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Lava from active Hawaiian volcano threatens geothermal power plant

(Natural News) Active volcanoes aren’t something to be ignored no matter where they’re located, but when they occur on a small, compact — and populated — island, then cause for concern rises exponentially. Earlier this month the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island erupted, spewing lava and hurtling ash 30,000 feet in […]


Eruption of Mount Merapi, Indonesia on May 11, 2018. Credit: Sutopo Purwo Nugroho A powerful phreatic explosion took place at Indonesia’s Merapi volcano at 00:30 UTC (07:30 local time) on May 11, 2018. The volcano ejected ash high into the sky, closing a major airport and forcing authorities to issue temporary evacuation orders […]

Volcano erupts on Reunion island for the second time this year

     Piton de la Fournaise situated on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion started erupting overnight, according to the Piton de la Fournaise volcano observatory (OVPF). The eruption began at 11.50pm local time on Friday, April 27, and continued into Saturday. The eruptive fault opened on the southern flank of the volcano inside the Enclos […]

Volcano erupts for first time in 250 years in Japan

     A volcano in southern Japan erupted for the first time in 250 years on Thursday, spewing steam and ash hundreds of metres into the air, as authorities warned locals not to approach the mountain. “There is a possibility that (Mount Io) will become more active,” said Makoto Saito, an official from the Japan Meteorological […]

Volcano in Vanuatu spills heavy ash as acid rain falls from the sky, evacuation fears for 11,000 residents

     A state of emergency has been declared for Vanuatu’s Ambae Island as a volcano continues to spill thick heavy ash. Thousands of residents who call the island home have been warned they may need to evacuate after up to 1cm of ash has fallen in some areas north of the island on Tuesday night. […]

Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico erupts and sends huge plume of smoke and flaming debris into the sky

     This is the incredible moment a volcano explodes into life sending a huge cloud of smoke into the sky and flaming debris flying. The Popocatepetl volcano, located between the central Mexican states of Morelos, Puebla and Mexico, burst into life. In the video, a huge plume of black smoke can be seen coming out […]

Volcano spews toxic gas cloud, scores hospitalized & forced to flee

Residents suffered shortness of breath and vomiting following the predominantly gas-based eruption at Mount Ijen in Eastern Java, Indonesia at approximately 7:15pm local time on Wednesday. Mount Ijen is a popular tourist destination, but local workers often mine there for sulfur at night. A post shared by Dicky Setyo Gunawan (@dickysetyo15) on Mar 21, 2018 […]

Bosavi volcano in Papua New Guinea dormant for centuries shows recent signs of activity

     For centuries, Mt Bosavi in Nipa-Kutubu electorate in Southern Highlands Province has never shown signs of volcano existence. However, the recent earthquake which destroyed many of the villages including food gardens and an environment in both the Hela and SHP has strike Mt Bosavi to show shines of its volcano existence. Former PNG basketball […]

USGS reports Kilauea volcano wall collapse in Hawaii

     Volcanic activity on Kilauea volcano’s East Rift Zone continues, and scientists with the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory are documenting it. On February 10 at 8:21 in the morning, a large portion of the northeastern rim of the west pit in Pu’u O’o collapsed. Prior to and during the rim collapse, the adjacent ground also […]

Ebeko Volcano on Kurils, Russia sends two-kilometer ash plume into air

     Volcano Ebeko is a natural sight featuring quite often in news reports, as it frequently stages spectacular “ash” shows for those living on Russia’s Sakhalin island as well as guests to the picturesque Far Eastern region. On Saturday, the volcano, which lies on Paramushir island on the Northern Kurils sent up into the air […]

Armageddon ash cloud: Explosive volcano spews debris 7km into skies (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A plume of volcanic debris measuring more than four miles (7km) in length sprang from the mouth of Mount Sinabung on the northern part of the island on Monday afternoon, sparking widespread travel disruption amid an aviation ‘red notice’ and airport closures. The alert prohibits airlines from flying over parts of the country with significant […]

Yellowstone super volcano under strain from magma chamber pressure

     A process known as deformation, where subsurface rocks subtly change shapes, is occurring beneath the surface of Yellowstone which alerts experts. Researchers state deformation occurs when there is a change in the amount of pressure in the magma chamber and experts are keeping an eye on the development. Seismologists from UNAVCO, a nonprofit university-governed […]

Mexico: the Volcano of Resistance Is About to Explode

For those interested in social movements, the 21st century began in Mexico with the uprising of the indigenous Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas. Their fight has been a source of inspiration for many other revolutionary movements around the world. During the following years, Mexican civil society acquired a certain prominence in the so-called “transition to democracy”. […]

‘Geyser? Volcano?’ Locals puzzled by mystery sinkhole at Nice beach (PHOTO)

A sinkhole 5 meters in diameter and 2 meters deep, filled with brackish water, emerged on Lido beach in Nice, along the famous Promenade des Anglais, local media report. Locals were stunned by its perfect roundness. Some wondered what may have caused the phenomenon. “It’s either a volcano or a geyser,” one Nice resident told […]

Mayon volcano in Philippines spews lava fountains & ash plumes as thousands more flee (VIDEO)

The sporadic eruption of Mayon in Albay province on the island of Luzon started on January 13. Since then, it has affected at least 54 villages in the area with a combined population of over 70,000 people. The “alert level 4” status remains for the local residents following five more “episodes of intense but sporadic […]

Sinabung volcano erupts in Indonesia’s North Sumatra

     The Sinabung volcano in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province erupted on Monday, spewing hot clouds, an official monitoring the volcano said. Head of Sinabung volcano monitoring post Armen Putra said the latest eruption took place on 13:02 p.m. Western Indonesian Time (WIB), coupled with 303 seconds of tremors around the area. “Hot clouds were seen […]

Volcano spews plume of ash into the sky near Mexico City (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Popocatepetl, meaning ‘smoking mountain’ in Aztec, erupted three times in the space of 24 hours across Thursday and Friday. The ash, described as “moderate” and “light” by civil protection authorities, fell over the nearby towns of Tétela del Volcán and Ocuituco, according to El Sol de Cuautla.   READ MORE: Ancient lava field walls mystify […]

Yellowstone Volcano Recharging Faster Than Ever Expected, What to Expect When It Erupts

The biggest concern with an eruption the size of Yellowstone is ASHFALL. The force would shoot ash into the atmosphere up to 30 kilometers high where the easterly Jetstream would carry it as far away as Europe within three days. This is a VERY comprehensive video via Mary Greeley. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE! THANK YOU!!! Source Article […]

Vanuatu volcano pollutes drinking water, forces Dunkirk-style evacuation

     Vanuatu has launched a Dunkirk-style evacuation on the northern island of Ambae as a flotilla of boats rescues islanders from an erupting volcano that has polluted many of the island’s sources of drinking water. Crowds of islanders from at least three evacuation points on the island have begun boarding ferries, canoes and commercial vessels […]

Eruption of mud volcano on Trinidad

     The Environmental Management Authority (EMA) says it received a report last Wedneday of water and mud bubbling from a hole in the ground in the vicinity of LP 22 Macaya Trace, Munroe Road, Cunupia.  An initial assessment conducted by the EMA on the same evening revealed that in addition to water and mud bubbling […]

57,000 evacuated around Mt Agung volcano in Bali: Indonesian authorities fear imminent eruption

nsnbc : More than 57,000 people have been evacuated from the surroundings of Mount Agung on Bali, Indonesia by Tuesday as authorities are fearing […]

Swarm of earthquakes near active volcano in Iceland

     A number of earthquakes were detected at Bárðarbunga in Vatnajökull tonight, according to the Icelandic Met Office. The largest quake was 4.1 in magnitude, with another one following at 4.0. The quakes were a total of 21 , with three of them over 3.0 in magnitude. There are currently no signs of increased volcanic […]

La Cumbre volcano erupts in the Galapagos Islands

     Shortly after noon on September 4, 2017, crew on Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic ship Endeavor II observed a volcanic eruption at Fernandina Island in the Galapagos of Ecuador. The National Park of Galapagos was immediately notified. It was confirmed as a new eruptive phase of Fernandina’s La Cumbre volcano. After eight years of relative calm, […]

Reventador volcano in Ecuador showing increased activity

     The activity at the volcano has picked up recently. Lava has been overspilling the summit crater and generating several short, viscous lava flows and incandescent avalanches that have been descending the flanks of the volcano. Although the volcano has been in more or less continuous activity like this for years, an increase of activity […]

Eruption at Poas volcano in Costa Rica

     A three hour volcanic eruption in Costa Rica sends vapor and gas emissions into the air. The Poas Volcano has been active for the past several months, resulting in disruptions in the local tourist industry. The national park surrounding the volcano has been closed since April, and local commerce has suffered losses due to […]

The $10 Billion Treasure Hidden In A Dead Volcano

Right on the other side of the biggest lithium volcano in the world is … even more lithium. If an investor had gotten in on the north side of the volcano before it proved up its lithium reserves, and then watched prices suddenly skyrocket, they’d be multi-millionaires today. Well, now we have […]

New eruption on the Reunion island: Piton de la Fournaise volcano erupts for the third time this year

     The volcano began erupting early this morning, making it the third eruption this year (after the ones in January and May). Following an increase of earthquakes over the past days, an intense seismic crisis started 22:20 local time last night – sign of the magma moving towards the surface. The eruption itself, when the […]

Leaked Plan to Ignite the Yellowstone Volcano – Earthquakes Reach Yearly Average in 2 Weeks

There is information going around that a whistleblower has come forward and says that the powers that should not be, are going to ignite Yellowstone using a nuclear type weapon. Brookings Institution, one of the big “Think Tanks” has an article on their website titled, “An Impending National Transformation” and in that article, they discuss significant demographic […]

Mysterious Volcano-Shaped Pyramid in Peru Baffles Experts

A group of archaeologists has carried out a new investigation of a pyramidal structure known as “El Volcán” in the valley of Nepeña in Peru.  Ever since its discovery, archaeologists have been left perplexed by the structure and its mysterious shape, modeled in ancient times to mimic the form of a Volcano. It should be […]

Yellowstone Awakening? Yellowstone Super Volcano Hit With 4.5M Earthquake

A M4.5 earthquake and 5 aftershocks larger than M2.5 hit Yellowstone on June 16, 2017, while NASA is flying the world’s largest airborne observatory over the supervocano. Currently NASA put’s their SOFIA every day in the air. SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) is built into a converted Boeing 747SP. SOFIA’s 2.5-meter (8.2-foot)-diameter infrared telescope […]

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