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Taliban Seize Government Buildings In Kunduz, A Major Afghan City: Official

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Taliban fighters Sunday took control of much of the capital of northern Afghanistan’s Kunduz province, including the governor’s office and police headquarters, a provincial council member said. Ghulam Rabani Rabani said fighting between insurgents and government forces had taken place around the governor’s office and police headquarters but that later the […]

US Response to Civilian Casualties Confuses Controversial Kunduz Strike

The US has added to the confusion about a major civilian casualty allegation in Afghanistan, complicating its initial statement that there were no innocents killed in the 4 November airstrike in Kunduz province. Residents’ claims in the media that the attack on Chardara district had killed civilians were denied in the days following the incident. On […]

US airstrike kills at least 10 civilians in Kunduz – UN

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan posted a series of messages on Twitter about Saturday’s attack. It said that interviews with a number of survivors, medics, elders and other witnesses gave it enough reason to believe that civilians were among the victims. “Credible reports that at least 10 civilians killed in Kunduz Afghanistan air strike […]

MSF opens its first clinic in Kunduz since the bombing of its trauma hospital there in 2015

nsnbc : Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reopened its trauma clinic in Kunduz, Afghanistan, Saturday. It is MSF’s first clinic in Kunduz since its trauma hospital […]

Taliban takes district near Afghan provincial capital Kunduz

Taliban fighters, who were reported to be advancing on the Qalay-i-Zal district northwest of Kunduz on Friday morning, announced on Saturday that they had taken the local police headquarters, all security checkpoints, and the governor’s compound. Several Afghan police officers and soldiers were killed and injured in the fighting, Reuters reported, citing a statement made […]

Why Were Three Air Marshals on Doomed Jetliner?

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To Rid the Oceans of Plastic Pollution, Company Develops Plastic Fishing

  Vic Bishop, StaffWaking Times The inspiring and innovative crew of a small company, Plastic Whale, in The Netherlands, is making cleaning up plastics its daily mission and confronting the massive global problem of plastic pollution. This Dutch company organizes Amsterdam sight-seeing and plastic fishing tours and corporate events via the […]

A Syrian – US Rapprochement Behind the “150 Boots on the Ground” Rhetoric?

nsnbc : The Syrian government stressed that the deployment of some 150 additional U.S. troops in northern Syria violates Syrian sovereignty and international law. Russia indicated that it would do its best to reduce tensions to facilitate the Syrian peace talks. U.S. Virginia State Senator Richard Black visited President Al-Assad and argued that the economic […]

Israeli Government To Approve Millions Of Dollars In Aid To West Bank Colonies

Saed Bannoura (IMEMC) : The Israeli Government, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is set to approve more than 45 Million Israeli Shekels in aid to Jewish colonies, in the occupied West Bank, under the pretext of “helping families impacted by terrorism.” The government will be holding its weekly cabinet meeting this Sunday, and is […]

Are drones really dangerous to airplanes?

Eli Dourado (TC) : Imagine boarding a plane. Economy class. There’s a kid behind you kicking the seat. You put on headphones and try to tune out the world. Immediately after takeoff, you feel a thud and hear an explosion over the sound of your music. The plane lurches. You look out the window at […]

Why “Sustainable Development” is a Lie

13th December 2015 By Derrick Jensen B.Sc Guest Writer for Wake Up World “Sustainable development” is a claim to virtue, but the word “development” used in this sense is a lie. The word “develop” means “to grow”, “to progress”, “to become fuller, more advanced”. Some synonyms are “evolution, unfolding, maturation, ripeness”, and some antonyms are “deterioration, disintegration”. But […]

Star Wars: escapist fantasy or dream of the future?

Kevin Hunt (TC) :  In certain corners of the internet a modern myth celebrates the idea that Ben Rich, the former CEO of Lockheed Martin “Skunk Works” – the legendary and highly secretive wing of Lockheed Martin concerned with aircraft development – concluded a 1993 presentation at UCLA with the blockbuster line: “We now have the […]

Terrorismo de Estado: estilo franco-americano

“Guns And Butter” Entrevista com Michel Chossudovsky Michel Chossudovsky mais recente investigação sobre o terror ataque em Paris, alegadamente feito pelo Estado Islâmico, ISIS, assim como o do Radisson Hotel em Bamako, no Mali, é discutida na entrevista que poderá ser lida aqui nesse relatório.. Essa é uma análise do estado atual do financiamento do […]

Go East Young Man

Whimsical as it may sound, modern day Russia could offer a solution to an overpopulated overrun Western Europe. It is an answer that has served mankind for a millennium and more. According to the Moscow Times there is a desperate need for Russia to populate regions that would benefit from animal husbandry and arable […]

Selinunte: Lost Greek city with tragic history excavated in Sicily

     Like a Greek Pompeii, the city in Sicily remained at least partially intact despite the slaughter of its inhabitants One of the ancient world’s greatest tragedies, frozen in time for almost 2500 years, is at last yielding up its long-lost secrets. Archaeologists are gradually unearthing an ancient Greek city – Selinunte in Sicily – […]

Russia’s FSB Chief advised Anti-Terrorism Committee to Halt Flights to Egypt

nsnbc : The Chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), Aleksandr Bortnikov, advised the Russian Anti-Terror Committee to halt all flights to Egypt as long as the investigation into the crash of the Russian Airbus 321 on October 31 in Egypt’s North Sinai province continues.  Photo courtesy of Tass, Maxim Grygoriev. The Russian Airbus operated by […]

Thousands Attend Lewes Bonfire To Watch David Cameron Burn

Thousands turned out to watch as the Lewes Bonfire Society torched a David Cameron effigy on Guy Fawkes night. The giant sculpture, depicting the Prime Minister in Union Jack underwear, holding a pig’s head in his lap, was paraded through the narrow streets of Lewes, East Sussex, which has been dubbed the UK’s bonfire capital. The […]

Crimes against Humanity: Arrested Palestinian Children Imprisoned, Tortured

Longstanding Israeli policy brutalizes Palestinian children solely for political reasons.   Palestinian Detainees Committee head Issa Qaraqe reported shocking information. In October, Israeli soldiers and police kidnapped over 800 Palestinian children, some too young to understand what happened or why – subjecting them to severe torture and abuse. “This is a systematic Israeli policy targeting […]

The vaccine industry & the microbiome

     It’s happening. Instead of fighting with nature, humans are becoming connected with the web of life. What was once considered sterile has been found teeming with life. This is the microbiome; inner outer space. And we are finally understanding its importance to health of all things. The microbiome is at the base of the […]

Asteroid bar: Study shows comet releases ‘500 bottles of wine every second’

This is the first discovery that has witnessed a comet releasing ethyl alcohol in such amounts – 500 bottles of wine every second. “We found that comet Lovejoy was releasing as much alcohol as in at least 500 bottles of wine every second during its peak activity,” the paper’s lead author, Nicolas Biver of the […]

Iran: 2 Shiites killed in drive-by shooting at ceremony

     A gun attack on a Shiite religious ceremony in Iran has left two people dead and two others injured on Friday night. The incident happened in the city of Dezful in the south-western province of Khuzestan, where a group of believers were commemorating Ashura festival. A car approached the groups and opened fire at […]

Google’s Book-Scanning Project Is Legal, Says U.S. Appeals Court

Marc J. Victor Source Article from

F1’s Ecclestone on FIFA scandal: Corruption is tax football had to pay (RT EXCLUSIVE)

“I don’t think he (Blatter) should have ever stepped down,” Ecclestone told the show’s host, Sophie Shevardnadze, during the F1 Russian Grand Prix in Sochi over the weekend. “I don’t think he should have ever been challenged because it’s because of him we have a lot of countries around the world that are now playing […]

F1’s Ecclestone on FIFA scandal: Corruption is tax football had to pay (RT EXCLUSIVE)

“I don’t think he (Blatter) should have ever stepped down,” Ecclestone told the show’s host, Sophie Shevardnadze, during the F1 Russian Grand Prix in Sochi over the weekend. “I don’t think he should have ever been challenged because it’s because of him we have a lot of countries around the world that are now playing […]

Tesla Offers Hands-Free Pedal-Free High-Speed Driving Now

Please consider Tesla Adds High-Speed Autonomous Driving to Its Bag of Tricks.   On Thursday morning, Tesla owners woke up to discover that their vehicles can wirelessly download the new autopilot feature as a software update. That means the next time you see a Model S cruising next to you on the interstate, look closely: […]

Syrian Government Spy within Ranks of Free Syrian Army – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

BEST OF THE WEB: MH17, Syria and Ukraine: The lies eventually catch up

     At best, the United States, its NATO allies and the regime they have collectively created in Kiev, Ukraine, will be able to claim Russia, or militants defending eastern Ukraine from Kiev’s armed incursions, accidentally shot down Malaysia Airlines flight 17 (MH17) after air controllers in Kiev recklessly sent it on a course over a […]

Training “Moderate Terrorists”: A Half-A-Billion-Dollar Waste…Or Was It?

While most of the world is chuckling with Schadenfreude over the US’ apparent $500 million waste on training “moderate rebels” in Syria, American taxpayers are furious at their government’s perceived ineptitude in wasting such an astronomical sum for the sake of only 60 fighters. It seems as though the policy was such a miserable failure that […]


UKUTULA: TOURIST AND STUDENT BOYCOTT. International Animal Rescue Foundation Africa’s Board of Directors have decided to call for an immediate tourist and student boycott of Ukutula Lodge & Lion Park (Ukutula Lodge) situated at the address below with immediate effect. Please share this data onto all friends, family, work colleagues and, anyone that you know who’s […]

Top Coal Executive Faces Criminal Charges

Print Friendly Above photo:Don Blankenship. Michael Munden for Reuters. Note: Back in 2010 I wrote an article for Huffington Post calling for Don Blankenship to be charged with murder. Here’s how it began: Were it not for the deliberate actions of Don Blankenship and Massey Energy the deaths of 29 miners in West Virginia would not have occurred. […]

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