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Red Ochre Colored Skeletons Revealed in Çatalhöyük Burials, New Study

In Neolithic Anatolian Çatalhöyük burials, in what is often called the world’s oldest city (modern-day Turkey), people sometimes decorated the skeletal remains and the burial chamber walls of the deceased Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Asia Read Later  Source


I know it sounds crazy, just like the “official’ USA “government” fairytale. A handful of “Arabs” who could not get single engine prop planes off a runway and into the air took control of huge jet liners, made them preform high speed maneuvers which they are not capable of without self destructing in the air, […]

Biden: ‘I Apologize For Calling All The Colored Folks Negroes’

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After stirring controversy by referring to legendary baseball player Satchel Paige as a “negro,” Biden came forward today to apologize for his gaffe.  “Ah man, I apologize for calling all the colored folks negroes,” he said to a stunned press. “I forgot all the coloreds don’t want us to them to call them that anymore. […]

MA School District Sued for Segregating White Students From Colored Students

A parents group is suing a Massachusetts school district for excluding and segregating White students from a healing space designated for other racial and ethnic groups. According to the Parents Defending Education (PDE) complaint, Wellesley Public Schools sent an invitation to Asian American, Black, Indigenous and people of color students to attend the event, while explicitly banning […]

Rainbow-Colored BLM Statue in Budapest Demolished Within 24 Hours

The revelation that ‘Cash Me Outside girl’ made a million dollars in 6 hours after joining OnlyFans days after her 18th birthday underscores once again the predatory nature of how the entertainment industry grooms teenage girls for de facto prostitution. “The rapper claimed she made six figures in just first six hours on the subscription […]

Shell-dorado: Extremely rare gold-colored lobster pulled from sea off Northern France

Yann Duchesne plucked the gold-colored crustacean from one of his pots near Île Saint-Rion in Paimpol Bay on the Côtes-d’Armor last week and quickly ruled out making a meal of his discovery. “It’s out of the question that he ends up on a plate, when you only meet one in your life. Like all that […]

INTENSE: Bodycam of Cop Getting Shot by Disgruntled Colored Chap at Point Blank Range

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer August 11, 2017 Video is pretty intense. Worth a watch. This is from New Year’s Day in 2016, but is just now being released because the shooter was sentenced. This really shows how nervous cops are in dealing with blacks. And this is a black cop. He’s not even […]

Colored Gentleman Rapes, Robs and Murders 77-Year-Old White Woman

Daily Stormer July 29, 2017 Jo Ann Leasure Brett Todd Pleasant Raping the elderly is a manifestation of the black desire to have sex with literally anything that moves. NBC-2: A North Fort Myers woman who was murdered last month was also sexually assaulted. The suspect, Brett Pleasant, now faces a sexual […]

Oregon Passes Bill to Wipe out Colored People

ZeigerDaily Stormer July 7, 2017 Eugenics is a code-word for brown genocide. The Democrats from the hippie-state of Oregon have – beyond all expectations – made a total turn-around. That’s right – they’re now legislating to exterminate the brown menace once and for all. And to top it all off, they’re using the […]

Rainbow Colored Village! Indonesian Government Invest Over $20K To Pain 232 Slum Houses

Housing communities have various stipulations owner’s must adhere to. On a recent trip, I asked a friend why every single house was the same color. The rules, they said, were to ensure no one painted their house a bright, or unsightly color. Cars are not allowed on the streets, nor in the driveway, but must […]

It’s OK to Hate Hollywood Leftists

Hunter WallaceOccidental Dissent May 7, 2016   I’m having a blast enjoying Donald Trump give his middle finger to the assorted cowards, pussies, cuckservatives, the Bush family, the constipated country club, Conservative, Republican establishment. I am especially excited about the growing Alt Right movement that is filled with very talented, young people who know how […]

Negress AG Seeks to Legalize Negroid Crime

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer March 28, 2016 After a failed career as a crack whore, Loretta Lynch was made US Attorney General. Crime being illegal is part of a White racist conspiracy. New York Post: As New York moves to decriminalize low-level offenses, arguing enforcement is “rigged against communities of color,” other large cities are coming […]

San Diego Attempts to Ban Term ‘Founding Fathers’ Due to ‘Gender Bias’

A memo intended for San Diego city employees attempted to bar them from saying the words “Founding Fathers” because of the “gender bias” the term allegedly implies. Entitled, “Visual and Correspondence Style Guidelines,” the memo sought to implement speech restrictions banning employees from uttering everyday terms like “manmade” and “mankind” on the […]

Zika Virus: WHO Declares Global Public Health Emergency

Zika Virus: WHO Declares Global Public Health Emergency February 1st, 2016 Via: Washington Post: The World Health Organization designated the Zika virus a public health emergency of international concern Monday, an action it has taken only three times before and which paves the way […]

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