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Top British Dance School Scraps Ballet Auditions Saying It’s ‘White & Elitist’

A top British dance school has dropped ballet from its auditions after branding it an ‘elitist art form’, built around ‘white European ideas and body shapes’. The Northern School of Contemporary Dance (NSCD) reviewed the dance as part of a wider plan to ‘decolonise the curriculum’, and consider the impact of race and gender on […]

Austria Scraps Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination Law

Via National File By Cullen McCue, March 9, 2022 Austria is suspending a law that made COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all adults in the country. The move comes as multiple European nations have dropped COVID-related restrictions and mandates in recent weeks. Austria was one of the only countries in the world to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory. […]

Early Truckers’ Win: Quebec Scraps Tax on “Unvaccinated,” Are Canadian Politicians More Responsive Because Elections are Hand-Counted?

Above image: Left, #Freedom2022; Right, Justin Trudeau in black face, one of of at least 3 separate instances. Corona News Editors Weigh In: Observers have remarked that Canadian politicians may be more responsive to the public will than American ones because Canada uses hand-counted paper ballots in all elections, and it is difficult to cheat on […]

COVID-19: Belgium scraps move to close cinemas and theatres after court rebuke

The Belgian government said on Wednesday that it was scrapping its decision to close theatres, cinemas and concert halls to stem the spread of the Omicron variant, after being rebuked over the move by a top court the day before. The Council of State, the country’s highest administrative court, suspended the closure of indoor cultural […]

Regrowing vegetables from your kitchen scraps

Watch at the link: Self Sufficient Me 1.39M subscribers In this video, I show you what happens when you regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps in the garden. I plant out scrap onion, lettuce, potato, celery, cabbage, tomato, and carrots and we see how they grow over 3 months. Support me on Patreon: (the […]

Princeton Scraps Latin or Greek Requirement for Classics Majors: ‘It’s RACIST’

Princeton University has decided to ditch its language requirement for classics majors due to ‘racism’, meaning that students will no longer need to learn Latin or ancient Greek to obtain their degree. A Princeton Alumni Weekly article announced the curriculum changes in April. Not only was the Latin or Greek requirement banned, so was the “classics track,” an […]

US scraps Trump-era proposal allowing homeless shelters to discriminate against transgender people

The US government has withdrawn a Trump-era proposal which would have given homeless shelters the right to refuse transgender people. The suggested policy – which would have been for taxpayer-funded shelters – was still being debated last autumn when Donald Trump was voted out of office. But on Thursday, the Department of Housing and Urban […]

Germany: Merkel apologises and scraps plans for five-day Easter lockdown

Angela Merkel has apologised and admitted an error over plans to impose a five-day shutdown in Germany over Easter. Speaking on Wednesday afternoon, Germany’s chancellor scrapped the proposal, which had provoked criticism and confusion. “An error must be called an error and, more importantly, it must be corrected and if possible in time,” said Merkel. […]

Biden Scraps Trump Mandate For Universities To Report Chinese Dealings

Joe Biden has scrapped a policy instituted by President Trump that mandated US colleges and universities to report all connections with the Chinese government to encourage transparency in the face of evidence that CCP propaganda is infiltrating the education system. Axios reports that Trump enacted a policy demanding that education institutions disclose all dealings with the […]

Merck Scraps COVID Vaccines; Says It’s More Effective To Get The Virus And Recover

Why am I suspicious? National Addiction News Shots generated an ‘inferior’ immune system response in comparison with natural infection. Vaccine manufacturer Merck has abandoned development of two coronavirus vaccines, saying that after extensive research it was concluded that the shots offered less protection than just contracting the virus itself and developing antibodies. The companyannouncedthat the […]

Trump Vows To Veto NDAA Unless It Scraps Section Protecting Big Tech

Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of “The Great Reset” when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,” which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts. As we highlighted earlier, “The […]

Britain scraps algorithm for student exam grades after outcry over fairness

School-leaving qualifications for tens of thousands of British students will be readjusted once again after an outcry over proposals to replace exams that were cancelled because of the coronavirus. Nearly two-fifths of students studying A-levels, the main qualification offered by schools in England, had found their grades were reduced from what their teachers had predicted […]

Trump Scraps North Korea Summit to Save Face – What Comes Next?

WASHINGTON — United States President Donald Trump’s cancellation of next month’s summit with the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kim Jong-un, came as a bit of a surprise and a jarring break from developments such as the release of three U.S. hostages by Pyongyang and the country’s apparent follow-through on […]

Israel Reaches Deal with UN, Scraps Plans to Deport African Migrants, Sending Them to the West Instead

Israel announced a deal with the U.N. on Monday to resettle African migrants in Western nations, but hours later put the agreement on hold. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had announced the deal on national TV, saying Israel agreed to cancel the planned expulsion of tens of thousands of African migrants. He said the deal with […]

Department of Defense Scraps Plan to Ban Cluster Bombs

The Pentagon made a decision that “beggars belief,” human rights groups said Friday, when it tossed out its plan to ban certain cluster bombs that leave a large percentage of lethal, unexploded munitions, which pose a significant risk to civilians. “This is a profoundly retrograde step that puts the U.S. way out of line with the international […]

India scraps "flagship" missile deal with Israel

Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 22 November 2017 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed his Indian counterpart on an “historic” visit in July, but despite the fanfare major arms deals did not materialize as expected. (via Facebook) Palestinians are welcoming India’s decision to scrap a $500-million deal to buy anti-tank missiles from the Israeli weapons […]

#BDS India Scraps $500M Military Deal With israel

India Scraps $500M Military Deal With Israel Amid Rising Popular Concern About India’s Complicity in Israeli Crimes BDS | November 21, 2017 Yesterday, media reported that the Indian Ministry of Defense scrapped the $500M deal with Israeli arms manufacturer Rafael Advanced Defense Systems for its missile systems. Years in the making, the deal had been celebrated in international media and […]

Party that scraps JCPOA damages own reputation: Iran

Press TV- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has described the 2015 nuclear deal as “a litmus test” for the world community, saying any party that walks away from the multilateral accord would be damaging its own reputation. Speaking at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Rouhani said the signatories that choose to honor their sides of the […]

If Trump scraps on the Iran nuclear deal, the first loser may be Boeing

CNBC | Jason Gewirtz: President Donald Trump is threatening to “decertify” the 2015 agreement that froze Iran’s nuclear program — and if he follows through, it could hurt Boeing. The U.S. aircraft maker has an agreement to sell 80 new planes to Iran Air and another 30 to Iranian carrier Aseman. The total value of those […]

The Mayan Peace Talks: The 5 Gardens of Eden on Earth

4th June 2016 By Xchelita (“Little Rainbow”) a.k.a. Michelle Recchia Contributing writer for Wake Up World Sacred Points of Emergence In the past, there have been several catastrophes that have almost completely wiped out life on our planet. Earth has a very long and complex history. Most ancient cultures have recorded these disasters in their stories, […]

‘Pearl of the desert’: RT visits liberated ancient ruins of Palmyra (DRONE FOOTAGE)

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France Arrests Climate Change Deniers Under New Orwellian Powers

French authorities have arrested 24 climate change activists ahead of the UN climate change warming conference in Paris next week, citing the state of emergency powers and scrapping of the human rights convention as justification.  The interior ministry said that the measures were taken to prevent the activists from demonstrating at the COP21 conference. […]

Rare Double Moonbow Appears Over Town In West Iceland

A Moonbow over Wernigerode castle in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. A rare double lunar rainbow, or Moonbow, was spotted last night near the town of Stykkishólmur in the Snæfellsnes peninsula, West Iceland. Iceland Magazine reports: Photographer Víðir Björnsson caught the phenomena on film, and posted the photograph on Facebook. He added in comments that the moonbow was […]

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