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The Swastika Has a Universal Meaning: Salvation

“The Nazis had an incredible sense of design and a deep understanding of iconography and branding, which is one reason why these symbols still have power over people today. These symbols have been reappropriated yet again for a new purpose. This powerful sigil was used to cast a spell and project black, negative energy over […]

Eve of Destruction: Klaus Schwab Pledges the World Can Find Salvation at Davos 2022

Famine, floods, pestilence, drought, plague, war, and rumors of war. These are the key issues facing the world today and the invitation-only World Economic Forum (WEF) next week in Davos, Switzerland, is just the place to find the answers provided by the select globalist elites, founder Klaus Schwab declared Wednesday.

White Westerners Are So Demoralized They Are Looking to the Hammer & Sickle for Salvation

As Russia is rolling through Ukraine, I see tons of people White westerners cheering them on, even as images emerge of them flying the old hammer and sickle. Somehow these people think that the Russians and their “based” allies in the Middle East and China are going to save us from Cultural Marxism, apparently with […]

The Salvation Army Wants You to Offer a “Sincere Apology” for Your Racism

The Salvation Army is a prime example of Christian cuckoldry. It is so committed to “social justice” that it is pushing BLM, CRT, and related anti-White ideologies while seeking donations, even if it turns away long-time donors, who argue for a slightly less cucked idea – color-blindness. Newsweek reports: As The Salvation Army launches its […]

‘Science, Salvation & Heretics’, From Monsanto to Pfizer It’s The Same Old Playbook

MIND GAMES: ‘Science, Salvation & Heretics’, From Monsanto to Pfizer It’s The Same Old Playbook – By Colin Todhunter SM / 1 day ago Source – “…There are strong similarities between the issue of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in agriculture and the COVID ‘pandemic’ in terms of the framing of debates in both fields: […]

Nick Fuentes Is Looking to a “Eurasian Coalition Led by Russia” for Salvation

China and Russia are super based. They will team up and take down the American regime, leading us to a much freer world. Nevermind they are just different flavors of judeo-Communism. You can be jailed in Russia for saying anything about the Holohoax and real WW2 history. This is all quite funny coming from Mr. […]

Anonymous Donor Matching Salvation Army Donations in Alabama

An anonymous donor is matching Salvation Army donations in Alabama through the organization’s Red Kettle Campaign. The donor had agreed to match all red kettle donations made in the Shoals section of Alabama, including Franklin, Lauderdale, and Colbert Counties, WAFF reported. The Red Kettle Campaign is one of the Salvation Army’s biggest fundraisers of the […]

Netanyahu can’t count on the Gulf peace deals for political salvation

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How to Fund the Salvation of Humanity

August 27th, 2020 By Simon Whalley Via Common Dreams Imagine a world in which we had no fear of changing climates, rising seas and temperatures, mass extinctions, or the obscene income inequality we see today. Imagine a world in which everyone had enough, but no one too much. Not everyone earns the same, but the […]

May Day Is For Salvation

May Day Is For Salvation Note: This article was first published on Popular Resistance on April 30, 2014. The most widely celebrated holiday in the world, was born in the USA “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.”   George Orwell Many of us never learned in school that May Day, the […]

Nuclear Annihilation and the Wisdom of Mass Salvation

Incoming! Incoming! Uh. .. pardon me while I interrupt this false alarm to quote Martin Luther King: “Science investigates,” he says in The Strength To Love, “religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge, which is power; religion gives man wisdom, which is control. Science deals mainly with facts; religion deals mainly with values. The … Continue […]

Welfare Leeches Blow A GASKET After This State Takes Away Their Lobster

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Welfare leeches could be in for some bad news if this New York State Senator has her way. The days of eating like kings off of the tax-payers could be coming to an end. Sen. Patty Ritchie, R-Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence County, introduced a bill Wednesday that would prohibit people that are in the Supplemental […]

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