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PHEW! Snopes Declares That Biden Probably Didn’t Yell “My Butt’s Been Wiped”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan defended the impending placement of a statue of John Chilembwe, an anti-colonial activist who ordered the decapitation of William Livingstone in front of his children and then displayed his head on a pike, saying it served to “reflect London’s achievements and diversity.” Yes, really. Chilembwe was a Baptist pastor and educator […]

Snopes says this is fake but here is a video showing the MAGNET thing happening.

EXPLOSIVE! People Who Had COVID Jab Show Video Proof of Magnets Sticking to the Injection Area HAFMay 13, 2021 Why are magnets sticking to the COVID vaxxed?Yet another truly bizarre and strange COVID phenomenon has occurred, following on from the bizarre sensation of unvaccinated people suffering ill effects just being around the COVID vaxxed, possibly […]

Snopes: Fmr Pfizer VP Did Not Say CV Vaccine Causes ‘Female Sterilization,’ Only That It’s ‘Possible’

Yes, my post was fact checked similarly on Facebook. They really aren’t managing their ‘facts’ that well are they? Nwo Report Source:Chris Menahan | Information Liberation This is one hell of a fact check. From Snopes, “Did ‘Head of Pfizer Research’ Say COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Is Female Sterilization’?” as highlighted by DrunkWoodworker on Twitter: How reassuring! Note how Palma […]

Snopes Shamelessly ‘Debunks’ True Story About Child Trafficking Camp

Snopes has ‘debunked’ allegations of a child trafficking camp made by veterans, despite the fact that the FBI rescued 160 children as part of their ongoing crackdown on pedophile rings.  The Democrat-run fact-checking organization labelled the discovery of an Arizona child trafficking camp as “false” – and then hid all references to it on social […]

Snopes Finally Exposed As CIA Operation

Using Snopes as a trusted authority is dangerous. According to a recent investigation, the so-called fact-checking organization is actually a front for the CIA.  According to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, Snopes was formed by the Central Intelligence Agency in order to spread disinformation on the internet, and stifle subversive outlets. reports: From Madsen’s for-subscribers-only […]

Snopes Lead Writer Admits She Gets High While Fact Checking

Snopes lead writer Kim LaCapria admitted in her personal blog that she smokes pot while fact checking political articles. The Daily Mail report that LaCapria, who boasts of being a dominatrix called Vice Vixen, also keeps a personal sex blog. In her personal blog she described what she did on a day off, writing that she […]

Fact Check Fail or Deliberate Lie? Snopes Gets It Wrong On Story About Warrantless Searches has made its name as the truthful source that debunks crazy conspiracy theories and “fake news” on the internet, but its response to a story on legislation allowing warrantless searches is in need of its own fact check. As Snopes correctly noted, the story in question was published by The Free […]

They Are NOT Broke—Snopes’ GoFundMe Is a Scam To Fund a Dirty Divorce

Snopes is in trouble. According to a self-launched fund raiser, the ostensible fact-checking website, founded in 1994, is on the financial ropes and needs your support to stay open. A GoFundMe for the supposed hoax-debunking site has since been setup and is going viral. If it continues raising money at this current rate, […]

Snopes Forced To Admit That The Human Soul Exists

Dubious debunking ‘fact-checking’ website Snopes has been forced to admit that the human soul does exist, in an astonishing admission on their website. According to Snopes, an unusual experiment carried about by Dr. Duncan MacDougall in the early 20th century conclusively proves that the human soul exists and is measurable using medical tools. reports: Dr. […]

Snopes Caught Lying For Their Friends At CNN

Snopes has been caught lying for their media friends at CNN, debunking claims that embarrass and expose the U.S. news network to the public.  The Facebook fact-checking organization recently “debunked” claims that CNN had staged a scene during one of their news broadcasts that involved Muslim protestors protesting the recent London Bridge terror attack. reports: Video in question […]

Snopes Accepts Money From Monsanto To Debunk Cancer Links To Its Products

Fact-checking site Snopes has been caught red handed accepting money from Monsanto in exchange for debunking articles claiming their pesticides cause cancer. Snopes, who is leading the war in the fight against ‘fake news’ and recently embezzling money from their profits on prostitutes, have now found themselves in another scandal were their CEO has seemingly […]

Snopes Takes Money From Monsanto To ‘Debunk’ Cancer Claims

Facebook fact-checking organization Snopes has been caught accepting money from Monsanto in exchange for debunking articles that claim their pesticides cause cancer.  Snopes, who have been caught promoting Hillary Clinton propaganda in the past and embezzling their profits on prostitutes, are now embroiled in yet another scandal where their CEO has been caught deliberately ignoring the facts in the name of […]

Crisis Actor Exposed: A Mormon Missionary Named Mason

In Russia there is an old saying, ‘The first time is an accident. The second time is a coincidence. The third time is an enemy attack.’ by Baxter Dmitry Keep this old saying in mind while you consider the story of the 19-year-old Mormon missionary from Utah by the name of Mason Wells who, in […]

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