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Interior min.: Arbaeen security provided fully by Iraq: Interior min.

MNA – Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said on Sunday that “Iraq’s security was at its highest during the Arbaeen ceremonies and Iran had no part in contributing to it.” “Iran had no part in providing security in Iraq, as Iraq’s security was at its highest [for the Arbaeen march]. They didn’t ask for […]

Grounding of China-made drones by US Interior ‘abuse of concept of national security,’ Beijing says

Interior Secretary David Bernhardt ordered the grounding of the drones on Wednesday, as first reported by the Wall Street Journal. The department will review the potential security risks posed by drones produced in China or incorporating Chinese parts. An exception will be made for emergency situations or when lives are under threat. Beijing criticized the […]

Iran’s interior minister in Switzerland for ExCom meeting

Tasnim – Iranian Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli travelled to Geneva to attend the 70th session of the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Rahmani Fazli is going to give an address to the annual meeting of the UNHCR’s governing Executive Committee. The Iranian minister is also planned to […]

Truth: Pakistani interior minister confesses that country’s ruling elite have ‘destroyed the country’ by conducting terrorism for the West

Comment: This is the kind of insight that is rarely articulated by elites anywhere; their culpability in wrecking their own country. As a member of PM Khan’s cabinet, we can assume the interior minister had the blessing of his boss to say this…    Pakistan’s interior minister claims the “ruling elite” has “destroyed the country” […]

‘Ruling elite destroyed the country’: Interior minister claims Pakistan has failed on Kashmir issue

“People do not believe us in the international community. We say they [India] impose curfew and are not giving medicines to people of Jammu and Kashmir. People do not believe us, but they believe them,” Interior Minister Brigadier Ijaz Ahmed Shah said during a Hum News talk show appearance on Wednesday evening.  The ruling elite […]

German Interior Minister floats evicting Syrian refugees who practice holidaymaking at home

“Syrian refugees that regularly spend holidays at home can’t seriously talk about being persecuted in Syria,” Horst Seehofer told Bild am Sonntag, adding that those following that logic “should be stripped of asylum.” ‘Your land, your future’! Germany offers migrants cash to go home in controversial ad campaign Immigration authorities are closely following recent developments […]

Iraqi Interior Minister due in Iran

IRNA – Iranian Interior Minister Mohammad Reza Rahmani Fazli said that his Iraqi counterpart Yassin Taha al-Yassri is to visit Iran to discuss issues related to Arbaeen issues, Ashoura and Tasu’a. Speaking to reporters, Fazli referred to visa waiver for Arbaeen pilgrims, saying it does not mean that the process will not be controlled. He […]

Iran to hold upcoming elections mostly electronically: Interior minister

Tasnim – Iran plans to hold the upcoming parliamentary elections using electronic voting machines in most parts of the country, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said. Speaking to reporters in Tehran on Thursday, Rahmani Fazli said the Interior Ministry staged the 2017 presidential elections electronically in 140 counties. “Currently, we are in talks with the […]

Pelosi: What’s the Point of ‘Interior Enforcement’ of Immigration Laws?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked what purpose “interior enforcement” serves with respect to U.S. immigration law following President Trump’s decision to delay ICE raids that were scheduled to take place last weekend. Pelosi made the statements during a “Speaker in the House” event hosted by New York Rep. Grace Meng. Pelosi took issue with […]

French Interior Minister Fears Secession, Partition: “People Don’t Want to Live Together”

Diversity Macht Frei November 1, 2018 Over the last couple of weeks, video of a pupil holding a gun to a teacher’s head in France has provoked discussion about diversity-related disorder and violence, usually euphemistically labelled the “security situation” in France. This week Valeurs Actuelles, France’s leading conservative news magazine, has a […]

US Secretary of the Interior’s idiotic idea for naval blockade against Russian energy supplies (Video)

What does the secretary of the Interior have to do with foreign policy? Well, nothing. The law that established the Department of Interior gives the secretary widespread authority of major areas, like the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Park Service. So then why is Zinke publicly discussing U.S. maritime strategy and possible […]

U.S. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Threatens Russia With Naval Blockade

On September 28, US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke publicly threatened Russia with a naval blockade saying that this is an option to prevent Russia from selling its energy. “The United States has that ability, with our Navy, to make sure the sea lanes are open, and, if necessary, to blockade … to make sure that their […]

‘Pack your bags, free ride is over,’ Italy’s new Interior Minister to refugees

     “The good times are over,” the right-wing leader said during a pompous military parade, adding, “The free ride is over. It’s time to pack your bags.” Matteo Salvini, Italy’s interior minister as part of the country’s new government, said Monday the country will no longer be “Europe’s refugee camp,” promising tough action to reduce […]

Nature Spirits Said To Inhabit Earth’s Astral Plane & Interior: The Gnomes

Next Story Photo Cred Many ancient cultures have stories and texts which refer to ‘magical’ and ‘mythical’ lands that c0-exist alongside our reality. Whether these places are actual physical places, or places that reside in ‘another dimension,’ for lack of a better term, has been the subject of great discussion within various material throughout the ages. These […]

US hits Russia with new sanctions, interior minister among 38 officials, tycoons & companies listed

In total, 24 Russians and 14 entities were put on the list, in a move that represents the latest tough measures from Washington against Moscow. US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin accused Russia of “a range of malign activity around the globe,” referring to what he called the occupation of Crimea and the instigation violence in eastern Ukraine, […]

‘Islam doesn’t belong to Germany’: German interior minister talks tough on immigration

Seehofer was sworn-in on Wednesday, following protracted negotiations to form a new German government, and made the remarks in an interview with Bild on Friday. Seehofer, chairman of the Christian Social Union (CSU) in Bavaria, also outlined a number of tough new measures to curtail immigration and make it easier for Germany to deport failed […]

US, Israel lack understanding of Iranian people: Interior minister

Press TV- Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli says the US, Israel and regional reactionary states, which pretend to be supporting Iranian people’s rights, actually lack real understanding of the nation. “Our enemies, especially those who have no standing in their [own] countries and not been elected by people, have claimed to be backing our people and our people’s […]

Yemen Interior Ministry confirms death of ex-President Saleh

The Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV quoted the Houthi-controlled interior ministry of Yemen as saying that the ex-president has been killed. A report by the radio station of the Interior Ministry added that the state TV would soon broadcast footage of Saleh’s dead body, while social media users in Yemen circulated unverified images of a corpse which […]

France faces ‘very high’ terrorism risk – interior minister ahead of anniversary of Paris attacks

France has been on high alert since January 2015, when it was paralyzed by a series of Islamic State-linked terrorist attacks. The most horrific of these took place on November 13, 2015, when 130 people were killed and hundreds of others injured in coordinated attacks in and around Paris. Car driver ‘deliberately’ rams into passers-by […]

Interior Minister says Pakistani passport not “oficially” issued to Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor

nsnbc : Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal has said the Pakistani passport and National Identity Card found with the now deceased Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar […]

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