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Ellison Testifies Bankman-Fried Was “Freaking Out” About Inability To Raise Capital From Saudis

Ellison Testifies Bankman-Fried Was “Freaking Out” About Inability To Raise Capital From Saudis On her third day of testimony former Alameda Research Chief Executive Officer Caroline Ellison detailed more interactions with Alameda employees and how SBF was “freaking out” over not being able to raise cash from the Saudis. Her testimony also expounded on the hole in […]

“Close The Freaking Border!” – Angry New Yorkers Shout-Down AOC & Nadler Over Immigrant Crisis

(ZH) Ideology is coming face to face with reality and it’s making a lot of liberal-identifying Americans very uncomfortable. Source

Stop Freaking Out About Drinking Recycled Poo-Water, Expert Says

(ZH) The head of the UK’s Environment Agency says that people need to be ‘less squeamish’ about drinking “toilet-to-tap” water from treatment plants, as countries and states around the world move towards recycling sewage. According to a Sunday op-ed in The Times, Sir James Bevan writes that “drinking recycled sewage is the future.” “The recent rainfall hasn’t […]

Astronomers Are Freaking Out Over Bizarre Rectangle-Shaped Rings in Space

Image credit: JWST/MIRI/Judy Schmidt ABSTRACT breaks down mind-bending scientific research, future tech, new discoveries, and major breakthroughs. In the eight months since the James Webb Space Telescope launched on its mission to explore the earliest formations of our universe, it’s sent back mind-blowing photographs of mysterious structures, ancient galaxies and dying stars. The JWST has 100 […]

Julia Alexandratou: “The baby is freaking out” (VIDEO)

Julia Alexandratou is expecting her first child and announced it herself a days ago through her personal Instagram account. The model, although in recent years has moved away from the public eye, has become very active on social media and shares moments from his life with her online followers. Julia visited her gynecologist and in… […]

Start Freaking Out: Here Are 10 New Variants You Should Be Super Worried About

At The Babylon Bee, we take your health seriously. So, we hired a doctor who was sitting in the gutter outside our California offices. He even had a lab coat and that big disc thing on top of his head. He also had a card that said “I am a real doctor.” Anyway, he warned us […]

Israel supporters are freaking out over the fact Biden hasn’t called Netanyahu yet

Joe Biden has been president for almost a month, but he still hasn’t called the leader of America’s closest ally yet. “Is Biden Ghosting Netanyahu?,” Yahoo wonders. “Call Me Maybe?” is a headline writer’s joke at The Guardian. “To Netanyahu’s sorrow, it seems that the Americans are very interested in proving that Biden is not […]

Bizarre Video Shows Man Freaking Out Over Woman Getting Too Close

Just when you thought the future couldn’t get much more dystopian, scientists have issued more stark warnings that COVID-19 is reducing fertility in men, and could contribute to depopulation of the planet. Scientists say that there is increasing evidence in patients of testicular damage and lower sperm counts and mobility, with initial studies revealing the […]

Tom Hanks Posted A Creepy Photo To Twitter and People Are Freaking Out

Tom Hanks is mostly known for his role in Castaway, alongside  his co-star ‘Wilsoooooon!’ But it’s his recent photo on Twitter that has really captivated people. He snapped a picture of a massive building at 33 Thomas Street in Manhattan, New York City and it got people intrigued, curious, and most importantly, freaked out. This […]

Jews Openly Brag About ‘Taking Over’ America: ‘We Own The Whole Freaking Country’

The following essay, which was originally published in the Times Of Israel in 2012, is worth revisiting because it frankly admits that almost everything ‘antisemites’ claim about Jewish power and control is true, and the only reason Jews don’t like to admit just how powerful they are is that they don’t want the responsibility that […]

The Next Great Scientific Revolution Is Upon Us. And It’s Freaking People Out

Next Story One of my favourite quotes of all time comes from Nikola Tesla, who said, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”  It’s happening. Post material science is here, and although it’s challenging the current dogma in […]

Google employees are suddenly realizing their employer is pure EVIL; now they’re freaking out over Pentagon AI "terminator" project

(Natural News) The aesthetic appeal of its sprawling, modern campus with sun-lit cafeterias and lush outdoor gardens is no longer shielding the Google corporation from the scrutiny it deserves, as more than 3,100 of the search engine’s employees recently signed onto a petition demanding that their employer cease its role in advancing […]

CNN’s Van Jones Admits ‘Liberals Waste So Much Time Freaking Out About Trump’

CNN’s Van Jones Admits ‘Liberals Waste So Much Time Freaking Out About Trump’ “Every day is armageddon” Steve WatsonPrison March 26, 2018 CNN’s Van Jones made a rare salient point on a Sunday broadcast, admitting that those on the left spend every waking minute “freaking out” about President Trump and have lost all perspective […]

People Are Freaking Out Over Strange Alien Looking Bug, But It’s Actually Found Almost Everywhere

Australia is known for its abundance of creepy crawler critters, and it’s not uncommon for residents to see these furry and scaly things in the privacy of their own homes. Not long ago, one family found a dangerous snake, not only in their home but slithering around in their child’s toy box. Imagine the feeling of […]

[WATCH] Body Cam Shows Ohio Deputy Shooting News Photographer – ‘I Thought it Was a Freaking Gun’

Download your free copy now. Source Article from

Progressives freaking out over uptick in birth rates among families earning money from the fracking industry

(Natural News) In March of this year, PJ Media published a piece about a report from the Congressional Budget Office, which found that more babies will be born as a result of the American Health Care Act, because the bill cuts Medicaid reimbursements to Planned Parenthood. Strangely, a couple of leftists objected to the idea […]

Twitter Is Freaking Out About This Camouflaged Snake, Can You See It?

When out in nature, it’s important to have a pretty good knowledge of your surroundings, and the creatures you might encounter in that environment. Sometimes a path might look safe and clear from predators or animals, but you might be completely wrong. People on Twitter are freaking out about this picture which apparently has a […]

The Most Dangerous Book Of Humanity? ‘The Hidden Truth Of The Necronomicon

Howard Philips Lovecraft conducted along different novelasreferencias a book that recounted contained magic formulas for invoking the supernatural, in addition to hinting a particular knowledge of the space-time relationship. Many readers tried then try to locate a printed copy of this mysterious book, but the results were unsuccessful In all its versions it is considered […]

6 Things We Owe to the Vikings

From: From the late eighth to the late 11th centuries, the Vikings dominated Europe and spread across the world, from the far reaches of Russia to the eastern coast of North America. Though their raids, often directed against religious targets, were undoubtedly brutal, many Vikings also traded, farmed and settled peacefully, […]

BREAKING: Al Sharpton Just Got Some DEVASTATING News That We Have ALL Been Waiting For…

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Professional race-baiter Al Sharpton just got some bad news and it came from no other than his buddy BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA! Sharpton will be prohibited from leaving the country because of a new bill Obama signed into law, specifically, H.R. 22, which has a provision that authorizes the State Department to revoke the […]

Investors In Asia Are Clearly Freaking Out About Something

Joe Weisenthal Business Insider October 5, 2011 We’ve been highlighting it the last couple of nights, but the action in Korea is pretty remarkably bad. Even the big US bounce yesterday (which has lead to a bit of a rally in Europe today) totally skipped over the KOSPI, which — after diving by about 3.6% […]

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