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When the Shin Bet rounds up Palestinians, Israeli media stops asking questions

The Shin Bet revealed Wednesday that it had arrested over 50 members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) over the past few months, including those who were allegedly involved in the murder of an Israeli teenager earlier this year. Although the story had been widely publicized on international media outlets and […]

Hong Kong police retrieve PISTOL & 100+ live rounds for 1st time aimed at ‘creating chaos’

Hong Kong police have carried out raids early on Sunday, as the city braces for another wave of protests against the local and Beijing government. In wake of the searches, officers found an Austrian-made Glock pistol and four magazines, three of which were loaded with a total of 105 live rounds. Glock is particularly valued by police and security […]

Hong Kong Police Fire Live Rounds To Quell Protesters As Chaos Rules Streets

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S.Korean Fighter Fires 360 Rounds Of Warning Shots At Russian Jet In "Mid-Air Confrontation"

For the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian jets flying through South Korean airspace provoked the South Korean military into a “midair confrontation” that involved firing hundreds of warning shots. All told, South Korean jets fired 360 machine-gun rounds and at least 20 flares, Bloomberg reports. Three Russian military […]

FDA goes paramilitary, now revealed to own 390 pistols, 122 shotguns and 200,000 rounds of ammunition… while pushing toxic vaccines and deadly chemotherapy on children

(Natural News) A recent report led by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has revealed that government groups like the IRS and the FDA are armed to teeth. All told, 20 federal agencies managed to spend at least $1.5 billion on munitions in just seven years. Now, many are wondering what the federal […]

State Bans Guns That Hold More Than 10 Rounds, Citizens Told To Surrender Them or Become Criminals

By Rachel Blevins The state of New Jersey, which is known for its strict gun laws, has tightened regulations with new legislation that gives citizens 180 days to surrender all firearms and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds —and if they are caught with the newly illegal contraband, they will be treated […]

Guns & 57k rounds of ammo stolen from German military – report

A total of 75 assault rifles and pistols and nearly 57,000 rounds of ammunition have gone missing since 2010, the German magazine reported, citing a classified document.  German military wants staggering €12bn amid US calls for Berlin to boost defense – reports The year 2014 saw the biggest amount of equipment go missing, resulting in […]

IDF troops fire live rounds & tear gas at Palestinian Day of Rage ‘inciters’

     At least 46 Palestinians have been injured in clashes with Israeli forces who again deployed tear gas and live ammunition at the weekly “Day of Rage” protests against the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Around 2,000 Palestinians, enraged by US President Donald Trump’s decision to move the American embassy from Tel […]

WATCH: Richmond Cop Arrested After Firing Multiple Rounds at San Francisco Hotel

SAN FRANCISCO — A Richmond police officer has been placed on administrative leave after being taken into custody at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco for an incident involving gunfire and a subsequent standoff with S.F. police, KPIX has learned. Multiple sources tell KPIX 5 off-duty Richmond police officer Phillip Sanchez is the person […]

This Obama Photo, Doing The Rounds After Harvey, Is Actually From 2015

A picture purporting to show former President Barack Obama helping serve meals in Houston, Texas, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey was shared thousands of times on Twitter this weekend. The photograph, however, is two years old and was taken at a homeless shelter in Washington during Thanksgiving. The picture was shared on Twitter Saturday […]

Sponge rounds, rubber bullets, and tear gas — how Israel’s non-lethal munitions can kill

It was the middle of a cold October night in 2015 when an Israeli army jeep came driving through Aida refugee camp blaring a message through its loudspeaker. “People of Aida refugee camp, we are the occupation forces,” the message began in Arabic. “If you throw stones, we will hit you with gas until you […]

EgyptAir jet makes emergency landing in Uzbekistan over bomb scare

The plane made an emergency landing after the authorities received an anonymous tip-off about explosives on board, according to Kazakh media outlet Tengrinews. The flight belongs to EgyptAir and was en route from Cairo to Beijing, according to RIA Novosti news agency and local media. The Uzbekistan Airways press service confirmed the information, but did not […]

Nevada Prison Guard Charged With Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting of Inmates (Update)

I’ve posted several times over last year about the shooting of two prison inmates at the High Desert State Prison, which is located at Indian Springs, Nevada, just north of Las Vegas. Lawsuits by the families of those inmates, Carlos Perez and Andrew Arevalo, claimed that a fight was instigated between the two prisoners by correctional […]

Mass. City Health Czar Unilaterally Banned Selling Nicotine To Anyone Under 21

The entire premise of government is the assertion that there exists a higher claim over our own bodies and property than we have. These claims are made manifest in things like taxation, licensing, and vice laws. By mandating a subjective moral preference, laws and regulations prohibiting vice usurp an individual’s liberty to make personal choices. This inhibits and […]

Police clash with protesters in Bahrain: Tear gas, Molotov cocktails and stones (VIDEO)

Activists from the Sitra community, located south of Manama, Bahrain’s capital, attempted to march towards a local highway on Sunday, but were stopped by police firing tear gas, AP reported. RT’s Ruptly agency posted footage from Bahrain showing the intense clashes. The protesters are seen throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at armed military vehicles, while […]

Police Gun Down Cow in Street After “Feeling Threatened” by It

Authorities said the animal was euthanized later. Arizona has about 3,800 ranches and it is estimated that about 870,000 of cattle are raised here. Therefore, it is not unusual to find a cow or two wandering on the highways. It would also be fair to expect local members of […]

Egypt threatens to use live rounds in protest crackdown

  Editor’s Note: In the wake of the ‘Arab Spring’ it’s clear that Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak had fallen out of favour with the west and was removed from power, only to be replaced by another US and British-backed military dictator regime. Now Egypt’s military rulers are threatening to “gun down their own citizens”- the very […]

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