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As Chief Prosecutor, Klobuchar Declined to Bring Charges Against Cop that Killed George Floyd

The latest example of America’s racist police brutality problem was caught on camera in Minneapolis Monday, as Officer Derek Chauvin knelt on 46-year-old African-American George Floyd’s neck for over seven minutes until he passed out and died. In its headline on its website, Minneapolis police described the event as “man dies after medical incident during police […]

Forget the Amazon hype, fires globally have declined 25% since 2003 thanks to economic growth

   The whole world is burning, The New York Times, CNN, and mainstream media outlets around the world have declared in recent days. The Amazon could soon “self-destruct” reports The Times. It would be “a nightmare scenario that could see much of the world’s largest rainforest erased from the earth,” writes Max Fisher who notes, […]

Lion population has declined by 50% in 25 years – only 25,000 left in Africa

   There are half as many African lions than there were 25 years ago. Conservation programs aim to protect the disappearing species by promoting human-lion cohabitation across the African savanna. For every lion in the wild, there are 14 African elephants, and there are 15 Western lowland gorillas. There are more rhinos than lions, too. […]

Authorities Declined To Prosecute Biden’s Son For Cocaine Pipe Found in Rental Car

An unearthed police report reveals that Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden returned a rental car in Arizona that contained a cocaine pipe days before the 2016 presidential election. Hunter Biden also left credit cards, a driver’s license, a Delaware attorney general badge, a cellphone and a U.S. Secret Service business card in the car, according to […]

Ultra-orthodox Israeli rabbi bans girls over five from riding bikes because it is ‘provocative’

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Farmers Say Monsanto’s Roundup Gave Them Cancer

By Ted Wheeler, Courthouse News Service LINCOLN, Neb. — Despite Monsanto’s claim that its Roundup weed-killer is “safe enough to drink,” four Nebraska farmers say the widely used herbicide gave them non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans” but Monsanto […]

From baby talk to walruses, how six iconic sounds for Star Wars were conceived

From baby talk to walruses, how sound legend Ben Burtt made some of the most recognizable cinematic sound effects in the world ​      When George Lucas began work on Star Wars in the mid-1970s, he tapped a USC classmate to craft all the strange sounds for this risky sci-fi movie about a sheltered kid […]

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