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Cryptocurrencies: A View From The Left

Above Photo: President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, who accompanied his declaration that cryptocurrency would be recognised as legal tender in June by changing his Twitter profile pic to this version of himself with glowing laser eyes. Nayib Bukele. As Cryptocurrencies Take The World Of Finance By Storm, Thomas Redshaw Examines Their Rise And What […]

Meet the NGO turning to cryptocurrencies to help desperate Belarusians

The crushing of dissent in Belarus is seemingly over, on the surface at least. While footage of police cracking down on protesters following the disputed reelection of leader Alexander Lukashenko may be a distant memory, away from the public eye the repression of any opposition continues, say activists. Since July, around 270 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) […]

SEC Chief Says the US Won’t Follow China in Banning Cryptocurrencies

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler told Congress on Tuesday that his agency would not follow China’s lead in implementing a ban on cryptocurrencies. Speaking before the United States House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services, Gensler was asked by Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.), a supporter of cryptocurrencies, whether the SEC would move to prohibit the […]

Cryptocurrencies can’t replace currencies: American economist

Cryptocurrencies can’t replace currencies: American economist – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A professor of applied economics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore says that cryptocurrencies can’t replace currencies as they are nothing more than highly speculative assets. Steve H. Hanke, who served on President Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers and is the world’s leading expert […]

Global banking regulators call for toughest rules for cryptocurrencies

Global regulators have said cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin should come with the toughest bank capital rules to avoid putting the wider financial system at risk should their value collapse suddenly. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which consists of regulators from the world’s leading financial centres, is proposing a “new conservative prudential treatment” for crypto-assets that would […]

Cryptocurrencies Will Benefit the CIA IMO Because They Love a Borderless Currency for Gun Running, Dope Dealing and Child Trafficking Which Are 3 CIA Lucrative Businesses

by Admin · Published April 29, 2021 · Updated April 29, 2021 Bill Gates is a Zionist and MS salesman. He is a billionaire who worked on Bitcoin development. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked together getting funding from the CIA Sequioa Bank in Northern California for the First Computer Apple. Apple has back doors […]

Top 3 Cryptocurrencies in Europe – 2020

After a decade since Bitcoin was introduced, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto hasn’t been revealed, but its legacy lives on. He managed to make a revolution in the world of finances and introduce a completely new currency to the world that we can enjoy now and use. His goal of making a decentralized currency was […]

Do Rothschilds Control Cryptocurrencies?

The founder of the world’s second biggest cryptocurrency Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, has questioned whether the Rothschild conspiracy theory extends to digital money. “Are ‘the Rothschilds’ even well-coordinated enough to be worth caring about as a group these days?” Buterin asked on Reddit. Buterin raised the issue as cryptocurrency enthusiasts are discussing the opaque IMMO blockchain project […]

Fingerprints, Eye Scans Now Required To Buy Food In India, As Banks Cut Off Cryptocurrencies

By John Vibes There was a string of interesting financial reports from India this week that appear to be unrelated at first glance, but upon further inspection, they all seem to be working towards a common goal—an intrusive big brother surveillance state that tracks every single financial transaction for every single resident. According to the New York […]

5 Reasons That Cryptocurrencies Frighten Institutional Businesses

The rise of Bitcoin and the current mania surrounding cryptocurrencies was not something that many people predicted. Those that got ahead of the game and invested early are now sitting on significant assets. But with prices still fluctuating wildly, it is a tricky market to assess with any degree of […]

Bill Gates Thinks Cryptocurrencies Are Killing People

Bill Gates is now warning that cryptocurrency is killing people…“in a fairly direct way.” During a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session on Tuesday, Gates explained that he believes cryptocurrency is really bad because it aids and abets those who want to keep their financial transactions hidden from the government. He seemed to be particularly concerned with […]

Facebook Bans All Ads for Cryptocurrencies, ICOs and Binary Options

Facebook Inc. on Tuesday said it is banning ads promoting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as those about initial coin offerings (ICOs) and binary options. The social networking giant said in a blog that it is making the move because these are “financial products and services frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices.” […]

Bank Threatening To Close Accounts If Customers Buy Cryptocurrencies

Because cryptocurrencies are a threat to the banking elite, they are now threatening to close accounts if customers link them to Coinbase. Cryptocurrency user Jordan Spencer recently received a letter from his bank warning him that his account would be closed if he continued to buy and sell cryptocurrency through the popular website and app […]

Regulating Cryptocurrencies — And Why It Matters

By Charles Hugh Smith Nations that attempt to limit cryptocurrencies’ ability to solve these problems will find that protecting high costs and systemic friction will grind their economies into dust. There’s a great deal of confusion right now about the regulation of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Many observers seem to confuse “regulation” and […]

Regulating Cryptocurrencies–and Why It Matters

Regulating Cryptocurrencies–and Why It Matters By Charles Hugh There’s a great deal of confusion right now about the regulation of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Many observers seem to confuse “regulation” and “banning bitcoin,” as if regulation amounts to outlawing bitcoin. Further confusing things is the regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges, where cryptocurrencies are bought and […]

Governments Are Testing Their Own Cryptocurrencies

Governments Are Testing Their Own Cryptocurrencies September 25th, 2017 Via: MIT Technology Review: The people of Sweden are breaking up with cash. The number of banknotes and coins in circulation has fallen to its lowest level in three decades. Riksbank, Sweden’s central bank, estimates […]

Cryptocurrencies at online entertainment

Using cryptocurrencies at online gaming is something that a lot of people want. There seems to be a strong overlap between the people who like to use cryptocurrencies and the people who enjoy gaming of all kinds. It makes sense that this would be the case, even though people are not […]

China clamps down on cryptocurrencies as the battle for global financial control deepens

The price of bitcoin plunged on Thursday after Chinese authorities crack down on cryptocurrencies, with the country’s biggest exchange announcing the suspension of operations. The virtual currency fell more than 11 percent, trading at $3,544.14 as of 14:00pm GMT. This is far below the all-time high of $5,013.91 set earlier this […]

Is This The Global Elites’ Secret Plan For Cryptocurrencies?

Source: James Rickards via Daily Reckoning blog Interest in Bitcoin is red hot at the moment. It’s impossible to open a website, listen to a podcast, or watch a video in the financial space without hearing about the meteoric rise in the price of Bitcoin. Maybe you know a “Bitcoin millionaire” […]

U.S. Congress Drafts Bill Protecting Cryptocurrencies, Like Bitcoin, From Government Interference

Next Story The idea of cryptocurrencies is absolutely genius, and they’ve certainly become more popular over the past few years. Bitcoin has come a long way since its original release in 2009, and its future seems promising. Bitcoin, which represents the leading cryptocurrency, has already reported a rise of over 300% in 2017. Only a month ago, Bitcoin was worth […]

WannaCry Cyberattack: Deep State Assault on Cryptocurrencies?

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