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South Korea at the Ukrainian Crossroads

A year has passed since Russia launched a special military operation to denazify Ukraine’s criminal regime. Against this backdrop, various parties continue to try to draw South Korea into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the Republic of Korea is currently ranked 27th out of 57 countries providing […]

The Palestinian struggle at the crossroads between barbarism and hope

The past month has been nothing less than traumatic for the Palestinian people.  The massacre in Jenin, ongoing invasions, arrests, home demolitions; 36 people have been killed, eight of them children. Adam Ayyad, 15, was aware that a Palestinian under Israeli apartheid is always a potential target. The handwritten will he carried in his pocket […]

Lebanon at crossroads to improve or deteriorate: Mikati

Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati said Thursday that Lebanon is at a crossroads: improve its conditions or further deteriorate, Anadolu reports. Mikati's statement was made at the opening of the Arab Economic Forum in Beirut. Mikati said if the country managed to realize the first scenario, the economy will grow 4% or 5% in 2023 […]

Droughts Up 29% In A Generation And World At A Crossroads, Says UN

Humanity is “at a crossroads” when it comes to managing drought and accelerating mitigation must be done “urgently, using every tool we can,” says a new report from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). Droughts have increased 29% in the space of a single generation, according to a paper the United Nations released […]

Chile Is at the Political Crossroads: Social Renewal or Decades of Painful Neoliberal Policy

Antonio Kast “If [Augusto] Pinochet were alive, he would vote for me,” said José Antonio Kast in 2017, during the Chilean presidential election when he ran as an independent candidate. This was an especially provocative statement made by him out of the many he has made over the years—he had also said that “Chileans need God,” during his campaign […]

The Post Office At A Crossroads

Politics and special interests, not economic constraints, are what’s keeping the U.S. Postal Service from becoming a hub for affordable banking and other valuable community services in the 21st century. But we’ll need a new regulatory structure and new leadership to move forward. USPS has a public service mandate to provide a similar level of […]

Ethiopia at a Crossroads: Civil War or Peaceful Settlement?

The government of Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency in the country, as the rebel forces of Tigray threaten to attack the capital, and the war that has been going on for a year is rapidly escalating and brings more and more troubles and misfortunes to Ethiopians. The United States has stated that the danger […]

QUAD-2 is Created: Has India Left the Geopolitical Crossroads Behind?

The announcement of the October 18 video meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Israel, India, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States has not garnered much attention. Meanwhile, it may well be a landmark in the transformation of the world’s political map taking place before our very eyes. First of all, some clarification of […]

Europe at a Crossroads in its Relations with China

The always debatable category of political Europe refers primarily to the leading European countries, such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, and the representative structures and personalities of the European Union. The EU is currently under the influence of different kinds of internal and external disturbances (threatening the very existence of this Union), and […]

Medicare For All Reaches The Crossroads

Above photo: A 2018 rally at the Baltimore Convention Center demanding Medicare for All. Elvert Barnes/CC BY-SA 2.0. In 2021 the U.S. healthcare crisis has, again, reached a boiling point. It was already simmering in 2019 when the number of uninsured grew to 33 million. Covid then triggered a job crisis that added anywhere from […]

Biden At The Cannabis Crossroads

Above photo: Budtenders prepare orders for customers to pick up at the Higher Path cannabis dispensary in the Sherman Oaks section of Los Angeles, April 2020. Richard Vogel/AP. The president-elect’s moves toward federal marijuana liberalization don’t add up to legalization. There will be tougher issues on the drug policy front ahead. This story is part […]

Is Dominion’s Grip On Political Power At A Crossroads?

Above Photo: Alexa Welch Edlund Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us breakthrough. Editor’s note: During the past two decades, Dominion Energy has emerged as one of the most influential political forces in Virginia. Last month, in a decision […]

US Intervention in Syria at Crossroads

The U.S. military incursion into Syria is literally at a crossroads, with U.S.-backed forces cut off at Al-Tanf where two strategic highways intersect and where President Trump may decide to escalate, says Daniel Lazare. By Daniel Lazare June 19, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – The U.S. has stumbled into a trap in the Syrian desert […]

Syrian government forces retake an important crossroads from ISIS east of Palmyra

Ivan Yakovlev 12/05/2017   DAMASCUS, SYRIA (6:50 P.M.) – On Friday, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) backed by Russian Air Force continued offensive against the so-called “Islamic State” (IS, or also ISIL/ISIS) in eastern Palmyra countryside. Led by 5th Army Corps units, government forces captured Talilah crossroads and its surroundings east of Palmyra after violent clashes […]

The Kurds of Syria are at the crossroads أكراد سورية أمام المفترق

The Kurds of Syria are at the crossroads Written by Nasser Kandil, مايو 4, 2017 The Kurdish Democratic Union Party (KDP) faces the most difficult political moments since its presence in the Syrian war and after it succeeded in reserving a seat of power as a major player, away from accepting, refusing, or objecting the […]

Hillary Clinton wore a $12,495 Armani jacket during a speech about inequality

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Battle Stations—Okinawa in 2016. Controversial Plan to Establish New US Marine Corps Base

The year 2016 might turn out to be a decisive one in the long-running contest between the Japanese state and Okinawa prefecture over the construction of a new base for the US Marine Corps at Henoko on Oura Bay, although it seems that this is far from being the first time on which I have […]

What the Investigatory Powers Bill will mean for you and your internet use

Bill Buchanan (TC) : Through pressure from Google, Facebook, and other major providers such as Yahoo and Apple the world wide web is slowing becoming more secure, with web services using HTTPS to encrypt web traffic by default. However, the arrival of the draft Investigatory Powers Bill raises questions about who can potentially get access to […]

Why Isn’t the US Bombing The Islamic State’s (ISIS) Oil Fields? Allies Protect Illegal Oil Smuggling to Turkey

In an interview with Sputnik, eminent Turkish journalist Alptekin Dursunoglu voiced surprise about the US-led coalition’s reluctance to bomb Islamic State-controlled oil deposits in Syria, which he said are one of the key sources of income for the jihadist group.  He referred to the Islamic State’s smuggling of oil to Turkey via an illegal pipeline, the existence of which has yet to be confirmed, according to Dursunoglu. At the […]

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