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Baltimore Schools Pass Students with Failing Grades to ‘Avoid Punitive Approach’

Baltimore schools will move all students on to the next grade despite “tens of thousands” of them receiving failing marks during the disrupted academic year. The Baltimore City Public Schools district created a new grading policy that will allow it “to move tens of thousands of students who have failed at least one class up […]

Israel to reopen some schools Thursday, grades 11 and 12 only in two weeks

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Police To Keep Secret List of Kids With Bad Grades; Label Them ‘Potential Criminals’

Police in Florida are now targeting children in an attempt to label them as criminals at a young age based on their performance at school. According to a recent report from the Tampa Bay Times, the Pasco sheriff’s office has a secret list of students it believes could “fall into a life of crime” based […]

Teen Who Confessed to Killing Mother Over Bad Grades, Burying Body at Church Pleads Guilty

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (Graham Media Group) – A teenage boy accused of murdering his mother in 2018 pleaded guilty Wednesday to charges related to her death. Gregory Ramos was 15 years old when he confessed to killing his mother and burying her body nearly […]

Coronavirus Israel live: Israel to reopen all school grades by December 6

Israel, the West Bank and Gaza are dealing with a renewed coronavirus outbreak, leading to proposals and measures intended to curb its spread and mitigate the economic ramifications of the crisis by both Israeli and Palestinian authorities. Israel currently has 8,781 active cases; 2,811 people have died. In the West Bank, there are 7,013 active […]

Israel’s COVID cabinet to debate opening lower grades as Haredi schools remain open

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Britain scraps algorithm for student exam grades after outcry over fairness

School-leaving qualifications for tens of thousands of British students will be readjusted once again after an outcry over proposals to replace exams that were cancelled because of the coronavirus. Nearly two-fifths of students studying A-levels, the main qualification offered by schools in England, had found their grades were reduced from what their teachers had predicted […]

Poor grades tied to class times that don’t match our biological clocks

It may be time to tailor students’ class schedules to their natural biological rhythms, according to a new study from UC Berkeley and Northeastern Illinois University. Researchers tracked the personal daily online activity profiles of nearly 15,000 college students as they logged into campus servers. After sorting the students into “night owls,” […]

Liberal University Allows Students To Choose Their Own Grades

A liberal University professor is allowing students to choose their own grades in order to “reduce stress.” According to a new “stress reduction policy,” University of Georgia professor Richard Watson has reassured students that can request their desired grades regardless of their performance. Campus Reform reports: According to online course syllabi for two of Dr. Richard […]

New UK Child Abuse Scandal: Council Failed Background Checks on School-Run Taxi Drivers

From: Children as young as five are alleged to have been targeted in South Ribble, Lancashire, The New Day reports The allegations involve drivers in council-funded school runs Children as young as five were “sexually exploited” by taxi ­drivers after a local council failed to run background checks, a new […]

Know Your Rights When Recording The Police

There are some very disturbing videos circulating the Internet right now, depicting the deaths of unarmed civilians at the hands of trained, armed men. Many of these videos even show individuals being shot in the back, or as they try to flee. ~ Nadia Kayyali These are videos of police officers in America killing unarmed […]

Vienna Syrian peace talks get to first base – Assad remains – Veterans Today

Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey got the head of the table … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor Vienna has grand and historic meeting halls The first stage of the Vienna meeting has concluded with significant progress. The terrorist supporters trying to force Assad out had to accept that they had no power […]

High-tech classrooms aren’t producing higher grades

  By Matt RichtelNYT September 4, 2011 The class, and the Kyrene School District as a whole, offer what some see as a utopian vision of education’s future. Classrooms are decked out with laptops, big interactive screens and software that drills students on every basic subject. Under a ballot initiative approved in 2005, the district […]

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