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Eyewitnesses call Israel military raid on West Bank a ‘war’

The Palestinians who witnessed the Israeli army raid on Monday in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, which killed six Palestinians and injured 91 others, likened it to a "war", Anadolu Agency reports. Mohammed Abu Hatab, 39, a resident of Jenin, told Anadolu on Tuesday that they woke up early in the morning to […]

The truth on the flooding aftermath in NZ: eyewitnesses report hundreds of bodies

Note: Lamestream media is now in damage control mode warning about ‘conspiracy’ theories… as truth comes out. This article cites many links to eye witness evidence. Particularly listen to the young man on TikTok who speaks about the dam release causing a tsunami in Wairoa, not before the storm which they knew was coming, but […]

Eyewitnesses to the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz

Holocaust of Hoax? Eyewitnesses to the Gas Chambers at Auschwitz by Jürgen Graf  Anyone with a serious interest in the Holocaust is strongly recommended to take a trip to Auschwitz. All sorts of peculiarities are immediately apparently to the critical visitor: piles of “women’s hair from victims of mass gassings” are displayed behind plate glass […]

‘Bill Clinton Is A Pedo’ Trends At No.1 On Twitter As Two Eyewitnesses Place Clinton on Epstein’s ‘Pedo Island’

The hashtag #BillClintonIsAPedo went viral on Sunday, trending in the top spot on Twitter as hundreds of thousands of patriots called out the former president following the release of sealed court documents containing damning allegations that place him on Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious “Pedo Island.” Unsealed court documents detailing Ghislaine Maxwell’s association with convicted sex offender […]

The Contradictory, Shifting & Evasive Testimony of Holocaust Eyewitnesses Is Protected From Questioning To Justify The Genocide Of Germans

By John Wear Eye witnesses say that for months after the killings the ground continued to spurt geysers of blood…. Famed Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal…. wrote that he tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists while incarcerated by the Germans. Instead of letting him die, the Germans sent him to the hospital where they nursed him […]

Douma: Doctors, Nurses, Civilian Eyewitnesses, all Deny “Chemical Attack”

Doctors, nurses, and civilian eyewitnesses from the hospital in Douma, Syria, where the pro-terrorist Western allies claim “chemical weapons victims” were recently treated, have all aid there was never any such incident in evidence presented to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) head office in The Hague, Netherlands. A report in the […]

The Contradictory Testimony of Jewish Survivors & Other Eyewitnesses At Auschwitz-Birkenau

Should They Be In Jail With Monika Schaefer? Why Not? By John Wear In fact, the prosecution witnesses in the 1985 Zündel trial were so bad that the prosecutors did not call any witnesses in the 1988 Zündel trial. In addition to numerous Jewish survivors of Auschwitz-Birkenau I have met, it is amazing how many survivors […]

Report: FBI Wipes Phones & Laptops of Las Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses

  Route 91 workers get devices back with videos, messages deleted Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to discover that all messages and videos from the night of the attack […]

Report: FBI Wipes Phones & Laptops of Las Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses

Report: FBI Wipes Phones & Laptops of Las Vegas Massacre Eyewitnesses Route 91 workers get devices back with videos, messages deleted Paul Joseph WatsonPrison October 12, 2017 Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to […]

Do The Sonderkommandos Prove A Holocaust or Holohoax? Debating Eyewitnesses Accepted By Historians

By John Wear Shlomo and Abraham Dragon claim they lived to tell their story only because Shlomo got sick. All the other 200 Sonderkommandos in their group allegedly were transferred to Lublin and gassed. So instead of being gassed, Shlomo stayed at Birkenau, received medical treatment, convinced the SS to keep his brother with him, and […]

Testimony of eyewitnesses found to be easily altered by peer pressure … conformity outweighs memory

(Natural News) Groundbreaking research by forensic psychologist Dara Mojtahedi has found that eyewitness recollection can be distorted easily by other people’s views, and he is calling on courts and police to keep this in mind when considering the testimony of witnesses. In one study, he showed groups of volunteers, who would serve as “witnesses,” footage […]

Switzerland withdraws longstanding application to join EU

Twenty-seven members of the upper house, the Council of States, voted to cancel Switzerland’s longstanding EU application, versus just 13 senators against. Two abstained. Vote Leave unveils post-Brexit ‘roadmap’ as Remain camp warns of ‘decades of uncertainty’ In the aftermath of the vote, Switzerland will give formal notice to the EU to consider its application […]

Floods leave hundreds stranded in Padang, Indonesia: 370 mm (14 inches) of rain in 24 hours

     Floods in the city of Padang and Padang Regency in West Sumatra have left hundreds of people stranded, according to Indonesia’s Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). Meanwhile, floods in Magelang Regency in Central Java have left at least 1 person dead and several injured. Padang, West Sumatra As much as 370 mm of rain was […]

Camping In Your Own Back Yard Is Now Illegal

All across the United States authorities are making it increasingly difficult for people to live off the grid, with some officials now clamping down on people who choose to go camping in their own back yard.  The off-grid lifestyle is enjoyed by around 800 people, but their way of life is under threat as officials try […]

US-Saudi Sponsored Mercenaries in Yemen

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Israeli troops injure, arrest Palestinian boy

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli troops wounded, kidnapped on Wednesday evening Palestinian child in ‘Aida Refugee camp in occupied West Bank. Eyewitnesses said dozens of Israeli occupation soldiers invaded the camp, allegedly after a Molotov cocktail was hurled on a military vehicle near the camp. The soldiers fired rounds of live ammunition, wounded Anan Mallash, […]

Eyewitnesses Dismiss Rebel Advances On Tripoli As Misinformation

  Russia Today August 21, 2011 Heavy gunfire and explosions have been reported in the Libyan capital, and according to rebel commanders, the firing signals the start of a final onslaught on Muammar Gadaffi’s stronghold. Earlier NATO-backed rebels in Libya said that a battle for the capital Tripoli could unfold by the end of the […]

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