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Astronaut Kept Space Treasure Secret From NASA Until His Deathbed

Yep, the headline’s right people – an astronaut found sunken treasure from way up in space and kept the thing secret until his dying days. In a way, it’s the ultimate selfish act. ‘Oh that old thing? Yeah I know where it is. Not gonna tell you where, though. Cya!’ Yet on the other hand, […]

Will cop’s deathbed confession unmask mystery gang’s 30yo murder spree?

Police have been working on a lead that could finally reveal the identities of the Nivelles Gang, who embarked on a three-year killing and robbery spree around Brabant in Brussels. The group, which consisted of members nicknamed The Giant, The Killer and others, committed more than a dozen robberies in supermarkets and stores, which saw […]

Dying Mi5 Agent Admits To Killing Princess Diana In His Deathbed Confession

Dying Mi5 agent John Hopkins confessed to murdering Princess Diana A dying British Intelligence agent has made a series of stunning confessions after being told that he only has a matter of weeks to live by doctors, including that he was tasked with the murder of Princess Diana. 80-year-old John Hopkins is a retired Mi5 […]

Retired MI5 Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘I Killed Princess Diana’

An 80-year-old retired MI5 agent, John Hopkins, has made a series of astonishing confessions since he was released from hospital in London on Wednesday and told he has weeks to live. Hopkins claims to have been involved in 23 assassinations for the British intelligence agency between 1973 and 1999, including Princess Diana.  Mr. Hopkins, who […]

Ex-CIA Agent Reveals Existence of Aliens on Earth in Deathbed Confession

A dying former CIA agent and high-ranking military officer has given a deathbed confession revealing that, not only do the government know that aliens exist, but they are already here on Earth. During his shocking exposé, the government whistleblower describes seeing living extraterrestrials and alien spacecraft that were stored at the top-secret Area 51 US […]

The Big Picture – Is Neoliberalism On It’s Deathbed Around the World?

The Big Picture – Is Neoliberalism On It’s Deathbed Around the World? By The Big Alan Tonelson, RealityChek/The Race to the Bottom. In the American media – the 2017 French presidential has been portrayed as a rehash of the 2016 US presidential election – with far-right populist Marine Le Pen playing the role of […]

71 Yrs Ago He Freed A Man From This Concentration Camp. Today They Meet Face To Face… And It’s So Beautiful

Sid Shafner, a 94-year-old WWII veteran, was in his early 20’s when he and his fellow soldiers crossed into the Dachau Concentration Camp in southern Germany. Miraculously, they liberated 30,000 prisoners and brought them to safety. That was in 1945. 71-years-later a wonderful reunion took place. With the help of a special program “From Holocaust To Indepdence”, Shafner […]

Ontario proposal would force parents of unvaccinated children into re-education camps featuring government vaccine propaganda

(NaturalNews) Canada’s Ontario province is proposing new amendments to its “Immunization of School Pupils Act,” which would require parents to submit to “education sessions” before being allowed to obtain exemption status from having their children vaccinated. Canada, along with the United States and Australia, has become increasingly authoritarian in its stance towards vaccination, […]

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