people’s basic problems remain unsolved is that our politicians and bureaucrats live in such absolute comfort, unmindful of people’s misery. Take the example of MMRDA, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. It has a plush, shining modern office in the Bandra Kurla complex, the corporate district of Mumbai. Its top officials live […]

Federal Bureaucracy Impedes Border Patrol’s Attempts to Keep Country Safe

The U.S. Border Patrol has an immensely difficult job to do. They are tasked with stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and illicit drugs across our, still wall-less, southern border with Mexico. Not only must the Border Patrol contend with well-armed “coyotes,” chequadores, and cuidanderos who carry out and assist in the smuggling, human […]

Trump takes aim at federal bureaucracy with new executive orders rolling back civil-service protections

President Trump moved Friday to roll back civil-service protections that federal employees have enjoyed for a generation, making it easier to fire poor performers, curtailing time employees can be paid for union work and directing agencies to negotiate tougher union contracts. In three executive orders the president signed before the holiday weekend, […]

Europe must be rebuilt around people, not bureaucracy – leader of Italy’s anti-EU Lega Nord

Salvini’s party won over 18 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election, according to preliminary results. To maximize its success in both the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, Lega Nord opted for a center-right bloc with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia. The center-right coalition has won and can govern, Salvini said, referring […]

Former EPA scientist calls on Trump to end the "fake science" bureaucracy that has taken over the federal government

(Natural News) While you’ve probably heard of the term “fake news,” which is most often used in reference to the spread of inaccurate or fabricated political rhetoric, one term that is heard less often but deserves just as much attention is “fake science.” As the name implies, fake science refers to scientific data that has […]

Chicago’s "Black Site" Police Scandal Is Primed to Explode Again

Those cases were traceable only because the interrogations resulted in an arrest, Taylor points out. Nobody knows how many more people were detained for a time and then released. Homan Square keeps no booking records, according to a sworn deposition of a police researcher in September. Lawyers told Ackerman that the process of locating a […]

Gibson Guitars: Global Bureaucracy Attacks American Workers

  RT September 2, 2011 Last week Federal agents raided two Gibson guitar factories in Tennessee because materials that were used by the guitar maker were allegedly breaking international laws. The law that Gibson allegedly broke was that they used wood that wasn’t finished by workers in India, and the process was being completed in […]

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