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Technocrats Cut Ireland at the Knees

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Driving home after Christmas, we pulled in at the last toll plaza on the M8 to Cork. It had been dark for hours with ‘Storm Gerrit’ still pelting. As I lowered the window to hold out my card, a voice struck through the dark and wind and rain, screaming over […]

Biden Dramatically Drops to His Knees Upon Meeting His Israeli Handlers

President Joe Biden dramatically dropped to his knees as soon as he met Israeli President Reuven Rivlin last Monday at the White House. President Rivlin and his chief of staff Rivka Ravitz could be seen roaring with laughter at Biden during the humiliating show of subservience. סוף סוף משהו שעונה באמת להגדרה של קידוש ה׳. […]

Joe Biden Bows on his Knees in from of Israel’s President to Show his Subservience

    Joe Biden’s mental deterioration is progressing rapidly — and the mainstream media is under a gag order not to talk about it, no matter how outlandish, inappropriate, and humiliating his behavior: President Joe Biden made an unusual gesture of respect for the chief of staff of his Israeli counterpart earlier this week. President […]

Senescent Joe Biden Drops To His Knees During Meeting With Israel’s President To Show His Respect

Something from a rabbi in America that shocked me: Let’s teach our children that we are, in fact, not white, but simply Jewish. “In a flawed and racist society, we Jewish Americans are prospering, reaching the top echelons of privilege and power. With racism and injustice entrenched year after year, generation after generation, we must […]

U.S. measures to bring Iran to its knees failed, Rouhani says

TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani has denounced U.S. sanctions on Iran as “economic terrorism,” underlining that these measures failed to bring the Iranian people to their knees. The president made the remarks on Thursday at the 10th virtual D-8 summit. “Further to the disaster of COVID-19, unilateralism, economic terrorism and the way they have been […]

Yamani, the Saudi oil minister who brought the West to its knees, dies at 91

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Makow– Die on Our Feet or Live on Our Knees?

Makow– Die on Our Feet or Live on Our Knees? Tap News / Weaver February 4, 2021 Covid is a gimmick to advance the Cabalist central bankers’ longterm goal, the dispossession and enslavement of humanity. Your choice: Be an accomplice in your own suicide, or fight. by Henry Makow PhD You cannot understand current events […]

Video: Footballer shot in both knees tells Messi to cancel Israel match

Tamara Nassar Activism and BDS Beat 30 May 2018 Palestinian football player Muhammad Khalil Obeid is urging the Argentinian national football team to cancel their “friendly match” in Israel scheduled for 9 June. In the video above, Obeid appeals directly to team captain Lionel Messi, “because he is very popular in Palestine, particularly in the […]

UK Zionists to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn: Get on your knees!

By Gilad Atzmon In their response to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and the Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ) claim to “propose an agenda of actions for discussion” between the Labour Party and those who claim to “represent” British Jews. Ode to self-defamation In practice, the two Zionist institutions […]

UK – Jews Of Britain To Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn: Get On Your Knees!

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Uber backlash: Brussels taxi drivers bring EU capital to its knees (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

The private sector is encroaching on what the city’s taxi drivers argue is a public utility. The CSC Trade Union, representing approximately 1,000 drivers, said Brussels Mobility Minister Pascal Smet was “not listening” to workers’ demands, adding that it “will take tough action,”The Bulletin reports. The protests began at 5am local time and consist of […]

Poland PM: Europe, Rise From Your Knees, Reject New World Order

Poland’s conservative prime minister Beata Szydło hit back with strong words on Wednesday in response to European Union threats to force her country to accept migrants or face massive fines. ‘’Poland will not submit to any blackmail on the part of the European Union’’, Szydło stated during a parliamentary debate, adding that her nation would […]

Ernst Zundel – Off Your Knees Germany!

This is a summary of Ernst Zundel’s political outreach and struggling to restore the honor of his German people from 1983 to 2003. It explains in vivid detail how a powerful special interest Lobby masterminded a modern political kidnapping on American soil, in a last ditch attempt to silence an “inconvenient dissident”. It’s also quite a […]

‘We’re not fragile like US, which went on its knees to China’ – Zimbabwe president Mugabe

“Zimbabwe is not a fragile state, it is one of the most highly developed countries, second after South Africa,” he said at the World Economic Forum for Africa. Zimbabweans could soon use livestock as collateral “You cannot even talk about us as a ‘fragile state’ from an economic point of view.” “I can call America […]

What’s Posted On These ‘Controversial’ Signs In THIS City Have Liberals On HIGH ALERT…

 Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – “Welcome to GREENLEAF, IDAHO. THIS IS NOT A GUN FREE ZONE.” That’s right patriots, scumbags and liberals (same thing) are guaranteed to be warned and offended! And we love it! Residents say the signs reflect the attitude in their town. “We are a big family out here in Greenleaf,” […]

Ted Cruz Just Slammed Michelle Obama For THIS… White House LIVID

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Texas senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz slammed Michelle Obama and her crappy lunch program which basically serves cardboard to our children. The Obama ‘health lunch’ program has been extremely unpopular among kids as well as parents. In Iowa, accompanied by his wife, Heidi the candidate seized on widespread discontent over […]

Occupation to destroy Palestinian village in West Bank

Days of Palestine, West Bank –Israeli occupation authorities decided on Thursday to expel residents and destroy the Palestinian village of Ein al-Rashrash near West Bank city of Nablus. The Israeli occupation authorities gave the residents of the Palestinian village an ultimatum until next Monday. “They have to evacuate their homes and leave the village very […]

Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS

Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS Government watchdog Judicial Watch published more than 100 pages of formerly classified documents from the U.S. Department of Defense and the State Department. The documents obtained through a federal lawsuit, revealed the agencies earlier views on ISIS, namely that they were a desirable presence in Eastern Syria […]

Occupy Class Action Suit Against Zuccotti Eviction Can Move Forward

Print Friendly Above Photo: A judge has ruled that a class-action lawsuit filed by Occupy Wall Street protesters over the eviction of their camp at Zuccotti Park on Nov. 15, 2011, pictured above, can move forward. AFP / Getty Images / Stan Honda. A class-action lawsuit alleging false arrest, malicious prosecution and free speech infringement for evicting […]

Western propaganda over Syria & Russia is getting even more ridiculous

Desperate Western Media: Russia Is Helping ISIS! Business Insider claims that ISIS is advancing towards Aleppo, thanks in part to Russian air strikes targeting ISIS. Makes sense. Russia is now “aiding” ISIS, according to trustworthy sources: The terror group ISIS made gains near Syria’s largest city in the last 24 hours, indirectly aided by Russian airstrikes that drove other groups out. ISIS […]

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