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Right Wing Round-Up: A Unified Reich

Allison Quinn @ The Daily Beast: Trump Shares ‘Unified Reich’ Campaign Video During Lunch Break The 30-second video was shared on his Truth Social account while he was on a lunch break from his hush-money trial. Hafiz Rashid @ The New Republic: Russian TV Has a New Propaganda Star: Tucker Carlson The former Fox News […]

The Resistible Rise of The New Normal Reich


Nov 15 – The WEF is the Fourth Reich

(Left, Put starkly, this is our future, and that of our children) Please send links and comments to “So we penetrate the cabinets”. Here is Klaus Schwab in 2017 discussing how the WEF have penetrated governments with its young global leaders  – like Justin Trudeau. Says more than half of Trudeau’s cabinet are young […]

Zelenskyy, Trudeau Honor Actual 3rd Reich Nazi With Standing Ovation

READ HERE:   Source

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Total Trumpian Reich

For over the past 15 years, Right Wing Watch has monitored, exposed, and disrupted right-wing extremists across the country. As their influence continues to grow, our work becomes even more important – as does your support. Please make a donation now to keep this critical work going and help support our end of month fundraising […]

The Reich and Europe

By the Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler The struggle for Europe’s freedom and future has begun. The Reich and Europe are engaged in the fiercest defensive struggle of this war. Since the days of Stalingrad, the peoples of Europe have known that only the German Wehrmacht is capable of countering the Bolshevik danger. Since these days, however, […]

Program of the NSDAP (Third Reich)

The 25 points of the NSDAP Program were composed by Adolf Hitler & Anton Drexler.  They were publicly presented on February 24th, 1920, to a crowd of almost two thousand people and “every single point was accepted amid jubilant approval”, as recounted in Hitler’s book, “Mein Kamp”. The program of the new movement was summed […]

Betrayal in the East: Military Plans and Traitors of the Third Reich

Excerpt from Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor regarding military plans and the betrayal of the Third Reich by certain military leaders much to the detriment of Germany’s war effort. Source

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Rise of the Fourth Reich

David Lane says that the Founding Fathers refused to turn civil government “over to Satan and those who serve him. They would neither surrender the ministry of civil government nor give in to those who live in rebellion against God.” Nick Fuentes has had his Twitter account restored. Mario Murillo continues his crusade against false […]

What’s next after the midterms? Ro Khanna & Robert Reich discuss

Is Donald Trump over? Should Joe Biden run in 2024? What should Democrats do in the lame-duck session before Republicans take over the House? Source

Extreme left-wing professor and Clintonista forever Robert Reich becomes the spokesperson for ultra-liberal NIMBYism.


Freedom is Tyranny: Robert Reich Goes Full Orwellian in Anti-Free Speech Screed

We recently discussed the gathering of Democratic politicians and media figures at the University of Chicago to discuss how to better shape news, combat “disinformation,” and reeducate those with conservative views. The political and media elite shared ideas on how to expand censorship and control what people read or viewed in the news. The same figures are […]

Poland’s Deputy PM Accuses Germany Of Trying To Turn EU Into ‘Fourth Reich’

Poland’s deputy prime minister Jarosław Kaczynski has accused Germany of wanting to form a Fourth Reich He claims that Germany is taking advantage of the European Union to deprive other nations of sovereignty and force them into a modern form of “serfdom.” RT reports: Speaking of Poland’s current standoff with the EU over an ongoing […]

The Third Reich Opposed Christianity’s “Mortification of the Flesh”

Renegade Editor’s Note: This was posted as a comment by NS Arts on a recent show. This viewpoint is in stark contrast to the Christian “right wingers” today who want to see White women come under a version of shariah law. Taking a stand against certain art critics who had expressed offense at the proliferation […]

The New Amerikan Reich

Was watching the Alabama vs. Texas A& M football game last night. It was a home game for A& M and the natives were out there in full regalia… or should I say Brown shirts. A& M has this humungous ROTC program, and why not? It is the home of the Bush and son presidential […]

America Becomes a Nazi Country-4th Reich

August 10, 2021 | Categories: Articles & Columns | Tags: | Print This Article URGENT  MUST READ Tyranny Comes to America:  CDC Proposes Concentration Camps As a Covid Measure Paul Craig Roberts The adverse effects, that is, the illnesses and deaths associated with the Covid vaccines, are showing up in large numbers before the Big Pharma medical establishment can vaccinate everyone.  Consequently, the medical […]

Wilhelm Reich Did Not Want His Research To Be Used to Abuse Others Sep 05, 2013 · The Strange Case of Wilhelm Reich: Directed by Antonin Svoboda. With Klaus Maria Brandauer, Julia Jentsch, Jeanette Hain, Jamie Sives. At the end of his life, Wilhelm Reich – psychiatrist and experimental scientist searching for the fundamentals of life – finds himself on trial, charged with deception. His dream of liberating human individuality makes […]

Animal Rights In The Third Reich

This video has an obvious anti-NS bias, but it still covers some fascinating material about how animals were protected and promoted during the Third Reich. Link Share now! Source

The Great ‘jewish’ Patents Heist of the Third Reich

The Great Patents Heist Article from the The Barnes Review, March/April 1999, pp. 27-33. One of the greatest ripoffs of all time was the “jewish” theft of German patents after World War II. It is quite acceptable to American pride to acknowledge that immigrants have contributed to our prosperity and greatness. It’s a little harder […]

Traitors in the Armed Forces of the Third Reich

The Traitors in the Officer Corps of the German Armed Forces by Wilfried Heink Published: 2009-08-24 National Socialism came to be because of the threat judeo-Communism posed. Germany was to play a major role in the world revolution envisioned by Lenin et al. In fact, Lenin stated that there could be no world revolution without […]

The Origins and Administration of Third Reich Concentration Camps

The Facts About the Origins of the Concentration Camps and Their Administration Article from The Barnes Review, Jan./Feb. 2001, pp. 11-16. Here’s a fascinating look at the concentration camp system inside Germany, devoid of the jewish hysteria often associated with the subject in jewish Hollywood films and in the “mainstream” jewish media and academia. The Barnes […]

DR. FAUCI: The Dr Mengele of the Fourth Reich

FAUCI: The Most Corrupt Career NIH Criminal Ever to Head the NIAID Clearly, Tony Fauci was installed at the NIH 53 years ago in order to prepare him for his pivotal role in the greatest medical criminal conspiracy in U.S. history.  The unfolding American genocide, due to the nefarious administration of extremely dangerous and often […]

Foreign Workers in the Third Reich

Foreign Workers in the Third Reich Between 1997 and 2001, a broad jewish media campaign occurred in Germany reporting about the widespread use of so-called forced laborers in Germany during the Third Reich period. These people were brought into the German Reich from German-occupied territories allegedly against their free will, and it is claimed that […]

The Fourth Reich

Perhaps it was those bright red MAGA caps or the humongous banners they waved as they marched upon the Capitol building. Perhaps it was the torches carried, so conveniently at night, and the chants of ‘ Blood and Soil’ and ‘ Jews will not replace us’ by those mostly college age young men ( and […]

The ‘Liberation’ of Third Reich Concentration Camps: Facts vs. Jewish Lies

The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies Nothing has been more effective in establishing the authenticity of the Holocaust in the minds of Americans than the terrible scenes judeo-US troops discovered when they entered the German concentration camps at the close of World War II. At Dachau, Buchenwald, Dora, Mauthausen, and other work and […]

Third Reich Post Stamp Collection – Winterhilfswerk (Winter Relief) 1940

These stamps of famous German cities were from the Winterhilfswerk, via NS Europa.

Massive offensive against Octagon Group aims to finish off Nazi 4th Reich

Massive offensive against Octagon Group aims to finish off Nazi 4th Reich Weekly Geo-Political News and Analysis / Benjamin Fulford A massive offensive aimed at finishing off the Swiss-based Octagon group and putting an end to their Nazi fourth Reich has begun. The executives of pharmaceutical companies, the heads of medical associations, and other people […]

Reich discovered that the frequency 430Mhz could affect human brain waves.

Page 8 of Linked Article: Within the course of his work, Reich discovered that the frequency 430Mhz could affecthuman brain waves. From 1947-52 he worked on a joint project with the U.S.government to explore the potential applications of his findings (32). When Reichdiscovered that his research was being used to further human mind control experiments,he […]

Far Reich: Terrorist cell aiming to bring back German Empire raided by cops

Searches were carried out in three German states after police found evidence that the alleged members of the group held a meeting in the summer of 2017. Reichsburgers, which translates to “Reich citizens,” do not recognize the Federal Republic of Germany as a state, and instead identify with the German Empire that existed from 1871 to […]

The Californian Reich: Government Intimidate Residents and Steal Their Property

Why is LA County threatening residents and driving them from their properties?  Areas like Antelope Valley are being systematically driven from their land by the state, who seeks to profit from future development projects. By deploying their heavily-armed Orwellian titled, Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATS), LA County technocrats are engaged in a form of official racketeering, […]

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