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Record-Setting 83,000 Migrants Illegally Crossed US Border This Week

Tens of thousands of migrants rushed across the US-Mexico border this week as the pandemic-related asylum restrictions were lifted at midnight Thursday.  Source

Has the danger line been crossed in a single leap?

In our last article on South Korea’s response to a UAV raid conducted by North Korea, we described South Korea’s most likely reaction, namely developing its own UAVs and upgrading its air defense system in view of the threat posed by UAVs and other provocations aimed at escalating tensions. However, in addition to the UAV […]

More Than 45,000 Illegal Immigrants Crossed English Channel to UK in 2022

A record 45,756 illegal immigrants crossed the English Channel to reach the UK in 2022, UK government figures show. The last crossings of the year took place on Christmas Day when 90 people made the journey from France in two boats. The Ministry of Defence recorded no further crossings for the remaining six days of […]

Khazarian-directed Biden admin has recklessly crossed so many lines that a Russian TV network is openly discussing using a SARMAT nuclear missile with a single “monoblock” 100 megaton warhead aimed at the super volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park.

VIEW HERE: RUSSIA TALKS TARGET: Yellowstone National Park – (and its Super Volcano)   Source

Over 1,000 People Crossed Illegally Into El Paso, TX Last Night


5.5 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border Since Biden Took Office: Report

The total number of people who have entered the United States illegally since President Joe Biden took office has climbed to 5.5 million, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Dan Stein, president of FAIR, shared the stark number during a recent interview on NTD’s “Capitol Report” program, which followed a recent announcement by […]

EXCLUSIVE: 52,000 Migrants Crossed One Texas Border Sector in August

Agents apprehended more than 52,000 migrants who illegally crossed the Mexican border into the Texas-based Del Rio Sector in August, according to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This is an increase over the record-setting number of apprehensions set in July in what has become the nation’s busiest Border Patrol sector.

4.9 Million Illegal Aliens Crossed US Border in 18 Months Since Biden Took Office: Report

READ HERE: A total of 4.9 million illegal aliens, including some 900,000 “gotaways” who evaded apprehension and have since disappeared into American communities, have entered the country by the end of July. An immigration expert remarked that “Roughly the equivalent of the entire population of Ireland has illegally entered the United States in the 18 […]

1600 Migrants Crossed into West Texas and ‘Got Away’ over Weekend

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol officials report that more than 4,700 migrants illegally crossed into Texas over the past weekend and, of those, at least 1,600 “got away” without being apprehended.

Trump Interior secretary crossed lines in land dealings with Halliburton executive, watchdog finds

The inspector general concluded Zinke did not comply with obligations in his ethics agreement, recusal memorandum and accompanying documents. The investigation determined Zinke made “inaccurate and incomplete statements” when discussing his involvement in foundation-related matters because he had “extensive and in-depth involvement with the 95 Karrow project developers” in the months after he resigned as […]

South Korea Says Man Who Crossed Armed Border Is Previous Defector From North Korea

South Korea’s Defense Ministry on Monday said that the man spotted crossing the eastern inter-Korean border into North Korea on Sunday is presumed to be a North Korean defector who previously entered South Korea via the same route. On Sunday, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said that an unidentified person was spotted crossing the […]

Israel repatriates man who crossed into Lebanon

The Israeli army yesterday repatriated an Israeli man who crossed into Lebanon a few weeks ago, Anadolu reported. The army said in a statement that its troops had conducted a joint operational effort with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and Israeli security officials, returning the 25-year-old who is from the Negev Desert […]

American Who Got $1,200 In Exchange For Lost Livelihood Wishes He Had Just Illegally Crossed The Border For $450,000 Instead

American Who Got $1,200 In Exchange For Lost Livelihood Wishes He Had Just Illegally Crossed The Border For $450,000 Instead CLEVELAND, OH—Local factory worker Jay Binslee is kicking himself for working so hard his whole life, only to lose everything during the pandemic when he could have just snuck across the border illegally for a […]

Iran crossed all ‘red lines’, Israel PM tells UN

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said today that Iran had crossed “all red lines” in its nuclear programme and vowed that Israel would not allow Tehran to acquire a nuclear weapon, Reuters reports. In his first speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Bennett said Iran sought to dominate the Middle East under a “nuclear […]

Study: How Pleistocene Hominins Crossed The Seas A Million Years Ago

A team of German and Spanish researchers has published a new computational model demonstrating how Pleistocene hominins crossed the sea and sea straits between one and two million years ago. Pleistocene hominins occupied Flores about 850,000 years ago. This means the technological, cultural and cognitive development required to have travelled across Eurasia was present in […]

Half A Million Illegals Crossed Since Harris Named Border ‘Czar’

A National Archives ‘task force’ on racism has suggested placing trigger warnings around the building housing founding documents including the U.S. constitution, as well as declaring that the historical portrayal of the founding fathers has previously been “too positive”. Fox News reports that the group has proclaimed the National Archives’ Rotunda building, which houses the […]

Israeli Woman Who Crossed Into Syria Returns Home

Signs pointing out distances to different cities is seen on Mount Bental, an observation post in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights that overlooks the Syrian side of the Quneitra crossing March 25, 2019. Photo: REUTERS/Ammar Awad. – An Israeli young woman who recently crossed into Syria was returned to Israel on Friday with the help […]

Early Siberian Explorers Crossed The Bering Sea With Canine Companions

For decades, archaeologists generally agreed that the first humans in the Americas were the Clovis people, who were believed to have left northern Asia and reached the Alaska region about 13,000 years ago. However, archaeologists have now established that humans reached the Americas thousands of years before that. And now, a new paper looking at […]

With Syria strike, Israel signals to Iran it had crossed a red line

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Israeli army says it downed Hezbollah drone that crossed from Lebanon

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New Duckbill Dinosaur Evidence Shows That Dinosaurs Crossed Oceans

An international team of scientists claims that dinosaurs were able to migrate across oceans. This remarkable claim was based on the discovery of new duckbill dinosaur fossils unearthed in Morocco. Duckbill dinosaurs were a diverse group of herbivores that grew up to 15 meters (49 feet) long. The research could revolutionize our understanding of how […]

Star-Crossed Lovers? Criminals? Or Strangers? The Mystery of the Windeby Bog Bodies

Windeby I is a bog body that was discovered in a peat bog located in the town of Windeby, near Schleswig, in the northern part of Germany. This bog body was discovered in the middle of the 20th century when peat from a bog was being cut by locals. Initially, the bog body was dubbed […]

Blackbird9 – (217) Why The Comic Crossed The Line

Blackbird9 – (217) Why The Comic Crossed The LineBLACKBIRD9 EFR simulcasts Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club Live on Weds 8pm-10pm US est. Welcome to Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club’s Wednesday Podcast, Why The Comic Crossed The Line.  Tonight we examined the history of  Weaponized Comedy. In the First Hour  we cover the chaotic events brought on by the teachings […]

No Russian missile system ever crossed into Ukraine: MoD rejects Dutch MH17 claims

“Not a single anti-aircraft missile system of the Russian Armed Forces has ever crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border,” the defense ministry said in statement. Missile that downed MH17 came from Russian military, unit of origin pinpointed – intl investigators The Russian military expressed concern over “the determination of the Dutch-led investigation to justifying its conclusions by […]

Former Israeli Sniper Says IDF Crossed A “Red Line” By Firing On Gaza Protesters

A former Israeli sniper says that soldiers had crossed a ‘red line’ in Gaza, one that he thought was never going to be crossed Nadav Weiman, who was with an Israeli sniper unit a decade ago, told Sky News: “We see IDF snipers shooting at unarmed Palestinians when they are 300m away from the fence….That’s […]

‘Iraq has crossed brink of security crisis’

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani held talks with the Iraqi Minister of Youth and Sports Abdul-Hussein Abtaan on Thursday. Larijani referred to the established, deep-seated relations between Iran and Iraq and said “relations between the two governments have always been influenced by relations between the Iranian and the Iraqi nations. Under the present circumstances there […]

US To Officially Send “Lethal Arms” To Ukraine, Russia Says US “Crossed The Line” – But US Has Been Arming Kiev For Years

By Brandon Turbeville After its horrendous decision to officially recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, the Trump administration is showing signs of its intention to provide anti-tank missiles and possibly even the Javelin missile system to Ukrainian fascist forces in their fight against the Donbass separatists and, according to the State Department itself, […]

‘Red line into illegality crossed’: UN expert mulls sanctions on israel

“Israel’s role as occupier in the Palestinian Territory – the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza – has crossed a red line into illegality,” said Canadian law professor Michael Lynk, who is the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Presenting his latest report to the UN […]

Video: Syrian Army Crossed Euphrates River

Fresno Police Will Not Release the Body Camera Footage of Dylan Noble Being Shot

Dylan Noble, a 19-year-old motorcycle enthusiast, was the latest victim of police brutality in Fresno, CA. Dylan was speeding in the area of Shields and Armstrong, at the same time that FPD officers were responding to reports of pedestrian in the area armed with a rifle. When those officers noticed Dylan’s speeding truck they initiated […]

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