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Black cumin is great for allergic rhinitis – and many other conditions

(Natural News) Black cumin (Nigella sativa), also known as black seed or fennel flower is a commonly grown plant in India, Arabia, and many parts of Europe. Historically, it is widely used as a spice, especially in Indian cuisine. Today, it is used as a medicinal herb for many ailments because of […]

Electrosensitivity: Can you really be allergic to Wifi & Cell Phones?

     Along with the incredibly fast increase in our use of wireless technologies, the number of people who claim getting health symptoms from exposure to wifi, cell phones or other sources of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is on the rise And while the current scientific “consensus” is that this non-ionizing radiation cannot possibly induce health effects […]

Are You Allergic to Peanuts, Dairy, Latex? Vaccines Contain All That And More: MSG, Mercury and Infected African Green Monkey Kidney Cells

The basic fundamental concept of how a vaccine works is homeopathy based, thus treating disease by minute doses of natural substances that, in a healthy person, produce the systems of disease. There’s one massive problem with inoculations in this regard. Today’s immunizations not only contain some natural ingredients, but they also contain the most bizarre, […]

Toxin overload: If you’re allergic to everything you may be labeled with the new catchall diagnosis, MCS

(Natural News) If inhaling everyday cleaning products or simply someone’s perfume makes your eyes water or your nose runny in an instant, or gives you a rush of nausea, you may be one of the people suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), according to a report by the Daily Mail. This illness, also known as […]

California parents suing over state’s mandatory vaccine law, arguing it violates kids’ right to an education

(NaturalNews) A group of California parents and the nonprofit Education 4 All have filed a federal lawsuit against the state of California, arguing that the state’s new mandatory vaccination law violates children’s right to education. The right to education is guaranteed by the California constitution. The new law, however, bars children from both […]

California U.S. Customs office receives envelope with suspicious powder; 50 quarantined, 3 sick

     Up to 50 people have been quarantined after an employee opened envelope with a suspicious powdery substance in an United States Customs office in Alameda, California. A 2:43 pm emergency call was made reporting the employee feeling sick immediately after opening the envelope, KNTV reported. Two more people also felt sick. Fire officials say […]

Federal government declares state of emergency over lead poisoning epidemic in children

(NaturalNews) The Obama administration has declared a federal state of emergency in Flint, Michigan, due to pervasive contamination of the city’s water supply that has harmed tens of thousands of residents – including afflicting the city’s children with irreversible lead poisoning. The crisis began in April 2014, when the city sought to save […]

Russia Steps Up World War III Rhetoric, Calls Turkey ISIS Allies

Russia and Turkey seem posed to go to war with each other following Russian Foreign Minister’s claims that the Turkish government are “secret allies” with ISIS. This week Russia announced it would be closing the border between Syria and Turkey amid heavy artillery units being delivered to Russian military forces in Syria. As tensions continue […]

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