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U.S. House passes Iran sanctions, financial services measures

The U.S. House of Representatives passed two pieces of legislation linked to the international nuclear agreement with Iran on Thursday, one year after the landmark pact was announced, defying President Barack Obama’s veto threat. Voting largely along party lines, the Republican-controlled House voted 246 to 179 to pass a new set of sanctions on Iran, […]

Bernie Sanders sold out: And now for the Killary wars to come

     The worst disservice Sanders has done to his supporters, other than to lead them on a wild goose chase for real change, is to virtually ignore his rival’s vaunted “experience.” He need not have mentioned Hillary Clinton’s Senate record, since there was nothing there; her stint as law-maker was merely intended to position her […]

Mystery That No One Has Solved: The Voynich Manuscript

In a world where knowledge is only a Google search away, mysteries have become scarce, indeed. Although there are plenty of things that humans still do not understand, the amount of knowledge that is being generated on a daily basis is simply overwhelming. Mysteries in the modern era are in fact, in short supply. Enter […]

WW3 is an INFORMATION war! Post-Kirchner Argentinian regime blocks RT and TeleSUR

     The Argentinian state media authority has decided to suspend the nationwide broadcast of RT Spanish. In 2014, RT became the first foreign TV channel to be shown on national television in Argentina. According to an official notification from the national RTA SE media body, the suspension will come into force in 60 days. The […]

Dino-killing asteroid impact triggered lethal algal bloom

     The asteroid that killed the nonavian dinosaurs may have also killed countless marine animals after it triggered a worldwide algal bloom, a new study finds. The infamous 6-mile-long (10 kilometers) asteroid hit Earth about 66 million years ago, creating the Chicxulub crater, an expanse spanning 110 miles (180 km) across and 12 miles (20 […]

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake strikes Northern Taiwan

     An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.1 shook parts of northern Taiwan on Tuesday afternoon. The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the temblor as striking 114 kilometers (70.8 miles) northeast of capital Taipei at sea at a depth of 242.9 kilometers at 1.23 p.m. (0523GMT). According to Taiwan’s official Central News Agency, no casualties […]

Common Core Crisis Hits U.S. As School Kids Opt-Out En Masse

Parents across the U.S. are rejecting Common Core, as more and more students and parents are opting-out of their ridiculous program en masse. Over half a million school-aged children opted out of Common Core standardized testing last year, and that number is rapidly increasing. Tenth Amendment Center reports: In November 2013, Federal Education Secretary Arne Duncan […]

190,000 Zombies Allegedly Signed for Impeachment of Maduro

nsnbc : Venezuelan authorities responsible for counting and verifying the signatures submitted in the Democratic Union Roundtable’s (MUD) attempt to impeach President Nicolas Maduro claimed that nearly 190,000 of the signatures that had been submitted belong to deceased persons. Photo courtesy Rachael Boothroyd Rojas/Venezuelanalysis Jorge Rodriguez, who was appointed by President Maduro and who heads […]

Iran ballistic missile test controversy leaves Washington puzzled & concerned

“We haven’t recently tested any missile with the range of 2,000km and with an eight meter margin of error,” Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said Monday, reported Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency. Dehran added that the development of Iran’s missile program will not stop as the country continues to increase its defensive capabilities. Russia […]

Giant oarfish emerges after being woken by earthquake off Taiwan

     A monster sea creature has surfaced from beneath the deep after being disturbed by earthquake tremors. This giant oarfish measures a massive five metres (16ft) long – almost three times to height of the fisherman who landed the catch. And the so-called “earthquake fish” is freaking locals out after emerging just two hours after […]

An up-close and personal reason on why Vaxxed was sacked

     Why was Vaxxed shut down? The answer? Jane Rosenthal and her (ex) husband, Craig Hatkoff. That’s my opinion, my story, and I’m sticking to it. Yes, there were other pressures on Robert De Niro. I know all about them. But Jane Rosenthal and her husband Craig are very, very tight with De Niro. How […]

Turkish fighter jets bomb Kurdistan Workers Party targets in Northern Iraq

     Turkish military said it launched airstrikes on PKK militants in northern Iraq on Tuesday , Reuters said. At least 13 Turkish fighter jets reportedly took part in the operation. The army hit shelters, caves and ammunition depots used by PKK fighters in northern Iraq and in areas near the town of Semdinli, in the […]

SOTT FOCUS: ‘Weaponizing refugees’: NATO projects its own darkness onto Russia

     Perhaps the only positive thing about the deteriorating social and environmental conditions on our planet is the fact that they tend to drive our ‘leaders’ to increasingly desperate acts to secure their positions in power. As part of this process, this ‘elite’ are also given to telling increasingly outrageous and transparent lies. Take the […]

Donetsk Defense Report: Situation tense as Kiev carries out & plans ‘bloody provocations’

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense.      Over the past day the Ukrainian military shelled the territory of the Republic 230 times in thirty-sixviolations of the ceasefire. In the shellings the enemy used 122mm mortars one time, 122mm mortars 104 times, 82mm mortars 105 times, 100mm anti-tank towed cannons MT-12 ‘Rapira’six times. […]

Blame game: Syrian opposition says government wrecking truce deal

     A senior official from Syria’s main opposition group said on Monday that the first major attempt to halt the fighting after nearly five years of war was in danger of total collapse because of attacks by government forces. The cessation of hostilities drawn up by the United States and Russia, faced “complete nullification” because […]

There’s A River Of Boiling Water In The Amazon Rainforest Straight Out of Amazon Legend

Shrouded in legend and mystery, the Amazon rain forest is a place where the line between fact and fiction seems to blur into obscurity, although as scientists respectfully probe deeper into this enigmatic jungle, some of its most outrageous myths are turning out to be true. Tales of a boiling river, for instance, have abounded […]

U.S. Planned Massive Cyber Attack On Iran Had Diplomacy Failed

The New York Times has reported that Iran would have been a target for an extensive cyber attack, capable of bringing down power grids, air defense systems and communications, if the nuclear negotiations had failed. ars technica reports: The contingency plan, known internally as Nitro Zeus, was intended to be carried out in the event […]

No woman should be asked these questions during a job interview

     Attention hiring managers: Don’t ask a woman about her marital status, plans on having kids or her child-care arrangements during a job interview. These questions, which are almost never put to men, are not only irrelevant to assessing a potential candidate, they’re also sexist and potentially illegal. And yet… An astonishing 75 percent of […]

North Korea’s Bomb Test Hysteria

Here media hysteria goes again. This is BBC. It is very difficult to know what has happened. The media and many governments around the world immediately condemn this test. The EU says it is against UN Security Council resolutions – a council consisting exclusively of much stronger, nuclear powers. Before we get carried away, it should […]

A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on Dec. 26

IFP has taken a look at the front pages of newspapers on Saturday and picked headlines from 19 of them. IFP has simply translated the headlines and does not vouch for their accuracy. Registration of around 12,000 people for the late February elections dominated the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Saturday. Also in the […]

Culture of violence: Why American cops kill so many compared to those in Europe

     Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was charged with first degree murder November 24 in the death of Laquan McDonald. A video released by police shows Van Dyke shooting the teenager 16 times. Van Dyke is an extreme example of a pattern of unnecessary deadly force used by US police. American police kill a […]

Video shows giant sinkhole in Bangladesh swallowing house with terrifying speed

     This is the terrifying moment a house was swallowed whole by a sinkhole. Footage of the natural phenomenon shows a home cordoned off by police on a beach shoreline in Bangladesh. As locals stand beside the property, the ground underneath the house can be seen sliding into the sea with astonishing speed. Moments later, […]

Divide and conquer: Merkel can no longer steer Germany’s course as her own ‘allies’ stab her in the back

     According to the leader of the German “green” party, Cem Ozdemir, Merkel is no longer in control of her own allies. The migration crisis took German politicians by surprise, with Merkel being unable to find a compromise within her own coalition. For instance, German Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere has repeatedly announced […]

Real-world ‘Indiana Jones’ wins coveted TED Prize

A technology-wielding archaeologist billed as a modern world “Indiana Jones” won a coveted million-dollar TED prize Monday for her work tracking antiquities and the looting of such wonders. Sarah Parcak was named winner of a 2016 TED Prize that provides a million dollars to kickstart a big-vision “wish” and opens a door to call on […]

Saddam-style: ISIS oil exports worth $500m a year ‘conducted through Turkey’

“It’s a question of priorities. They have never allocated enough resources to do so. Other goals and missions have been rated as having more urgent calls on intelligence and tactical resources,” John Kiriakou, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) counterterrorism officer and US Senate Foreign Relations Committee senior investigator, told Sputnik. He said Islamic State’s […]

They’re Baaaaack….

As seen on the SE corner of S Fort Apache and W Warm Springs Road in Las Vegas this morning, where the amount of new construction is off the charts, and where, as a reader notes, the builders – just like the CEO of Schlumberger – have realized the “recovery now appears to be delayed” […]

Rockets from Pakistan Rain on Kunar

by Zabi Rashidi   Hundreds of rockets have been fired into Afghanistan from Pakistan in recent days, killing one child and forcing many hundreds of people to flee their homes, Afghan officials said on Sunday. Interior ministry spokesman Sidiq Sidiqi did not say who is responsible for the cross-border shelling, but said: “We call on […]

100% PROOF U.S.A. using RAIN to spread viruses

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