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The Architecture and Spiritual History of India’s Famous Barabar Caves

The Barabar Caves are a group of rock-cut caves located in the eastern Indian state of Bihar. The Barabar Caves contain a total of seven caves, the oldest of which date to the Mauryan period. The caves from the Mauryan period are reckoned to be the oldest rock-cut caves in India. The Barabar Caves are […]

Anchor Church Caves: Anglo-Saxon Home and Oldest House in Britain?

Archaeologists conducting a survey of a previously overlooked cave dwelling in Derbyshire have concluded that the sandstone caves were actually an Anglo-Saxon home way back in the 9th century. They’ve even gone so far as to announce that the cave could have been home to the exiled King Eardwulf. Thomas Smith painting of aristocrats picnicking […]

The Araña Caves of Valencia: Entering a Bygone Era Through Rock Art

In 1920, a teacher named Jaime Poch heard of some cave paintings near Bicorp in the Caroig mountain range in Valencia, Spain. Now, over a hundred years later, the site known as the Araña Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Best known for being home to the first depiction of honey-gathering from 8,000 years […]

Ancient Animal Envoys From Caves And Cosmos

“The animal envoys of the Unseen Power no longer serve, as in primeval times, to teach and guide mankind. Bears, lions, elephants, ibexes and gazelles are in cages in our zoos. Man is no longer the newcomer in a world of unexplored plains and forests, and our immediate neighbors are not the wild beasts but […]

NCAA Caves, Will Allow States Who Place Restrictions on Trans Athletes to Host Events

The NCAA made loud proclamations in April that it could pull events from states with limits on transgender athletes. Still, now the college sports governing body has caved and will allow tournaments in states including Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas despite their laws restricting trans athletes. The NCAA sided with transgender athletes only last month, saying they […]

Australian government caves to Facebook pressure

    Social media giant Facebook has announced its first proposed deal with an Australian news organization after the tech company lifted its journalism ban on the site over the government’s proposed media code legislation. Hours after Facebook reversed its controversial decision to prohibit Australians from accessing news content on the platform, the company announced […]

Disney Caves to Democrat Mob and Fires Trump Supporter Gina Carano

Disney fired Trump-supporting actress Gina Carano on Wednesday from the Mandalorian after Democrat activists complained about “unacceptable” social media posts by the star. According to Disney-owned Lucasfilm, Carano will never be hired by the company again. Here’s the statement Disney/Lucasfilm released: “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for […]

Portland Mayor Caves to Anti-Eviction Anarchists, Says More Occupations May Follow

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler admitted Monday that the apology he issued to the squatters of a foreclosed house could lead to similar occupations. The mayor apologized to the anti-eviction anarchists who drove police from a now three-block “autonomous zone.” “I hope it is not an ongoing phenomenon,” Mayor Wheeler said in an article published by […]

The Pskov-Caves Monastery and its 10,000 Monk Necropolis

The Pskov-Caves Monastery is a Russian Orthodox monastery located in the town of Pechory, in the northwestern part of Russia. The monastery was established during the 15th century AD and is well-known for a number of reasons. For a start, it is an important spiritual center for the Russian Orthodox Church. Additionally, it served a military […]

The Wemyss Caves: Ancient Pictish History and the Writing on the Walls

The Ancient Picts were amongst the most enigmatic inhabitants of ancient British Isles. Still a big puzzle to scholars around the world, the Pictish culture was filled to the brim with unique aspects that don’t appear to be connected to the culture of their neighbors. Who were these peoples that were so fierce and warlike […]

Bitchute Caves to Jewish-Marxist Pressure – Embraces Censorship

Bitchute is going the way of jewtube towards brutal censorship of pro-white voices. My Bitchute channel was recently blocked in most EU countries as well as Russia. At first I thought this was because the EU put out some ban list and Bitchute was just complying. But it turns out that Bitchute’s moderation team is […]

Exo-Geologist Reveals Neolithic Petroglyphs In “Alien Mountain” Caves

A highly-driven and groundbreaking Astrobiologist & Exo-Geologiist in Sri Lanka has written about “unique Neolithic petroglyphs” that match nothing else ever discovered on Sri Lanka, carved on cave walls on the legendary “Alien Mountain”. Mr Aravinda Ravibhanu Sumanarathna  (PhD), is the CEO & Senior Research Scientist at the South Asian Astrobiology & Earth Sciences Research […]

Hidden Caves and Lost Battlefield Linked to Casimir the Great Found

Casimir the Great is one of the greatest figures in Polish history and played an important role in Medieval Eastern Europe. Two recent finds are providing exciting new insights into his reign. In Poland, a mysterious cavern has been found under a ruined castle that was associated with Casimir the Great. And a recently rediscovered […]

Palaeolithic Caves of the Swabian Alps

In the late 1800’s a series of caves were discovered in southern Germany containing evidence of early Human “occupation”. In total there are six cave systems, all within a small geographic location in the Swabian Alps. The early excavations showed evidence, via tools and animal remains of occupation in the upper palaeolithic. It wasn’t until […]

In decertifying Iran deal, Trump caves to Israel. But who will say so?

The Iran Deal is in danger. Donald Trump is said to plan to decertify Iran’s compliance with the deal by October 15 and kick it over to Congress to reimpose sanctions, or not. And one problem is that supporters of the deal aren’t naming the Number One Enemy of the deal, which is Israel and […]

Ontario caves to Israel on falsely-labeled wines– for now, anyway

Anyone who doubts Israel’s awesome ability to manipulate other countries’ public servants should examine the outcome of a complaint of mine to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regarding the false labeling of two West Bank settlement wine products on Ontario liquor store shelves. On July 6, six months after I drew their attention to […]

Selected Articles: The Rising Tide of Neo-Nazi Politics in Croatia


Why NRA Ignores Philando Castile’s 2nd Amendment Rights

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Attorney Tom Kelly, representing St Anthony Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez in connection with the shooting death of Philando Castile, told the press that “race did not play a part in the use of deadly force at all.” Kelly said his client […]

Young Man Travels 5,000 Miles to Meet Total Stranger after Facebook Friend Suggestion

Most of us ignore Facebook friend suggestions. They often appear through some tenuous link via a FB friend that you haven’t seen or heard of since school. Or worse still, it’s through a connection with an old work acquaintance you never liked in the first place. So where the majority of people wouldn’t even bother […]

Are the "Tiao-Kiu-Kao"(TKK) Jews Running China?

  April 15, 2016 Source Article from 00

Revilo P. Oliver: Race and Revolution Professor Oliver discusses the racial war being waged on White people. He argues that the common destiny of Canada and the United States is based more on race than on geography. Speech given to the Canadian League of Rights; August 10th, 1968, Toronto, Ontario. Source Article from 00

Gulf war syndrome: United States veterans suffering from multiple debilitating symptoms

     After their service in the Gulf War conflict from 1990-1991, hundreds of thousands of our country’s veterans began suffering from multiple and diverse debilitating symptoms including neurological and respiratory disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological problems, skin conditions and gastrointestinal issues. This cluster of symptoms came to be known as Gulf War syndrome. Independent investigations, […]

Why Do So Many People Keep Showing Up At This House In Search Of Their Missing Phones?

An Atlanta couple claims they have had a myriad of random strangers show up at their house accusing them of stealing their phones. But … they haven’t. For the past several months, Christina Lee and Michael Saba says strangers have come to their door demanding their phones back. One similarity amongst these people? The use of a […]

British Soccer Fans Banned for Giving Fascist Salutes and Making Gassing Sounds at Jews

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 10, 2016 After the Joshua Bonehill sentencing, I am shocked all these kids are getting is banned from the club. By their names, it appears they are both White. The Jew complaining about his precious feelings identified one of them as White. Breitbart: The Jerusalem Post reports: Two fans of the […]

9 Vitamin Rich Foods That Literally Save Your Vision

As we knows that eating right is the way to keep our heart healthy. The good news is that the same diet that helps our heart is probably also good for our eyes. Growing evidence supports the idea that vitamins and minerals in various foods fuel your body and protect vision for the long haul. Foods That […]

Terror Attacks in Paris: Western Imperialism Is to Blame

In the aftermath of the latest attacks on Paris that left more than 120 dead, the corporate, Eurocentric media of the West is in overdrive to scare working people into sacrificing their civil liberties and convince us of the need to launch more aggressive bombing raids, with the possibility of deploying troops, in Iraq and […]

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