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Hank Johnson: Filibuster ‘A Relic of the Racist Past’ and ‘No Longer Effective in Advancing the Just Will of a Minority’

On Friday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Ayman Mohyeldin Reports,” Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) argued that “the filibuster, which is a relic of the racist past of this nation, is no longer effective in advancing the just will of a minority.” Johnson stated, “Well, that entire filibuster is hurting efforts on so many fronts. But certainly, on […]

Relic Cults: Why Dead Saints Were So Important in the Middle Ages

The practice of preserving and enshrining the remains of saints and heroes, or other items associated with their life or death, has been ongoing for thousands of years dating back well into the pre-Christian era in Europe. These remains are known as relics or “holy relics” and were an important part of Christian worship throughout […]

2,000-Year-Old Mosaic from Caligula’s ‘Orgy Ship’ Goes from Coffee Table to Returned Relic

A valuable piece of mosaic flooring from one of Caligula’s ‘orgy ships’, so-called for the lavish sex parties he hosted on the boats, somehow found its way from the bottom of Lake Nemi to the Upper East Side in New York, and now it’s finally returned home in Italy. From Rome to New York and […]

An Amsterdam Museum Holds a Post-Holocaust Purim Relic

The puppets joined a storied tradition of fashioning Haman after real-life oppressors that peaked in the immediate postwar years. And seven decades later, Mayer-Hirsch’s childhood work is in the collection of the Jewish Historical Museum of Amsterdam, where curator Peter Buijs says the Hitler puppet is a “unique item” that provides a window into how […]

Israel’s attorney general wants to rescue a Holocaust relic from public auction

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Unbelievable! Alabama cop receives a slap on the wrist after raping a car crash victim

     Former state trooper, 36-year-old Samuel H. McHenry II managed to get off with minimal jail time after raping a car accident victim and leaving her stranded afterward. McHenry pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct under a plea deal and managed to avoid more serious charges that were originally filed against him. McHenry originally faced […]

Cops Who Tased Mentally Ill Man To Death Immune From Prosecution

In another case of qualified immunity impeding the justice process, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that three North Carolina police officers cannot be prosecuted in the taser death of a distraught and mentally ill man because “they didn’t think they were violating [his] rights at the time.” According to a complaint filed by the victims sister, Ronald […]

US prosecutors refuse to indict killer cops. The black response has been shamelessly inadequate

     Like macabre clockwork, prosecutors and their grand juries refuse to indict killer cops – most recently in the case of Tamir Rice. The Black response has been woefully inadequate. “Every announcement of a killer cop going free sets off a sad parade of ultimately useless activity.” These atrocities will not cease until “the police […]

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