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French Intellectual Sentenced To 2-Months In Prison, Ordered to Pay $1995 (USD) To Jewish Communist Bolshevik Freemason Founded Anti-Racist Group LICRA

The International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism (LICRA) was established in 1927, and is opposed to intolerance, xenophobia and exclusion. In 1927, French journalist Bernard Lecache created “The League Against Pogroms”, and launched a media campaign in support of Sholom Schwartzbard who assassinated Symon Petliura on 25 May 1926 in the Latin Quarter of Paris. […]

French Intellectual Sentenced to 2 Months in Prison For Calling Mass Immigration an “Invasion”

French intellectual Renaud Camus has been given a 2 month suspended prison sentence for saying that mass immigration into Europe represents an “invasion.” Camus will only avoid jail by paying 1800 euros to two “anti-racist” organizations, SOS Racisme and the LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism). The writer, who is […]

CEO Of Chinese Bank Sentenced To Death For Stealing $100 Million

Dick Fuld and Jimmy Caine are grateful that in the US, punishment for corporate malfeasance typically amounts to a slap on the wrist. Because after nearly crashing the global economy, the two former bank CEOs got off with barely a slap on the wrist. If the pair had been running banks in China when all […]

Pakistan’s former military ruler Musharraf sentenced to death for high treason

   A Pakistani court has handed a death sentence to former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf on treason charges for suspending the country’s constitution 12 years ago. The 76-year-old ex-strongman is now living in exile in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.). The special court in Islamabad announced the verdict on December 17 with […]

‘NY Times’ produces a weak report on the Israeli soldier sentenced to 1 month in prison for murdering a Palestinian boy

The NYT is obviously a Zionist rag and is a tool of and for hasbarists. Thanks for digging through the detritus and finding precious little truth yet again, James. Compare and contrast with Maureen Clare Murphy’ s article @ EI: “Israeli sniper gets community service over killing of Gaza boy An Israeli soldier has been […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Two female Islamist terrorists sentenced to 25+ years for Notre Dame ‘bombing’ attempt in 2016

   Two French members of an all-female Islamic terror group linked to ISIS have been sentenced to over 25 years in prison each for their failed attempt to blow up Notre Dame cathedral with a car packed full of gas cylinders. Inès Madani and Ornella Gilligmann received 30 and 25 years in prison, respectively, on […]

Regional Juvenile Detention Center Supervisor Sentenced to Six Months in Jail For Groping Female Inmate

A former supervisor at the Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Casper will serve six months in jail followed five years of probation after admitting that he groped a female inmate while he was working. District Judge Thomas Sullins sentenced John R. Gallagher Friday morning in Natrona County District Court. Gallagher pleaded guilty in August to […]

Spanish journalist sentenced to 7 years for fatal Jerusalem hit-and-run

The Jerusalem District Court on Sunday sentenced a Spanish journalist to seven years in prison for the hit-and-run killing of a Jerusalem pedestrian in September last year. Julio de la Guardia was charged in October 2018 with manslaughter and driving under the influence of alcohol after his car hit and killed Chaim Tukachinsky, 31, an […]

Actress Felicity Huffman, First Parent Sentenced In College Admissions Scandal, Gets 14 Days In Prison

By Tyler Durden Following reports that she might avoid jail time, actress Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison at a federal court in Boston on Friday. Huffman also received a $30,000 fine, 250 hours of community service and one year supervised release following her brief prison stint. Prosecutors had recommended that Huffman […]

Just Months After Being Sentenced to 6 Years in Jail, the Most Senior Vatican Official Ever Convicted of Child Sex Abuse Might Be Set Free Tomorrow

The sexual abuse of children connected to high ranking Vatican officials is nothing new. The list of examples is long, and the topic could fill books that deal with pedophilia, torture, murder and ritualistic abuse. The latest example to make public headlines is Cardinal George Pell. Pell was just convicted on five counts of child […]

Five Men Sentenced To Life For Operation Condor Killings Trained At School Of The Americas

Five of the 24 men sentenced last week by an Italian court to life in prison for their roles in a brutal and bloody U.S.-backed Cold War campaign against South American dissidents graduated from a notorious US Army school once known for teaching torture, assassination, and democracy suppression. On July 8 judges in Rome’s Court of Appeals […]

Police State USA: 79yo Grandmother Sentenced to Jail for Feeding Stray Cats in Her Own Backyard

Garfield Heights, OH — Nancy Segula, 79, is a caring and compassionate woman whose love for animals shines bright. After her husband passed away in 2017, her pet cats died too. So, when hungry cats began showing up on her back porch shortly after, she couldn’t help but feed them. However, thanks to the American […]

America Has Gone Crazy: A 79-Year-Old Woman Was Just Sentenced To Prison For Feeding Stray Cats

By Michael Snyder In order for any society to function smoothly, the vast majority of the people need to behave at least somewhat rationally.  Of course there are always going to be exceptions, and we understand that, but most of us operate under the assumption that most of the people that we are going to […]

Israeli conscientious objector sentenced to 20 days in military prison

Conscientious objector Maya Brand-Feigenbaum will serve another 20 days behind bars for her refusal to serve in the Israeli army due to its policies of occupation. By +972 Magazine Staff Israeli conscientious objector Maya Brand-Feigenbaum. ‘I am aware that we need an army to protect us against real threats. But at the same time, […]

Chinese "Cyber-Dissident" Sentenced To 12 Years For Publishing State Secrets

China has sentenced a so-called “cyber-dissident” to 12 years in prison for leaking state secrets on his controversial website, according to The Guardian.  Huang Qi was found guilty of “leaking national state secrets and providing state secrets to foreign entities” to his website, 64 Tianwang – named after the bloody 1989 Tienanmen Square crackdown on pro-democracy […]

British Pedophile Sentenced to 10 Years for Sex Attack on 14-Month-Old Girl

A British pedophile who left a 14-month-old girl severely injured after sexually assaulting her has been jailed for 10 years. Alan Kusz, 43, sexually abused the baby in her family home in Kilwinning, North Ayrshire, Scotland, in April 2018. Kusz originally told the High Court in Glasgow that the baby’s mother was responsible for the […]

Daycare teacher sentenced to 17 years for choking toddler to death

A daycare teacher was sentenced to 17 years in prison on Sunday for smothering to death Yasmin Vinta, an 18-month-old girl who was under her care, last year. In addition to time behind bars, the Lod District Court also gave Ina Skivenko, 24, an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered her to pay NIS 120,000 ($33,750) […]

Former Disney Vice President Sentenced To Prison For Raping 7-Year-Old

A former Walt Disney Company Vice President was sentenced Friday to nearly seven years in prison for sexually abusing a 7-year-old girl following a child abuse investigation. According to court documents, Laney, 73, began abusing the victim in 2009, when she was about 7-years-old, and there were multiple incidents of abuse spanning about two years […]

A millionaire was sentenced to 9 years in prison after a man died trying to build secret tunnels under his home

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YouTuber Who Made Homeless Man Eat ‘Toothpaste Oreos’ Sentenced To Prison

A “sick” YouTube star has been handed a 15-month prison sentence after he made a video tricking a homeless person into eating Oreo cookies filled with toothpaste and then joking that they cleaned his teeth for the first time “since he became poor.” 21-year-old YouTuber Kanghua Ren, creator of the popular channel ReSet, was also […]

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