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Bill Maher SNAPS on Govt and Social Media Companies for Shutting Down COVID Debate

MAHER: “As the years roll by, now we see that the dissenting opinions on a lot of these things were quite the RIGHT ones.” SWISHER: “We’re not going to know perfectly, but go ahead.” MAHER: “Okay. But we should have been able to argue about whether it came from a lab, which we weren’t, things […]

Biden snaps at Fox’s Peter Doocy for ‘lousy question’ about Devon Archer 

President Biden snapped at Fox News’s Peter Doocy on Wednesday over a question about the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and his business dealings. “There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speakerphone a lot with them talking business,” Doocy told Biden at a public event […]

Fauci Should be In Jail-Until He Hangs, His Neck Snaps & He S#its His Pants

The wording of the Nuremberg Code is VERY clear. No One is allowed to experiment on humans except in a very narrow window in which the lab rat human knows they are being experimented on, ALL possible side effects have been explained to the lab rat human, the Lab rat human volunteers to be a […]

Prince Andrew SNAPS at Epstein Child Rape Victims: ‘They Were Sluts’

Royal pedophile Prince Andrew has accused Jeffrey Epstein’s child rape victims of being “sluts” who deserved to be abused. According to a shocking Sunday Times report, the Duke of York says Virginia Giuffre, who was trafficked to Prince Andrew and Epstein as a teenager, was involved in the “wilful recruitment and trafficking of young girls […]

Football Mom Snaps Photo of Senior Player Helping Injured Opponent on Field—and It Goes Viral

An Iowa high-school football player was caught on camera helping an injured player on the opposing side—and his kind act has gone viral. During a Friday night game in early September, after a play ended, Charles City Comets wide receiver Mario Hoefer witnessed one of his opponents go down. Carter Steinlage of the New Hampton […]

Macro Photographer Snaps Exquisite Crystalline Snowflakes Using Special Camera He Built Himself

Photographer Nathan Myhrvold dabbles in different hobbies, enjoying science, cooking, art, and of course, photographing. His curiosity about how ordinary things can sometimes appear extraordinary led him to take macro photographs of microscopic snowflakes in breathtaking high resolution. “When I was 11, I purchased my first real camera, a Zeiss Contax II that I found […]

Stubborn Joe Biden Snaps, Falls Apart in Interview as Afghanistan Crisis Worsens

President Joe Biden continued to struggle with his response to the crisis in Afghanistan after days of hunkering down and seemingly waiting for the storm to blow over. Faced with an outcry from the press over the president’s unwillingness to answer questions about the chaotic conclusion of the 20-year war in Afghanistan, Biden did an […]

Photographer Snaps Antelope Appearing to Leap Over Motorcyclist as Herd Impressively Crosses Road

The amazing moment an antelope appears to leap over a motorbike has been caught on camera. The impressive sequence was shot by photographer Pratik Patel who spotted the herd dramatically crossing a road at the Blackbuck National Park in Velavadar, Gujarat state, India. A herd of blackbuck antelope reach incredible heights as they leap across the […]

7 students fall to their deaths after balcony railing snaps at Bolivian college (GRAPHIC)

Seven Bolivian college students were killed and five others injured after an indoor balcony railing broke and sent them plummeting, some as far as four floors, to the ground. As a large number of students crowded into a fourth-floor hallway at the Public University of El Alto near the Bolivian capital on Tuesday morning, the […]

“Your Question Is A Waste Of Time” Pelosi Snaps At Reporter

During her weekly news briefing on Capital Hill last week, Nancy Pelosi lashed out at a reporter who raised an impeachment question The journalist first asked the House Speaker what her opinion was on reports that Lindsey Graham had threatened to call in the FBI for Trump’s impeachment trial. “Your question is a waste of […]

Cher SNAPS: ‘F**k Those Heartless Republican Gutter Rats’

Far-left pop icon Cher issued yet another scathing, profanity-laced attack against Republicans on Monday, warning that if she was a politician she would be raising hell against them by taking to the streets and shouting profanely at conservatives. “Washington is so lucky I’m not in office. I Would be protesting on capital steps, Swearing Like […]

Biden SNAPS at Black Reporter: “Are You a Junkie?”

Former Vice President Joe Biden snapped at a black interviewer on Tuesday morning when questioned about his alleged his cognitive decline. CBS News’ Errol Barnett asked Biden if he had taken a test that would assess his mental fitness to be President, which appeared to anger Biden. “No, I haven’t taken a test! Why the hell […]

Keep Your Snaps Forever by Printing them

Now you may create an outstanding custom 3D photograph from any photo! Those stylish 3-D personalized photograph frames are beautiful and last for 50 years or extra. Our custom 3D printing manner provides a crisp three-D image that seems to flow in a modern black body. Customized 3D pictures are a unique preference for any […]

Body-Cam Giant Snaps Up Its Biggest Rival To Create Near-Monopoly

Body-Cam Giant Snaps Up Its Biggest Rival To Create Near-Monopoly Above Photo: David McNew/Getty Images. A Los Angeles police officer wears an AXON body camera during the Immigrants Make America Great March to protest actions being taken by the Trump administration on February 18, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. Deal worries law prof, who notes dominant […]

Mars Rover snaps selfie and takes stunning panorama of Red Planet (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The rover, which is part of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission, sends back raw images of what it encounters based on commands sent from the mission team. The latest batch of photos shows the dusty robot posing for a selfie on Vera Rubin ridge which it’s been investigating for the past few months in a […]

Charlottesville Car Ram Attack: White Man Snaps after 5 Hours of Violence by Anti-white Thugs

August 13, 2017 0 Source Article from

Man Snaps Photo Of Bizarre Square Shaped Waves, Quickly Realizes They’re Dangerous

There is no shortage of special effects on our digital screens these days; but believe it or not, there are equally peculiar phenomenons in nature that seem like work of technology rather than Mother Nature. Isle of Rhe in France is one such destination which is known for being romantic, as well as bizarre. A tiny island measuring […]

Mind-controlled prosthetic arm that snaps on to the bone

Through an opening in the skin, the patient “clicks” the prosthesis onto a metal rod in the bone. Because the prosthesis connects directly to the skeleton, a prosthesis socket is no longer necessary. This ensures that it does not slip off, avoids skin problems, and makes it very easy to put on and take […]

Parents of departing FDA head were eugenicists… Big Pharma’s chemical depopulation agenda rolls on under the false label of ‘medicine’

(NaturalNews) According to the website of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the agency is “responsible for protecting the public health,” but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that its real agenda – at least in recent years – has been precisely the opposite. Margaret Hamburg, the departing FDA commissioner, has just been implicated in […]

Israeli forces crackdown on Pal activists in Al-Khalil

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation forces violently dispersed peaceful Palestinian demonstration commemorated 1994 massacre of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque in the city of Al-Khalil.  Israeli soldiers used stun grenades to disperse crowds of Palestinians, who gathered to mark the February 25 massacre of 29 Palestinians praying at the Ibrahimi Mosque in the West Bank city […]

U.S. Say They Plan To Round Up And Detain Russians For New Year

The US plans on detaining and possibly extraditing 22 Russian citizens around the world, in violation of international law. reports: The corresponding orders have been issued by the US authorities, Konstantin Dolgov, Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law reported. ‘Law enforcement agencies of the US make use of […]

MP snaps in parliament … in agony

Stephen Bromhead … collapsed before being able to ask a question. Photo: Shane Chalker NSW Nationals MP Stephen Bromhead leapt to his feet in question time today then collapsed in agony as a leg fracture apparently broke again. Channel Nine political reporter Kevin Wilde tweeted that MPs could ‘‘hear the snap’’. Fellow Nationals MP Leslie […]

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