I know it sounds crazy, just like the “official’ USA “government” fairytale.

A handful of “Arabs” who could not get single engine prop planes off a runway and into the air took control of huge jet liners, made them preform high speed maneuvers which they are not capable of without self destructing in the air, hit two buildings and three can down in controlled demolition never touching another building around them.

As you can see, the jet fuel which burns at around 1800 degrees F., melted steel which begins to melt around 2400 degrees F., causing diagonal cuts in huge steel beams just like controlled demolition shape charge would.

The magic on that day did not stop there.
A BBC reporter with ESP foresaw building # 7 which was never hit by a plane, collapsing while it was still standing in the background on live feed and reported #7 had collapsed a good while before it did.

Larry Silverstein, who rented the white elephant buildings filled with asbestus so they would cost an arm and a leg to demolish, had an insurance policy which paid him double if they were destroyed by terrorism, got confused and said he ordered #7 never hit by a plane “Pulled”, a term for setting off explosives in a controlled demolition of a building.

He must have been confused as controlled demolition is a preplanned event taking weeks of planning followed by weeks of planting the shape charges which make diagonal cuts in steel beams to bring down a building in it’s own foot print.

And I am sure a president of Italy with his own intelligent service would not know what happened.

Naw! Had to have been Arabs riding rainbow colored unicorns who knocked the buildings down with their farts!

The Ole Dog!


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