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Pain of migraines may be eased by exposure to green light

     People who experience migraines that are made worse by light might be better off seeing the world in green. While white, blue, red and amber light all increase migraine pain, low-intensity green light seems to reduce it. The team behind the finding hope that specially developed sunglasses that screen out all wavelengths of light […]

McDonald’s french fries are doused with extremely toxic chemical to kill aphids that cause discoloration

(NaturalNews) If you’ve ever wondered how McDonald’s manages to make its french fries look so “appealingly” consistent in color, the answer is likely to make you never want to eat them again. It turns out that the reason the fast food giant is able to serve fries that look almost unnaturally perfect has […]

Leading Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Blesses Marijuana Kosher For Passover

Rabbi Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim Kanievsky from Israel has given his approval for the use of medical marijuana during passover. The leading living authority in Haredi Jewish society has examined the marijuana plant and considers it beneficial. Under normal circumstances the herb is considered to be a member of a religiously restricted group of foods. Rabbi […]

Nearly Invisible Wires That Enclose Nearly All Major Cities of The World

Unbeknownst to many, there are translucent fishing lines that wrap around hundreds of cities around the world. Strung high above the heads of pedestrians and roofs of houses, on utility poles and lamp posts, these wires are barely visible and hardly affect the lives of millions that live in these cities. But for the orthodox […]

Former U.S. Presidents Explain Why the Presidency is Now Irrelevant

Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times Election time is here again, and Americans are scrambling to make sense of the choices being pimped out to us by the establishment. So much hangs in the balance right now, and it’s impossible to escape election coverage as the entire world watches with bated breath. Oh, who will it be? […]


Late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died during a meeting of an Austrian secret society founded by the Bohemian Grove as a feeder group for the real Illuminati – and the resort hosting the society is filled with esoteric artwork. During a visit to Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio Co., Texas, Scalia died among members […]

Iraqi Army is sending thousands of troops to retake Mosul from Daesh

     The Iraqi army is sending thousands of soldiers to a northern base for operational training to retake Daesh’s hub city of Mosul, officials said on Monday. Daesh captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city in June 2014 and except for airstrikes it has held the city largely unopposed for over 18 months as the country’s […]

Black Flees Police After Killing Young White Mother with His Car

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INSANITY: Flu shot propaganda robocalls are waking Americans up at 4 a.m

(NaturalNews) There are few things more alarming (or annoying) than hearing the phone ring during the wee hours of the morning. Most people automatically assume that there is some sort of emergency, because why else would any sane person call at 4 a.m.? You can therefore imagine the reaction of as many as […]

The Alchemy of a New Dawn

Soren Dreier, GuestWaking Times At 4 in the morning two cruise ships pass, all lit up at the brink of the horizon. They come with 10 nautical minutes between them when I fix my eyes at the church tower in the village 40 minutes walking distance below me. Heading for the rock of Gibraltar. In […]

Why Learn About European and Western History?

The man who has no sense of history is like a man who has no ears or eyes.” –Adolf Hitler Well, there’s one very good reason to learn about European and Western history straight off the bat, and straight from the mouth of a man who knew exactly what he was talking about. Any questions? […]

The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse

The 7th largest economy on the entire planet, Brazil, has been gripped by a horrifying recession, as has much of the rest of South America. But it isn’t just South America that is experiencing a very serious economic downturn.  We have just learned that Japan (the third largest economy in the world) has lapsed into […]

Look who’s in charge of UK government cyber security

By Stuart Littlewood A chilling remark from a House of Lords debate just caught my eye. Column GC355 in Hansard, the verbatim report of proceedings of the UK parliament, dated 4 November 2015, said: Lord Mendelsohn: We welcome the appointment of the former British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, who will have a key role […]

Strong earthquake hits eastern Indonesia; no tsunami threat

(—It’s well known that tropical-latitude volcanos have dramatic, global effects on atmosphere and climate. In fact, a new and startling book, Tambora: The Eruption That Changed the World, by Gillen D’Arcy Wood, … Source Article from

Amish girl certified cancer-free, despite doctors testimony that she would be dead in six months without chemotherapy

     A Columbus attorney has announced that a 12-year-old Amish girl is cancer-free, despite courtroom testimony last year from doctors that she would be dead in six months without chemotherapy treatments. Maurice Thompson, the executive director for the libertarian nonprofit 1851 Center for Constitutional Law, said the girl, Sarah Hershberger, shows no signs of cancer […]

FM says ‘ready’ to visit Riyadh for talks on Yemen

  Speaking on the sidelines of the 42nd annual meeting of foreign ministers of member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Zarif said Iran seeks good relations with Saudi Arabia and “does not like to see the current measures against the Yemeni people continue since the [military] operation does not contribute […]

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