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L.A. City Hall ‘Infested With Rats’ Due To Human Feces, Filth Outside – Report

Los Angeles City Hall is “infested with rats” according to an uncovered report that connects the plague of rodents to the enormous homeless population in the liberal city. The homeless camps outside LA City Hall create “harborage for rodents,” the report states, and these rats then make their way into City Hall, residing with the […]

California not only has needles, trash and feces across its cities; the same filth is now appearing across SoCal beaches

(Natural News) California used to be known for its beautiful cities and landscapes, but it seems liberal ideologies have turned the “Golden State” into the “Garbage State.” While Californian cities have long been mocked for their street-pooping problems, the coastal state is now seeing its beaches destroyed by waves of refuse and […]

Typhus outbreak strikes downtown L.A. as liberal-run city descends into filth and destitution

(Natural News) Descending into filth and destitution, dirty downtown Los Angeles has become a breeding ground for disease. The county Department of Public Health is now warning downtown residents that a new flea-borne bacterial disease is spreading from the city’s garbage heaps and rat population. This flea-borne typhus causes flu-like symptoms. Once […]

Liberals increasingly living in cesspools of human filth and raw sewage, all while being preoccupied with "climate change" instead of cleaning up their own streets

(Natural News) One of the most “progressive” cities in the country – a well-known hotbed of liberalism, replete with aggressive activism for things like LGBT rights and government action on “climate change” – has become so filthy and disgusting due to its “anything goes” policies that a major medical convention has decided […]

Israeli radio host fantasizes about rape and murder of leftist ‘filth’ who called soldiers ‘terrorists’

Recently a video of human rights activist Adi Shosberger calling Israeli soldiers near the Gaza fence “terrorists” circulated widely in Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu condemned the video as an “outrageous absurdity”. But the hosts on the “Breakfast Club” radio show on the Maariv channel 103 FM went further. Host Shai Goldstein said that he “feels like […]

The Slick Way Advertisers Manipulate the Masses into Buying Their Filth

This video analyzes Pepsi’s infamous Kendall Jenner ad and McDonald’s ad that uses a dead dad to sell their poison. Source Article from Related Posts Why the Protestors of Hong Kong Are Destroying the Prosperity of Their Country Martin SIEFF September 14, 2019 The people of Hong Kong enjoy one of the highest standards […]

Jews Demand: ”Keep Joshua Bonehill in Prison Forever”

Jez Turner Daily Stormer June 29, 2016 #FreeJoshuaBonehill “Keep Joshua Bonehill in prison forever.” This seems to be what (((the powers that be))) are telling the British Government with regard to free speech martyr Joshua Bonehill. He’s currently in prison serving a three and a half year sentence for some Charlie Hebdo style online cartoons […]

Jew Richard Dreyfuss Says Trump has a Small Dick

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer June 1, 2016 The filthy Jew terrorist Richard Dreyfuss went on a hate-filled Twitter rant against Donald Trump. The dirty Jew bastard has since deleted the Tweets, but here’s what they said. The saddest people aren’t Donald Trump’s supporters. They’re really struggling. It’s Donald Trump’s celebrity supporters who are whores. — […]

Africans in Belgium Assault Woman

Comments are now located on a separate page. You can follow the link at the bottom of each article, or you can view all comments threads on the bbs. We also have forums where you can post your own topics. News Forum General Discussion Forum Join us! Source Article from Related Posts Thousands of […]

Democrats Use Artful Smear To Bash Each Other Over Corrupt Bankers

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are attacking each other over the fees that corrupt bankers have given to politicians for speeches and endorsements. Both candidates have declared their intentions to focus on the suspicious escapades of elite bankers once they are elected to office. The bankers nearly brought the world economy to its knees in 2007/2008 and have caused […]

The David Duke Show: The GOP Fox Zio Faux Debate about Nothing but the Big Lies of Ted Cruz

David Duke January 30, 2016 Dr. Duke started the show taking about the “fake debate” on Fox News last night. While the candidates make all sorts of accusations against each other, none dare identify the 800-pound gorilla of Jewish power. Likewise, even when discussing the immigration issue, not one will mention the racial aspect of […]

British Celebrity Says Britain is Full

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 14, 2016 I don’t even know who this guy is, but he sure does have a “time to take out the trash” face, no? The Trump Effect has combined with Cologne gang-rape fatigue to create a situation where even celebrities can come out and be like “yo dawg, why you puttin […]

The David Duke Show: All of the Top 7 Mega-Givers to Hillary Clinton are Jewish Supremacists

David Duke January 13, 2015 Today Dr. Duke revealed campaign contribution data that shows that the seven top donors to Hillary Clinton’s superpacs are ALL Jewish supremacists. As shocking as this seems, it is in fact in line with a long-standing tradition among Democratic presidential candidates and a more recent but very powerful trend among […]

Morning Joe Scarborough Says Trump will Bring Up Jew Epstein

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer January 8, 2016 On Friday, Morning Joe Scarborough said that after the primaries, The Glorious Donald is going to bring up Bill Clinton’s frequent rides on Jew Epstein’s Magnificent Flying Jailbait Circus and visits to Orgy Island. Obviously, that will happen. The media might think it is inappropriate to mention sex with […]

Dad fears Israelis who burned teenage son to death may escape punishment

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 30 November 2015 Hussein Abu Khudair reacts to the verdict in the trial of Israelis suspected of killing his son Muhammad, whose picture is seen on posters carried by supporters, outside the district in Jerusalem, 30 November. Mahfouz Abu Turk APA images Two Israeli minors were found guilty on Monday […]

Herbert Von Karajan: Unrepentant National Socialist

Herbert von Karajan (1908 ~ 1989) is regarded as the greatest orchestral conductor ever to mount the podium. Yet, he was also a mountain climber, drove Formula One supercars, and enjoyed fast motorcycling. On water he had few equals: a gifted water skier, he sailed super yachts and was a scuba diving virtuoso. At […]

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