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Drones light up Seoul’s night sky in bid to give South Koreans a boost

Hundreds of drones lit up Seoul’s night sky on Friday, forming colorful pictograms and messages of hope. Organized by the South Korean government, more than 300 drones flew over the Seoul Olympic Park. This was the second drone flash mob event this year, aimed at invigorating and encouraging the public to overcome the economic difficulties […]

Kim Jong-Un Orders North Koreans To Hand Over Pet Dogs So They Can Be Eaten

    North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has ordered citizens to hand over their pet dogs so they can be killed and eaten as a new famine threatens the country. Heavy rain, widespread flooding and crop damages have left the country short of food supplies, leading the Stalinist regime to demand more wealthy North Koreans […]

CrossTalking – Koreans talk peace?

CrossTalking – Koreans talk peace? By The games have begun. The younger sister of North Koreas ruler Kim Jong-un has captured the attention of the media, while US Vice President Mike Pence was mocked as a dud, even undiplomatic. The two Koreas are engaging each other. This makes the Washington foreign policy swamp fume. […]

MSNBC Host: South Koreans Found American Media’s Infatuation With Kim Jong Un’s Sister ‘Mind-Boggling’

MSNBC Host: South Koreans Found American Media’s Infatuation With Kim Jong Un’s Sister ‘Mind-Boggling’ Washington Free Beacon February 14, 2018 “Morning Joe” co-host Willie Geist ripped American media outlets that wrote glowingly about Kim Jong Un’s sister during her visit to South Korea for the Winter Olympics, saying South Koreans told him they found the […]

Koreans Around The World Say “No” To Warmongering Trump

More than twenty-seven Korean American and peace/anti-war organizations in the United States issued a joint statement, which states, in part: In addition to Koreans’ demands, we the people in the United States oppose the Trump administration’s ill-informed escalation of tensions with North Korea, call for a peace treaty between the United States and North Korea […]

200 N Koreans killed at nuclear test site collapse – Japanese media (VIDEO)

Citing Japan’s TV Asahi, Reuters reports that 100 workers were affected by the initial collapse, which is thought to have occurred around September 10, a week after North Korea conducted its sixth and most powerful test at the Punggye-ri test site, in the north-east of the country. Citing unnamed sources, TV Asahi reports that a […]

S. Koreans Opposed To War On N. Korea Banned From US

Sign in photo reads, “”We condemn the U.S. for denying entry” | Photo: Ban Trump’s Crazy Action (BTC) delegation Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Fourteen members of the Fellowship of South Korean Youth — calling […]

Jimmy Carter: ‘Koreans Want Peace Treaty to Replace 1953 Ceasefire’

21st Century Wire says… Reframing the current diplomatic crisis in North Korea is essential if genuine progress is to be made in diffusing the current tense situation. Former US President Jimmy Carter is suggesting just that. But will the hawks in Washington listen?. The Carter Center The harsh rhetoric from Washington and Pyongyang during recent […]

North Koreans Are Turning On Kim Jong Un, Embracing Christianity

The North Korean government officially recognizes Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un as a god, but a defector claims the people of North Korea are rejecting that idea in droves. Instead, many are becoming Christians, even though doing so could get them executed. It is easy to forget that behind Kim Jon Un’s insolence and the […]

Millions Of North Koreans Sign Up To Become ‘Human Bombs’

Millions of North Korean citizens have vowed to become ‘human bombs’ in the event of a war with the United States.  Record numbers of civilians gathered in Pyongyang on Thursday at a huge rally held to show support for Kim Jong-un’s crusade against President Trump and America. reports: The huge crowd held their fists […]

Two North Koreans found dead in Moscow hotel

nsnbc : The bodies of two North Korean citizens were discovered in a hotel west of the Russian capital Moscow on Saturday, the two […]

China Preparing For Huge Exodus of North Koreans Fleeing War

China has ordered the “urgent” recruitment of Korean-Chinese interpreters in a town near the North Korean border as Beijing prepares for an onslaught of refugees in the event of a U.S. military strike against Pyongyang. A Chinese government document obtained by the Korea Times orders “the town of Dandong to recruit an unspecified number of […]

Grief, solidarity & frantic search for loved ones: #PrayForNice engulfs Twitter in wake of tragedy

Crowds had gathered along the city’s waterfront Promenade des Anglais to watch fireworks marking Bastille Day when a truck ploughed through revelers. The vehicle covered some 2km before the driver was tackled by police. READ MORE: What we know so far about Nice truck rampage on Bastille Day While #PrayForNice and #JeSuisNice were used in […]

CIA Director John Brennan says US must maintain ability to enter foreign airspace without any notification

     The US president must maintain the ability to proceed with foreign operations as necessary, including invasion of foreign countries airspace without notifying local governments, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan said in a speech at the Brookings Institution on Wednesday. “The president must maintain the ability to take action as appropriate,” Brennan stated. […]

Iran in photos: May 2-8

Tehran, May 8, The Iran Project – South Korean president Park Geun-hye visit to Iran, Iranian marking Eid al-Mab’ath, Supreme Leader receiving group of state officials and Muslim ambassadors in Tehran, senior adviser to Leader Ali Akbar Velayati visit to Lebanon and holding Legislation Process Conference dominated the country’s media outlets in the past week (May […]

German Government Urge Citizens To Embrace Migrant Crisis

Germany have begun an aggressive advertising campaign urging citizens to overcome their supposed “dark side” and embrace the current migrant crisis engulfing Europe.  The propaganda billboards say, “Germany, stay strong! With humanity towards your dark side” and “Against Hate & baiting – no ifs or buts”. reports: The text is written over a German […]

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