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Aston Martin Shares Crash Following Downward Revision Of Annual Delivery Forecast

Aston Martin Shares Crash Following Downward Revision Of Annual Delivery Forecast Shares of troubled luxury sports carmaker Aston Martin plunged as much as 20% in London, following the company’s downward revision of its yearly vehicle delivery forecast and supply chain snarls impacting the DB12 model for the third quarter. According to Bloomberg, Aston expects 6,700 deliveries […]

“9-Sigma Miss”: Personal Consumption “Unexpectedly” Collapses In Latest GDP Revision

“9-Sigma Miss”: Personal Consumption “Unexpectedly” Collapses In Latest GDP Revision Traditionally, the second revision to GDP data (which comes three months after the end of a given quarter) is a boring, subdued affair… except for once every five years when alongside the latest data revisions, the BEA (the B usually stands for Bureau but in […]

SD Gov. Noem Reacts to Lawmakers Rejection of Trans Bill Revision with Executive Orders

Following South Dakota lawmakers rejecting Gov. Kristi Noem’s request for revisions of House Bill 1217, legislation to protect women’s athletes rights under federal statute Title IX, the governor is issuing two executive orders to protect women from competing against biological men who consider themselves transgender women at the high school and collegiate level. “Only girls […]

The VAXX Report: 2021 Revision (Free PDF)

Here is the second edition of the VAXX Report for this year 2021. As many people might know by now this dossier is based on the vaccine notes compiled by Charles Giuliani which I have finally turned into a fully interactive PDF. This time I have created two versions of the PDF, one sized 4.80 […]


Drowning in absurdity THE NEXT GLOBALIST REALITY REVISION: THE GREAT RESET Repeatedly, Orwell returned in his writing to the idea that a state of health in a body politic is dependent on a careful and deliberate use of language. Newspeak, used by state propagandists in Orwell’s famous futuristic novel 1984, was effective, in Orwell’s view, […]

No revision in Iran’s stance on Caspian Sea demarcation: Qassemi

In response to a question on the outcome of a meeting of the foreign ministers of the Caspian Sea littoral states held last week in Moscow, Qassemi rejected the reports on the final decision of the ministers on the demarcation of the Caspian Sea and said the issue of demarcation was not even put on […]

Another Revision in Las Vegas Mass Shooting – Amid Mandalay Bay Security Guard’s Media Silence

Shawn Helton21st Century Wire For the second time this week, Las Vegas police officials and the FBI have revised significant timeline details associated with the Las Vegas mass shooting. What does this latest change mean? Note* – The Las Vegas mass shooting, currently modern America’s deadliest, has already been cycled out of most trending media […]

Total, Chinese firms mulling over West Karun projects

A senior oil official said on Saturday that talks with the French oil and gas major Total on taking over South Azadegan Oilfield’s development plan are underway, elaborating on a rise in West Karun Oilfields’ output. On an undisclosed agreement between National Iranian Oil Company and the French giant, Abdolreza Hossein-Nejad, managing director of Petroleum […]

We became human BECAUSE we ate meat: Kleiber’s law and how humans got their big brains

     Meat eating made us human. The anthropological evidence strongly supports the idea that the addition of increasingly larger amounts of meat in the diet of our predecessors was essential in the evolution of the large human brain. Our large brains came at the metabolic expense of our guts, which shrank as our brains grew. […]

Walmart Demands “Open-Gun” Carrying Customers To Show Permit

Managers of some Walmart stores are asking customers wearing visibly holstered firearms  to show their license to carry such firearms. Since January 1, 2016, when the open-carry law in Texas went into effect, managers of certain Walmart stores in the state have been asking to see the concealed handgun license (CHL) […]

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