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Flashback: Outspoken NWO Opponent Poisoned

  February 29, 2016 Anti-NWO activist and writer Philip Jones (left) died Nov.24,2009 in Denmark after contracting “stomach cancer.”   It’s been more than seven years since the untimely death of our friend and colleague (Letter from “L.C. Vincent”) Dear Henry, —Philips funeral was held the 8th of December 2009  at 14:00 at the chapel […]

$3.6 Million Awarded In Flash-Bang Grenade Maiming Of Baby

The parents of a baby injured by a flash-bang grenade during a no-knock multi-agency task force raid in Georgia, will be awarded $3.6 million after a federal judge’s decision on Friday.  19-month-old Bounkham Phonesavah (Baby Bou Bou) spent weeks in a burn unit after deputies with a Cornelia Police Department SWAT team threw a flash bang […]

Citigroup Fined Again For Fraudulent Credit Card Practices

Citigroup once again faces government fines for committing fraud in its credit card division. On February 23, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) fined Citigroup and its consumer division Citibank for the way it handles selling credit card debt. The CFPB ordered Citigroup to pay $8 million — $5 million in restitution and $3 million in fines […]

Connecticut moves to regulate civilian arming of drones

After a teen in the state flew his multi-rotor first with a pistol then with a flamethrower, lawmakers are seeking to criminalize future occurrences. Connecticut teen Austin Haughwout, who in July made headlines with a viral video of a 26-inch remote control quad-copter that had been outfitted to fire a Kel Tec PMR-30 […]

Google Self-driving Car Strikes Public Bus In California

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Washington considers nation’s first carbon emissions tax

A ballot measure before the state Legislature would create a carbon tax of $25 per metric ton of fossil fuel emissions burned in Washington, while reducing taxes. Lawmakers have until the end of the session on March 10, to enact Initiative 732, offer an alternative proposal or automatically pass the carbon-tax measure to […]

Israel returns body of Palestinian to his family 65 days after he was killed by soldiers in Jerusalem

Violence / Detentions — West Bank / Jerusalem Palestinian buried after body withheld by Israeli authorities for 65 days JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 29 Feb — Israeli intelligence handed over the body of Musab Mahmoud al-Ghazali to the Palestinians on Sunday night, 65 days after he was killed by Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem, for him to be […]

Pure rubbish

We had hardly survived the wrath of Donald Trump against all of us Moslems before it was the folks in Lubbock, Texas up in arms about Arabs and their language. Someone displayed a sign in Arabic declaring “Love to all” and Texans read hate and danger as the message behind that slogan. Here is an […]

‘When I have the opportunity to do it, I will’: Likud lawmaker vows to demolish Al-Aqsa mosque

“If the day comes and I have the opportunity to lead the country, not to mention become the prime minister, I will build the temple on the Temple Mount,” rookie Likud lawmaker and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Oren Hazan announced last Thursday night at a panel in Petach Tikvah, an Israeli city 20 kilometers east […]


by Andrew Anglin (Daily Stormer) This is too good. Pull their 501(c)(3) status and force them to pay taxes on the all of their ill gotten gains. Then go after the contributors for giving funds to taxable entity. The jews will all be deducting what they give, so the deductions will then be disallowed. Pay […]



OSCARS: Dumb as A Rock Nigger Chris ‘The Chimp’ Rock At The Hollywood Oscars Wake

“Lawks a’ mercy dem niggers is burnin’ down da Oscars woodpile! Who let dem niggers in? Da Jews let them in to help dem genocide da white folks ma’am! Lawd a’mercy dem Jews will burn in der own fire!” Dem white folks were mostly watching Donald J Trump’s revolution hitting the state of Alabama while the […]

Video: Did Israel target Gaza’s ambulances?

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 29 February 2016 A new documentary shows the devastation Israel’s 2014 bombardment of Gaza caused to medical and rescue teams. In the documentary, which can be viewed at the top of this page, three medics recall incidents during which their colleagues came under attack. In total, 11 ambulance […]

Moscow: Kebab Female Beheads Baby, Parades Down the Street with the Head

A woman dressed all in black and holding what is thought to be a child’s severed head has been arrested near a metro station in Moscow. She was shouting, “I am a terrorist,” and reportedly threatened to blow herself up. According to LifeNews, the victim was a girl, identified as Nastya M. After the murder, […]

Stormer Forum Updates!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 29, 2016 Glorious Hacker weev has continued to improve our comments system/forum. Several major improvements. Best is that we’ve now got a categories view on the front page. This makes it much easier to find threads, and keeps threads from getting totally buried. Daily post numbers are rapidly rising, so the […]

Black Accused of Murdering 75-Year-Old Retired Cop

Daily Stormer February 29, 2016 No wonder cops are suspicious of Blacks – they’re constantly killing everyone. Sacramento Bee: The man accused in the death of a retired Stockton police officer was booked into San Joaquin County Jail on suspicion of murder. Rafael Watts, 59, was booked Wednesday afternoon after he was medically cleared from […]

New Book Accuses Tony Blair of Organizing a Conspiracy to Flood Europe with Immigrants

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 29, 2016 And here everyone just thought mass immigration happened accidentally, or maybe because the stupid goyim wanted all these filthy people in their country living on welfare. Turns out it was a Jewish conspiracy. Who knew? The Telegraph: Tony Blair is accused of ‘presiding over a silent conspiracy’ that allowed […]

Merkel Threatens to Close Borders and Trap Her Moslems in Other Euro States

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer February 29, 2016 So, Merkel’s quota program, intended to force every country in Europe to release tens of thousands of Islamic gang-rapists onto their streets, is not going over well. Hungary has called a referendum and Poland is saying they won’t take them, and if they don’t do it no one else […]

Japanese Master Demonstrates the Power of Chi by Controlling Animals

Buck Rogers, StaffWaking Times We too often take it for granted that human beings only have five senses, and whenever something cannot be immediately explained within the framework of modern science, we tend to brush it off as an anomaly, or an oddity. “I exchange energy with the animals, and then they go to sleep.” […]

There’s a Seal on the Soul

Julian Rose, ContributorWaking Times                                                                       There’s a seal on the soul… that cannot be removed. None of us who were raised in […]

Calais police ignore injured migrant, RT UK crew comes to rescue

RT UK correspondent Polly Boiko and an operator were making a report about the consequences of the demolition of the Calais ‘Jungle’ migrant camp last week, when they saw a crowd of people heading towards the Eurotunnel, through which many hope to reach UK soil. Police then deployed tear gas in a bid to disperse […]

Iranian moderates secure majority in parliament and assembly of experts

Reformists who back extended relationships with western countries won about 85 seats in the parliament, while moderate conservatives got another 73 seats, thus being able to secure a 54 percent majority in the 290-seat legislature in case they form a coalition, AP reported citing Iranian state TV. At the same time, hard-liners, who opposed Iran’s […]

No kebab shops or fried fast food: Verona limits ‘ethnic eateries’ to protect ‘decorum of the city’

The new ruling came into effect last week. The city’s officials said they witnessed a considerable surge in ethnic food eateries and Verona’s traditional culture faced the risk of disappearing. The new legislation will affect eateries selling Eastern and Middle Eastern cuisine, for example, kebabs, and limits the selling of deep-fried products, authorities said. “Thanks […]

Su-25 fighter jet crashes in Russia’s south, pilot dies

“Today … a Su-25 plane performing a training flight crashed nor far from the Budennovsk airfield in Stavropol Region,” the ministry said in a statement. “The fight was carried out without ammunition. The plane crashed in an uninhabited area. There is no destruction on the ground. The pilot has died,” it added. The jet went […]

Moscow ‘child beheading’: What we know about the ‘woman in black’

How it all started Early Monday morning passers-by noticed a woman dressed in black clothes who was shouting something near Oktyabrskoye Pole metro station in northwest Moscow. The woman then produced what is thought to be a child’s severed head from her bag, witnesses say. She was allegedly threatening to blow herself up. Police were […]

French Police To Be Equipped With Assault Rifles

As the state of emergency continues in France, police in the capital are to be armed with assault rifles and Kalashnikov-resistant shields for the first time. The interior minister said on Monday that police officers in Paris will be given the equipment which is usually reserved for elite intervention forces, four months after the terror […]

Syria Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Trying To Derail Fragile Ceasefire

Syria has warned Saudi Arabia against attempts to undermine peace efforts as the fragile ceasefire in the war-torn region enters its third day. The Syrian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday that remarks by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir about a ‘plan B’ in Syria are clearly aimed at derailing the truce. Press […]

Exposed: Tony Blair Deceived Top Ministers About Iraq Invasion

An explosive new book reveals that Tony Blair kept members of his cabinet and numerous high-profile Whitehall officials in the dark over his plans to create “regime change” in Iraq. In his book “Broken Vows” investigative journalist Tom Bower, alleges that Blair had decided as early as 2002 that Saddam Hussein should be removed. Based […]

Apple Hires Engineer Behind Snowden’s Favorite Secure Chat App

After the recent attempt by the FBI to force Apple to take an iPhone and open it up for inspection (looking for San Bernardino terrorist associates), the Tech giant has hired  Frederic Jacobs, the developer behind Edward Snowden’s favorite chat app “Signal” The security engineer responsible for Signal’s tough encryption will join Apple this summer, […]

Trump’s Son Has IRRESISTIBLE Offer For Critics Promising To Leave U.S. If Father Elected

During a Monday appearance on Fox and Friends, Donald Trump’s son, Don Jr., spoke with host Ainsley Earhardt about his father’s presidential hopes, and when asked about the critics promising to leave the country should Trump be elected, he made an irresistible offer. While it’s likely only rhetoric and hyperbole from those promising to leave […]

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