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Tracking Devices & Micro Chips in Dental Work, Dermal Fillers, & Breast Implants w/ Dr. Kazer

Dr Diane Kazer joins the program to discuss the myriad of ways Big Pharma is inserting tracking devices such as micro chips into dental work and breast implants. She also discusses the incredible dangers with dermal fillers and botox. This is a long conversation that was finished on Substack for my members. Source

Super Micro Meltdown As 3rd Leg Of Market Melt-Up Stool Breaks

After its 250% rally over the past 21 trading days, Super Micro (SMCI) is… umm… red! It’s been up 18 of those 21 days with the biggest daily decline being 0.6%, so this is notable… And its 0-DTE options traders that are suddenly reversing, dumping their calls… Source: SpotGamma It appears we were right… just […]

Micro-clotting and “long covid” are both caused by covid jabs, researchers find

Micro-clotting and “long covid” are both caused by covid jabs, researchers find A new preprint from general practitioner Dr. Robin Kerr and cardiovascular researcher Harriet Carroll of Lund University proposes that blood clotting in the form of “micro-clotting” is largely responsible for what has come to be known as “long covid.” Recognizing that Wuhan coronavirus […]

Sieving For Micro-Insights into the Maya Rituals at Palenque Palace

Archaeologists in Mexico are enjoying fresh insights into the Maya people’s relationship with animals, having devised a new sieve to capture micro-remains. Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Found to Be “Alive with Micro-organisms” or Moving Particles by Swedish Physician-Researcher Dr. Erik Enby — The EveryDay Concerned Citizen

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Micro-Laser Study Reveals Hardships In Little Foot’s Life

Using the latest in advanced imaging technology, a team of scientists from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Spain performed a series of detailed examinations of the fossilized remains of Little Foot, a fossilized specimen from an extinct primate species that walked the earth 3.6 million years ago. Scrutinizing the most refined imagery available, the […]

In first of its kind operation, Israeli doctors use micro-knife instead of open-heart surgery

Browse > Home / News / In first of its kind operation, Israeli doctors use micro-knife instead of open-heart surgery January 13, 2021 by TPS Read on for article The catheterization unit at the Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem marked a historic moment in the field of cardiology when its doctors performed a heart […]

Bill Gates Funding MIT Development of Micro Implants to Automatically Give Babies Vaccines

By Jay Syrmopoulos Cambridge, MA – A new discovery could revolutionize the way childhood vaccines are administered, as engineers at MIT have invented a way for multiple doses of a vaccine or drug to be given over an extended period of time with only one injection. The process involves the invention of a “new 3-D fabrication method […]

Watching The Hawks – Micro-Plastic, Mega-Polluter

Watching The Hawks – Micro-Plastic, Mega-Polluter Watching The Shocking numbers show for the first time just how many plastic micro-fibers pollute the tap water we depend on for survival. How did so much plastic enter our water supply, and why isnt anything being done about it? LIKE Watching the Hawks @ WATCHING THE […]

Plastic Micro-Particles Now Contaminating Drinking Water

Michael Parkes, Staff WriterWaking Times  The harmful impact of plastics on the environment, oceans and food systems is commonly known. Most people will have heard about the 18 ton island of plastic floating in the South Plastic with items found from all over the world including the United States, Europe, South America, Russia, Japan, […]

You WILL Get Micro Chipped, It’s Only A Matter Of Time

The powers that be in the media and government want us to know one thing: you will be micro chipped, whether you like it or not. And it’s only a matter of time. Controversy surrounded the micro chipping of human employees at a Wisconsin firm. The Three Square Market embedded microchips in some of their […]

Low-Cost Micro Satellites are Spawning a Global Surveillance Arms Race

June 25, 2017 By Nicholas West The emergence of low-cost micro satellites is starting to spawn a global surveillance arms race: the familiar problem-reaction-solution paradigm upon what all other arms races are built. “Our competitors will learn to use this exploding geo-enabled capability to learn a lot of things. If we don’t […]

Micro Satellites Are Spawning A Global Surveillance Arms Race

Big Brother is poised to keep an eye out on earthlings while orbiting the planet in the form of thousands of tiny inexpensive satellites. Micro-satellites are the future of so-called ‘intelligence’ and ‘security’ but their emergence is spawning a global arms race and eroding people’s privacy. High resolution earth images will be analysed twenty four hours […]

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