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Britain’s middle class are about to discover the cruelty of its benefits system

   Millions of people are about to discover something they didn’t know about British life. There is no longer a safety net. People who have paid tax and national insurance for years and never been near the social security system will be turning to it in their hour of need; yet far too late, like […]

The cardiovascular risk reduction benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet outweigh the potential increase in LDL-cholesterol

   This 2016 letter to the editor of the BMJ was written as a response to Nadia Mansoor et al.’s meta-analysis of trials comparing the use of low-carbohydrate diets and low-fat diets for weight loss and cardiovascular benefit. Mansoor et al. found the low-carbohydrate diets, relative to the low-fat diets, led to increases in LDL […]

Science Review Confirms Yoga Benefits Your Brain

March 25th, 2020 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World With a history spanning thousands of years, yoga (in a wide variety of forms) has proven its benefits experientially across generations. Modern science is also confirming its usefulness for people seeking improved mental and physical health and fitness conditioning. Like many (if not most) […]

The health benefits of Cubeb Pepper, an exotic medicinal spice that’s naturally rich in hinokinin, a powerful phytonutrient for enhancing immunity

(Natural News) When you hear about all of the incredible health benefits of herbs like turmeric and ginger, it makes you wonder whether the cure to many of the seemingly insurmountable illnesses facing mankind could be growing in a jungle somewhere on our planet, just waiting to be discovered. And right now, […]

Dependency, Distress and No Durable Agronomic Benefits: The Story of Bt Cotton in India

In the early 2000s, genetically modified (GM) Bt insecticidal cotton was being heavily promoted in India on the basis that it would cut pesticide use dramatically, boost yields and contribute to the financial well-being of farmers. Private sector Bt cotton hybrids now cover over 90% of the area under cotton. Supporters of Bt cotton have wasted […]

MCT Oil: 5 Proven Health Benefits to This Impressive Supplement

March 10th, 2020 By Dr. Edward F. Group Guest Writer for Wake Up World Every morning, Avigdor Miriam, co-founder of a health and wellness digital marketing agency, starts off his day off like many of us: with a cup of coffee. But Avigdor enjoys his coffee with a twist — he adds one teaspoon of MCT oil […]

Top 5 Benefits of Digital Marketing as a Career in 2020

Nowadays, there are some careers that didn’t exist a few decades ago. This is a natural course of action since the technology is constantly developing and every year there are some new aspects of every trade that call for experts. Digital marketing is one of these careers. Without a doubt, a career in digital marketing […]

5 Surprising Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

The Facts: A whole foods plant based diet is far different from a plant based diet containing processed vegan foods. The benefits of this diet are huge even though still misunderstood. Reflect On: Do you believe that mock meats and processed vegan foods are healthy because they are vegan? This is not the form of […]

Alone but Not Lonely: 6 Amazing Benefits of Solitude

February 24th, 2020 By Nikki Harper Staff Writer for Wake Up World Solitude – what images does this word conjure up for you? Do you picture yourself in blissful isolation, enjoying downtime, peace and quiet, or do you picture yourself locked away somewhere remote, feeling lonely, bored and miserable? In today’s hyper-connected, high speed world, […]

Chief Magistrate In Assange Extradition Received Financial Benefits From Shadowy Groups

Authored by Matt Kennard and Mark Curtis via the Daily Maverick Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange leaves Southwark Crown Court in a security van after being sentenced on May 1, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images) The senior judge overseeing the extradition proceedings of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange received financial benefits from two […]

The Many Benefits of Meditation

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times There is growing evidence to show that meditation can make you healthier and happier. For example, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is sometimes used to treat depression, and brain imaging technology suggests meditation actually changes your brain in a number of beneficial ways. MRI scans have shown that long-term meditation can alter […]

The Benefits of Being Joe Biden’s Brother

Jim Biden was in a bind. An investor had put up $1 million to help Jim and his nephew Hunter buy a hedge fund. Then it turned out that the fund’s assets were worth less than the Bidens had thought. Now the investor wanted its money back. It was […]

The benefits of intermittent fasting

   I was skeptical, but it turns out there is something to be said for a daily fast, preferably one lasting at least 16 hours. I’ve long thought the human body was not meant to run on empty, that fasting was done primarily for religious reasons or political protest. Otherwise we needed a reliably renewed […]

Vitamin-rich pineapple fruit hosts a variety of health benefits that make it a REAL superfood

(Natural News) The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is a tropical fruit that has been celebrated for centuries, thanks to its unique taste and amazing health benefits — a single serving of pineapple chunks can boost immunity, build strong bones and improve digestion. For all its sweetness however, it’s actually great for weight loss, […]

5 Great Benefits Kids Can Get From Yoga

1. Antibacterial Soap & Hand Sanitizer Many people are under the impression that using antibacterial soap will prevent them from getting sick. Yes, these products do kill bacteria and other germs, but they have no effect at all on viruses, which is what causes people to get sick in the first place. A systematic review […]

A Navy SEAL Explains The Benefits of Ending A Shower With Cold Water

1. Antibacterial Soap & Hand Sanitizer Many people are under the impression that using antibacterial soap will prevent them from getting sick. Yes, these products do kill bacteria and other germs, but they have no effect at all on viruses, which is what causes people to get sick in the first place. A systematic review […]

7 Benefits that make coconut oil a really healthy "fat"

(Natural News) Coconut oil originally had a bad rap among health experts and health buffs alike, being branded with terms like “deadly” or “unhealthy.” This is mostly due to its significant saturated fat content, which experts claim to increase cholesterol levels and increase your risk of a heart attack. However, coconut oil […]

How A Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda

The world today suffers from highly fragile economic and geopolitical conditions. This is not news to most people in the liberty movement that have been tracking the downward spiral for years, but it is news to a majority of average Americans who rarely venture to get in-depth information on any issue. The fact of the […]

Study reveals benefits that children get from intellectually disabled siblings

Siblings of intellectually disabled children are more empathetic, better at teaching and enjoy better relationships with their siblings, according to a new Israeli study. Researchers from Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa queried mothers and children about their sibling relationships using artwork and questionnaires. They studied “typically developed” children’s relationships with their disabled […]

Take My Benefits – Please! Medicare System in Crisis

At the June 2019 House Ways and Means Committee Hearing on Medicare for All, Texas Republican Kevin Murphy lamented, “That great health care plan that your union negotiated for you? It’s gone. Banned under Medicare for All.” A right-wing congressman with a 7 percent lifetime voting score from the AFL-CIO crying crocodile tears for great […]

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