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Researcher appointed by Israel Health Ministry determines COVID vaccine causes serious long-term side effects

Posted by Frontline News Staff Thu, Aug 25, 2022 Warns ministry could be open to lawsuits for encouraging public to vaccinate while claiming side effects mild, transient Reposted with permission from Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz “Here we will have to really think medical-legal. Why medical-legal? Because for quite a few adverse events we said: ‘OK, it exists, […]

Doctor-Turned-Priest Determines How Jesus Died from the Shroud of Turin

A new study published in the journal Catholic Medical Quarterly claims to have discovered the specific cause of Jesus Christ’s death. He died from excessive bleeding caused by a severely dislocated shoulder, the study asserts, an injury he allegedly suffered while carrying the heavy cross upon which he was eventually crucified. The author of this theory and […]

Study determines medical students need more education after finding they are "overconfident and unprepared" – especially regarding nutrition

(Natural News) Most people turn to doctors when they think they’re coming down with something or if they have questions about their health and nutrition. But what happens when medical students, future doctors themselves, can only grasp at straws when it comes to concerns about nutritional guidelines? The results of a study published in the […]

The company you keep determines how well you sleep

     Studies have shown that the quality of our relationships may determine how healthy we are, how well we recover from illness and even how long we live. However, little is known about how relationships affect sleep. This is especially true for young, unmarried individuals. Teens and emerging adults, in particular, generally do not get […]

Blood Test Determines Which Diet Works Best for You

Researchers presented new data demonstrating that blood sugar (glucose) and/or fasting insulin should be used to select the right diet, particularly for people with prediabetes and diabetes. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen, together with colleagues from the University of Colorado, Tufts University, Centro de Investigacion Biomedica en Red de Fisiopatologia de la Obesidad y […]

Breakthrough Science: Paper-Test Determines Your Blood Type In Under 30 Seconds

In life, there are certain tests you take where you are bound to fail, so you will learn a lesson from them. The same thing cannot be said for medical exams like vital blood tests. Read on why it is important that you determine your blood type and pass this kind of test. Approximately every […]

Federal Judge Determines That The Public Has No Right To Know About Dakota Pipeline Spill Risks

It’s been months since news broke that, despite one of, if not the, biggest Native American protests in modern history taking place, construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline would move forward. Ever since, media coverage of the controversy has gone strangely quiet. But despite Facebook feeds no longer reflecting the issue, there is still news to be […]

Stem Cells Could Make Root Canals History

A new project out of Harvard and the University of Nottingham has created a lot of buzz all over the internet in the last couple of days, and rightly so. It seems that Adam Celiz, a therapeutic biomaterials researcher from University of Nottingham, and his fellow researchers, have developed a new kind of filling made from […]

92 children in Peru poisoned by Monsanto’s Roundup after plane fumigates nearby field

     Children and teachers suffer a range of symptoms including extreme vomiting after exposure to glyphosate, a known carcinogen. On Tuesday, nearly 100 people at an elementary school in Northern Peru were made violently ill when a plane fumigating nearby fields released weed-killer. Reports stated that 92 school children and 3 teachers were exposed to […]

New Mexico Native American tribe threatened by chromium plumes from Los Alamos National Laboratory

     Hexavalent chromium may not be familiar to the average American ‒ but Erin Brockovich likely is. A plume of the same toxic chemical that led to a movie based on Brockovich is now threatening a Native American tribe’s sacred lands and a major aquifer. Chromium-6 (aka hexavalent chromium) lines the cooling towers at Los […]

U.S. federal government on the verge of demanding mandatory mental health screening for teens (to add MORE psychiatric drugs to their plate)

(NaturalNews) Will screening for psychiatric illness soon join vaccines as an expected part of childhood? The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPTF) recently updated its recommendations on the screening of children and adolescents for major depressive disorder (MDD), in an article in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine. The task force now […]

CCTV shows moment huge blocks of snow fall off shop roof onto pedestrians in Turkey

     This is the breath-taking moment a group of unwitting shoppers are felled by a MASSIVE snowfall . The clip shows pedestrians milling about on a busy high street in Turkey. Out of nowhere, a few flakes of snow begin to fall from the shop roofs above. Then suddenly several tonnes of the white stuff […]

Henry Ford – A Freemason Against the Jews?

  December 27, 2015 Source Article from

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