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Eyes on the South: Low intensity conflict & escalation-risk in Lebanon

January 19, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen English Hezbollah fighter, on border guard duty, sitting astride a motorbike blocking the pathway of an Israeli Merkava tank that had broken through the electric fence into Lebanese territories, the photo was taken by Al-Manar correspondent  Ali Sheaib, Jalet al-Mahafer, 2022 (Al Mayadeen English- Designed by Mahdi Rtail) By Sammy Ismail […]

Israel and South Africa face off at the International Court of Justice over Gaza genocide case

(NaturalNews) Tensions reached a boiling point at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague as South Africa and Israel faced off in a two-day hearing… Source

South Africa’s Case Against Israeli Genocide In Gaza Is Historic And Humanitarian

The public hearings for South Africa’s case against Israel, whereby it presented its accusations in opposition to Tel Aviv for committing the crime of Genocide in Gaza, will determine whether international law, human rights, and the International Court of Justice (ICJ) itself will retain any legitimacy or declare the current world legal order de-facto ineffective, […]

An international law expert explains why South Africa’s case at the ICJ is so important

A ruling by the International Court of Justice in favor of South Africa, which has accused Israel of genocide, could mean saving thousands of lives in Gaza. The alternative, however, could be devastating and further embolden Israeli violence. Source

South Africa’s ICJ case could be a game changer

South Africa’s case before the International Court of Justice charging Israel with the crime of genocide has the potential to dramatically alter Israel’s image in the world, and profoundly strengthen the global movement for justice in Palestine. Source

EI live: What chance for South Africa’s ICJ genocide case against Israel?

Tomorrow the International Court of Justice in The Hague will begin hearings in the genocide case brought by South Africa against Israel. (You’ll be able to watch that live on the UN’s website.) Join the livestream this afternoon. Today’s lineup: Michael Lynk, a former UN special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories […]

South Korea’s Parliament Passes Landmark Ban On Production And Sales Of Dog Meat

The bill would make slaughtering, breeding and sales of dog meat for human consumption illegal from 2027 and punishable by 2-3 years in prison. Source

South Korean opposition leader attacked: reports

An unidentified man attacked Lee Jae-myung, South Korean opposition leader, during the politician’s visit to southeastern port city Busan on Tuesday, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency (YNA). Lee was conscious, but bleeding, when he was taken to the hospital 20 minutes after the attack. Videos showing the moment Lee, surrounded by reporters, was… […]

South Korean Opposition Leader Stabbed By An Unidentified Man

South Korean emergency officials say opposition leader Lee Jae-myung has been attacked and injured by an unidentified man during a visit to the southeastern city of Busan. Source

South Africa appeals to the International Court of Justice: Stop Israel’s genocide in Gaza

South Africa’s 84 page long Application to the International Court of Justice to begin proceedings against Israel for its genocide in Gaza is a devastating document laying out Israel’s genocidal acts and statements in horrifying detail. Source

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 85: South Africa files case against Israel at the ICJ for genocide

Israeli airstrikes kill another Palestinian journalist in Gaza, as the Wall Street Journal writes that the current Israeli rampage in Gaza ranks among the most devastating in modern history. Israel slams South Africa’s ICJ case as “blood libel.” Source

South Africa Invokes Genocide Convention For Gaza & The Neuroweapon Side To The COVID Illusion

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (12/29/23). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

South Africa Launches Case At Top UN Court Accusing Israel Of Genocide In Gaza

The Israeli government rejected the accusations “with disgust.” Source

Teen Surfer Dies In South Australia State’s Third Fatal Shark Attack This Year

The tight-knit surfing community reacted with shock at the 15-year-old’s death and paid tribute to a “happy, kind and respectful kid, very much loved by his surfing peers.” Source

Emergency whistleblower: RED DAWN ALERT – South American violent CRIMINALS dispersed across U.S. cities in run-up to 2024 CHAOS

(NaturalNews) The following transcript is a partial accounting of an interview with a whistleblower “RedCell” who helped run security on the transport busses… Source

South Carolina Treasurer Removes Disney From Portfolio Due To “Far-Left Activism” 

Conservative lawmakers on the state level have been a wrecking ball this year to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing movement, as well as other ‘woke’ trends, including DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) and CRT (critical race theory). South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis is taking a stand against radically left-leaning mega-corporations by removing Disney from […]

South Africa cuts all ties with Israel due to Gaza war, Closes Embassy

    South Africa’s Parliament has voted in favour of a motion calling for the closure of Israel’s embassy in Pretoria and the suspension of diplomatic ties as tensions soar between the two countries over the Israeli assault on Gaza. The action is largely symbolic because it will be up to President Cyril Ramaphosa‘s government […]

Newborns torn from mothers: South Carolina’s harsh crackdown on drug use during pregnancy

In a disturbing trend of criminalizing pregnancy, South Carolina, alongside Alabama and Oklahoma, has institutionalized the prosecution of women for substance abuse during pregnancy. This punitive approach, rooted in the concept of “fetal personhood,” has its origins in a controversial 1989 policy at the Medical University of South Carolina, which mandated reporting pregnant women who […]

South Korea accuses North Korea of supplying Russia with over 1M ARTILLERY SHELLS in exchange for advanced technologies

(NaturalNews) South Korea has accused North Korea of supplying more than one million artillery shells to Russia in exchange for advanced technologies that bolster… Source

South Africa Accuses Israel Of Committing Genocide In Gaza

South Africa’s government recalled its ambassador and diplomatic mission to Israel in condemnation of the bombardment that’s killed over 10,000 Palestinians. Source

Israeli Airstrike Claims Lives of 3 Girls, Grandma in South Lebanon, Hezbollah Retaliates

November 6, 2023 A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in southern Lebanon, where a Zionist military aggression took the lives of three Lebanese children, alongside their grandmother on Sunday evening. The victims of this tragic incident include Samira Abdel Hassan Ayoub, along with her granddaughters Remas, Talin, and Enas. Their mother, Hoda Abdel Nabi Hijazi, sustained injuries when […]

South Korean Stocks Soar After Country Inexplicably Bans Short Selling Until June 2024

Coming soon to a “developed” capital market near you. On Sunday, South Korea’s Financial Services Commission shocked markets when it announced it would prohibit stock short-selling until June 2024 to allow regulators to “actively” improve rules and systems, a move analysts said was “unusual” and “unwarranted” when no (obvious) financial crisis or external shock that […]

Israel Sends Missile Boats to Red Sea as Houthis Threaten South

The Israeli navy sent missile boats into the Red Sea on Wednesday to defend the southern approach to the country from missiles, drones, and other long-range attacks mounted by Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist rebels operating from Yemen. Source

CNN Poll: Donald Trump Dominates in South Carolina with Majority Support, Ron DeSantis Comes in Third

Former President Donald Trump is dominating in South Carolina with majority support, as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis slips to third place. Source

South Carolina man pleads guilty to obstruction of justice in murder of Black transgender woman

A South Carolina man pled guilty Thursday to obstruction of justice charges in an investigation into the murder of a Black transgender woman. State authorities said they found that the defendant, Xavier Pinckney, provided “false and misleading information” pertaining to the 2019 death of 24-year-old Pebbles LaDime “Dime” Doe.  Pinckney, 24, faces a maximum sentence… […]

Egypt Mulls Allowing Refugees Entry As Over 600,000 Gazans Move South; FBI Warns Of Hamas Attacks On US Soil

After giving the northern Gaza strip an evacuation ultimatum on Friday, Israel has so far withheld from launching a “significant” ground operation, with some speculating that requests from the US to evacuate all US citizens out of Palestine ahead of the invasion is what is holding Israel back. Meanwhile, Iran’s foreign minister on Saturday said […]

IDF: ‘Active Effort’ by Hamas to Block Gazans from Evacuating South

A spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claims the Palestinian terror group Hamas is engaged in an “active effort” to prevent Gaza’s population from evacuating to the southern area of the strip. Source

Israel Striking Targets In South Lebanon As Feared Two-Front War Scenario Unfolds

READ HERE:   Source

Using Armenia to Destroy the International North South Transportation Corridor

The continued fires being lit in the Caspian Region between Armenia and Azerbaijan represent something much larger than either small country and have everything to do with destabilizing the largest, and arguably most strategic, mega-project in Eurasia connecting the Russian Arctic to Iran and India. Efforts to light geopolitical fires across Russia’s underbelly have been […]

EV Infrastructure: South Korea Leads The Charge

EV Infrastructure: South Korea Leads The Charge Charging infrastructure plays a pivotal role in facilitating the global shift towards electric mobility. Public charging stations form the backbone of the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem, addressing range anxiety and ensuring convenient access to charging for EV owners who do not enjoy the luxury of a charging station in […]

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